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Pro+ Feature

Unlimited Business Cards at Your Fingertips

The Popl app allows users to create multiple digital business cards and share relevant information, facilitating the maintenance of professional relationships.

The ability to create multiple digital business cards in the Popl app is useful because it allows users to share the most relevant information with others and easily maintain professional relationships.

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Track your growth like never before

Custom Lead Capture Forms

Gather specific information from your leads that can be used to tailor your marketing efforts and improve conversion rates.

Made for you,  by you.

Customizable image, title and subtitle for your push notifications

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Easy device management in the Popl app

Seamless device management from the Popl app

All your devices at a glance. Manage your devices all-in-one.

All Popl Pro features also included in Pro+

Create Up to 5 Profiles
Capture Other’s Info as Contacts
Custom Links and QR Codes
Business Card Scanner
Personal + Business Profiles
5000+ CRM Integrations
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Connections Page

Expand networks, create opportunities

Collecting marketing leads in one place allows for efficient organization and management of potential customers.

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