Custom Popl XL

Custom Popl XL


Custom Popl XL is a customizable 4 x 4 inch Popl that can be placed ANYWHERE around your business or event. With just a tap or scan, your Popl XL can direct clients, customers or event goers to:

  1. 💸 Make Contactless Payments

  2. ⭐️ Leave Five Star Reviews

  3. 📱 Follow Your Social Media Accounts

  4. 📧 Join Your Customer List

  5. 💻 Visit Your Website

  6. ✅ Download your app(s)


The other person doesn't need an app or a Popl to tap your Custom Popl XL.

Please note:
Custom products will be shipped separately from non-custom products because they are sent from different locations. If your order contains both custom and non-custom products, you will receive your order in multiple shipments.

Want to order 60+ Popl XLs:

Delivery time is 1-3 weeks!  📦

I confirm that the artwork I am submitting for my Custom Popl XL is my own original work or I have been given permission to use the work.