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24/7 Customer Service
Our 24/7 chat support is one-of-a-kind
Patented Phone Tag
We created the popular, back of the phone tag
Custom Smart Products
We offer the largest variety of custom products
Team Management Platform
Manage your team's digital business cards
Business Card Scanner
AI-powered scanner with 99% success rate
Custom Lead Capture Forms
Collect info that's important for your business
Dynamic CRM mappings
The only one in the space that offers this
Brandable QR Codes
Customize your QR code in app
Personal/Business Modes
Instantly switch depending on the situation
Zapier Integrations
Connect to 5000+ apps through our Zapier app
Auto Add to CRM
Instantly upload to your CRM upon connecting
Auto Intro™
We make sure you never miss another follow up
Product Partnerships
We partner with Nomad, Moft, Handl and more...

We have solutions for every professional and every team

We have solutions for every professional and every team

From individuals to 10,000+ member teams, we provide mobile and desktop ready solutions that allow for easy management of digital business cards.

From individuals to 10,000+ member teams, we provide mobile and desktop ready solutions that allow for easy management of digital business cards.

    See What Teams are Saying

    Malori Gholar - TriNet - - Digital Business Card

    Malori Gholar

    Director of Sales at TriNet

    "Popl Teams has been an incredible asset to us. It has allowed my team at TriNet to level up our professional presence and stay connected to our valuable customers and prospects"

    Contessa Boorman - TikTok - - Digital Business Card

    Contessa Boorman

    Global Partnerships @ TikTok

    "Popl Teams is the perfect digital business card platform..."

    Nick Jensen - Medical Device Company - Digital Business Card

    Nick Jensen

    Aspen RxHealth

    Include some of your favorite customer quotes and feedback here as social proof, to build credibility and trust for your services and products.

    Mitch Johnson - Harvest Hall - Digital Business Card

    Mitch Johnson

    Harvest Hall

    “Using Popl Teams and devices like Popl XL helped us generate 35% more revenue from our business relationships last month.”

    Roy Osorio - Douglas Elliman Real Estate - Digital Business Card

    Roy Osorio

    Douglas Elliman Real Estate

    “The ability to be top of mind with a new contact, with such an efficient lead capture tool like Popl, makes the success of your business ventures that much more realistic and profitable.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Popl?

    Popl is a professional networking platform that helps users meet, connect, and create value. You can use Popl’s digital business cards to exchange info with a tap, and the Popl app helps you keep your contacts organized and your connections strong.

    How does Popl work?

    First you build your Popl profile - which is your digital business card. Then you choose from Popl’s physical products - like the Phone Tag, Card, Band, or Keychain - to enable you to exchange your digital business card with others via a quick tap or by scan of your QR-code.

    How do you use Popl?

    Easy, just tap or scan your Popl Phone Tag, Badge, Band, or card on someone’s phone and a link will come up. They click the link and are brought to your digital business card. Your digital business card includes contact information as well as social media profiles and everything else you might want to include.

    How do you set Popl up?

    You sign up for the Popl app, set your profile up, and choose one of Popl’s physical products you can use connect with others with a quick tap or scan.

    How much does Popl cost?

    Popl has both free and paid options.

    Our mission

    We help professionals network better with time-saving and eco-friendly technology.

    We believe making and keeping relationships is so important in this world. There’s nothing worse than meeting a business connection or new friend, forgetting to connect with them, and never hearing from them again.

    We see a future where everyone is connected, and Popl is bridging the gap between in-person relationships and online connections.

    A huge part of our culture is building sustainable solutions that help the environment. Popl uses technology instead of paper to connect professionals, saving forests around the world. No more paper business cards…

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