How to Add your Popl Apple iOS Widget to your Home Screen

How to Add your Popl Apple iOS Widget to your Home Screen

The Popl Apple Home Screen widgets for iOS are the perfect way to share your QR code and various digital cards instantly without even opening the Popl app. Here's how you can add your own Popl widget and start sharing instantly:


1. Go to your home screen and hard press on the Popl app so that it shows options like below:

2. Tap "Edit Home Screen" and then tap the "+" button in the top left corner. Note: If you don't see this + button, please update to iOS 15.

3. Search your widget library for "Popl" and once found, select "Popl" from the list.

4. Finally, choose which size widget you'd like and drag to where you'd like! We recommend placing it on your first page for instant sharing 📲

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