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2022, a Year In Reviews | Popl

Popl reviews

2022 was an interesting and exciting year. Rihanna had a baby, Elon Musk bought Twitter, and many, MANY, new Popers joined the Popl community.

Time is moving fast. Look at how rapidly things have changed (socially, culturally, technologically) over just the past twelve months alone! It’s clear we’re still far and away from understanding the deep vibration coming off the 2020-2021 pandemic. 

However, there is at least one (seemingly paradoxical) thing that has become abundantly clear: Young people - yes, young people - now appreciate, more than ever the ineffable VALUE of real, in-person connections. Something has flipped, and Gen Zers are the unexpected trailblazers of a future that is both backwards and forwards, a future where hybrid reigns supreme.

In this brave new world, the digital is complemented by the physical, each synergistically improving the other. It’s a world where IRL meets URL, and where hybrid-technologies thrive…No wonder things are brighter than ever in the Poplverse         

Popl 2022 reviews

Popl Reviews

Users love Popl (almost as much as Popl loves its users), and in 2022 they showed it. Whether complimenting our signature digital business cardsPopl Teams, or the Popl app, here we present some of our favorite reviews from 2022.

App Store reviews

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Popl digital business cards

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Popl digital business card reviews

Popl digital business card reviews

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Popl reviews

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Happy 2023 🎉


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