HANDL x Popl

Carbon Fiber
Champagne Glitter

Introducing the HANDL x Popl, an exciting new collaboration with HANDL!

The HANDL x Popl combines a powerful phone grip + phone stand with Popl technology. Handle your phone on the go, while popping everyone you meet.

Simply tap your HANDL x Popl to the back of a compatible phone to instantly share:

  • Contact Info
  • Social Media
  • Payment Apps
  • Music Platforms
  • Websites and Portfolios
  • Embedded Videos & Photos

The other person doesn’t need an app or a Popl to receive your info! 

Build your profile with the Popl App and connect it to your HANDL x Popl once it arrives.

Please note: If you place your Popl HANDL on the back middle of your android phone, make sure that NFC is OFF on your device. Otherwise, your phone may read your own Popl x HANDL.

Not compatible with wireless charging.