The Professional's Guide to Google Meet: Tips for Better Virtual Meetings

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Let's explore how professionals can better use Google Meet and put their best foot forward in virtual meetings.

Virtual meeting tips for professionals

1. Set the Right Atmosphere with Virtual Backgrounds

With many of us working from various environments, it’s essential to have a professional backdrop for your video calls. Fortunately, with the Popl virtual background creator, you can customize backgrounds suitable for Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Whether it's a sophisticated office scene or your company logo, setting the right visual tone can elevate your meetings.

2. Optimize Your Lighting and Camera Angle

Good lighting isn't just for influencers. It's well known that a well-lit face can improve communication as it makes you appear clearer and more engaging. Place your light source in front of you, ensuring it's diffused for the best effect. Simultaneously, position your camera at eye level for a flattering and professional angle.

3. Use Digital Business Cards

In virtual meetings, traditional business cards are obsolete. Instead, Popl's digital business cards are the new-age solution. With a simple tap or scan, share your contact information and relevant details. Plus, it’s a sustainable solution, aligning with modern-day practices that prioritize environmental sustainability.

4. Engage with Interactive Features

Google Meet offers various features like polls and Q&A to foster interaction. Use these tools to keep your audience engaged and gather feedback in real-time.

5. Manage Your Team Efficiently with Popl Teams

For organizations and professionals, Popl offers a specialized solution: Popl Teams. This lead management and sales enablement tool streamlines virtual interactions, ensuring that you maintain meaningful connections while managing your team efficiently.

6. Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts

Time is invaluable. Learning Google Meet keyboard shortcuts can enhance efficiency. From muting your microphone to turning your camera on/off, mastering these shortcuts can improve your meeting experience.

7. Follow Professional Networking Practices

Even in the virtual world, professional networking holds immense value. While Google Meet serves as the platform, remember to engage genuinely, listen actively, and use tools like Popl's digital business cards to make lasting connections.

8. Post-Meeting Follow-ups

Once your meeting concludes, a quick follow-up can make all the difference. It can be a simple thank-you note, action points, or even sharing resources on career advancement.




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