Popl x HANDL - Carbon Fiber

Popl x HANDL - Carbon Fiber

  • Introducing the world's first smart grip!

    This collaboration with Handl combines a powerful phone grip + phone stand with Popl technology. Handle your phone on the go, while popping everyone you meet.  

    Simply tap your Popl x Handl to the back of a compatible phone to instantly share your:

    1. Contact Info
    2. Social Media
    3. Payment Apps
    4. Music Platforms
    5. AND MORE

    The other person doesn't need an app or a Popl to receive your info!

  • Your Popl + Popl QR code together allow you to share to any phone on the market.

    The Popl itself works with iPhone XR and newer and most Androids. 

    To pop to older phones, use your Popl QR code! Either way, you can always share your profile without the other person needing an app. 

    Full list of compatible devices
  • Please note: If you place your Popl HANDL on the back middle of your android phone, make sure that NFC is OFF in your device. Otherwise, your phone may read your own Popl x HANDL.
  • All orders come with tracking right to your door! 📦

    3-7 day delivery for orders in USA
    2-4 week delivery for orders outside of USA

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