Smart Grip

Carbon Fiber
Champagne Glitter

Introducing the Smart Grip, an exciting new collaboration with HANDL.

The Smart Grip combines a powerful phone grip + phone stand with Popl technology. Handle your phone on the go, while popping everyone you meet.

Simply tap your Smart Grip to the back of a compatible phone to instantly share:

  • Contact Info
  • Social Media
  • Payment Apps
  • Music Platforms
  • Websites and Portfolios
  • Embedded Videos & Photos

The other person doesn’t need an app or a Popl to receive your info! 

Build your profile with the Popl App and connect it to your Smart Grip once it arrives.

Please note: If you place your Smart Grip on the back middle of your android phone, make sure that NFC is OFF on your device. Otherwise, your phone may read your own Smart Grip.

Not compatible with wireless charging.