Paper business card vs. digital business card ROI and Cost Analysis
Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card vs Paper: Cost Analysis

When it comes to making choices for your business, cost matters. Discover the cost savings of moving to a digital business card, including its superior ROI, environmental impact and ease of use.

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HRrecruitment and retention strategies for the full employee lifecycle

How to Improve Employee Retention: From Recruitment Through Retirement

The goal of every employer is a highly-skilled, and high-performing workforce. What does it take to accomplish this lofty goal? The main thing is an effective, holistic strategy that starts with g...

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job interview12 Questions to Ask During Your Interview

12 Questions to Ask During Your Interview

Stop dreading the question, "Is there anything you'd like to ask me?" at the end of job interviews and learn how to use this time to your advantage.

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Networkingcreate networking events that consider the needs of extroverts and introverts to build community

How to Create Networking Events that Build Community for Extroverts and Introverts

Learn how to host better networking events by creating experiences for both extroverts and introverts.

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Digital Business Cardtips for remote recruiting like a pro

Pro Tips for Successful Remote Recruitment

Today, we're offering expert tips on curating your virtual presence, mastering video interviews, and leveraging digital business cards for a seamless remote hiring experience.

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Digital Business CardsBest Business Cards for Startups

Best Business Cards For Startups in 2024

We investigate startup trends predicted for 2024 and illustrate how moving to a digital business card can work to your advantage.

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NetworkingA lady working on a laptop and making a call

How to Land a Job or Gig Through Networking Events

Majority of professionals got their current jobs by attending networking events. It's the secret to landing your dream job. Here are 10 expert tips on how to land a job or gig through networking ev...

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Networkingremote workers and digital nomads can network remotely or in-person to keep their skills sharp and build professional relationships

Remote Networking: 15 Ways to Network as a Digital Nomad

Professional networking is especially important for remote workers. We've rounded up 15 ways to include networking in your routine.

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Networkingsmall business networking is a great way to learn and grow

10 Reasons Why Small Business Networking Matters

Getting your small business out there through networking is a great form of investing in your growth.

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How to Use the Power of Native Language to Reach Untapped Business Audiences

Language is one of the barriers that hinders most companies from spreading their wings to across borders. Here is a detailed guide on how to use native language to connect with untapped audiences.

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check out these job tips and interview tips as you start applying for jobs as a young professional

Job Search and Interview Tips for Young Professionals To Set Them Apart

When it comes to your job search, being prepared is paramount. Check out our job search and interview tips to set yourself apart as a viable candidate.

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Networkingtwo people in suits easily share their social profiles at once by tapping phones thanks to Popl digital business card technology

Grow Your Business with Social Selling

Social media has become more than a place to share vacation photos and memes. For dynamic businesses, it’s become a great way to sell. Many brands have implemented robust social selling components ...

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Digital Business CardSave time connecting with a digital business card.

Best Digital Business Card for C-Level Executives

A digital business card allows C-Level Executives to leverage their most valuable resource, time, while forging deeper professional connections.

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Digital Business CardBlack woman freelancer working outside of a cafe in a city. Learn how digital business cards are the best option for freelancers.

Best Digital Business Card for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you can show off your unique skills and services with a digital business card. Forget the traditional paper card, it can't capture what you bring to the table.

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Digital Business Cardhands at a potters wheel shaping a plate. learn why creatives should use digital business cards vs traditional paper cards.

Best Digital Business Card for Creatives

How can florists, performers, authors and other creatives best share the depth and breadth of their work? Not with a traditional paper card. Learn why a digital business card is the best option for...

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digital business cardsEco-friendly digital business cards

How to Use Eco-Friendly Digital Business Cards To Build Your Business Network

Environmental sustainability is the new buzz word as the world prepares for COP28. One simple way to contribute to environmental protection is by switching from paper business card to digital busin...

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digital business card ROI

Ultimate Guide on Digital Business Card ROI

When making business decisions, you need to consider the ROI (return on investment) to know if its a wise decision. One of the best decisions you can make for your brand is switching from paper bus...

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Digital Business Cardperson in white button-down dress shirt holds cell phone with left phone while using index finger of right hand on screen

Best Digital Business Card for Recruiters

Candidates care about a lot more than just salary and benefits these days. This post explores the changing culture of job hunting and how to rise to the top with a digital business card built for r...

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LinkedIn brandingLinkedIn visual image

LinkedIn Branding Masterclass: Strategies to Boost Visibility and Build Credibility

Personal branding is the secret to career growth and business growth. LinkedIn been the largest professional social media platform, its the best platform for creating a personal brand. Here is Link...

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digital business cardtwo employees working

Professional Development: How to Handle Objections in Sales Calls

As a sales rep, one of the skills you must learn early on in your career is how to handle sales objections. Here are 10 expert tips on how to handle objections in sales calls.

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