Adding Members

How to Add New Members
How to Import Members via CSV
How to Create Unassigned Members

Admin Tasks

How to Change Login Emails
How to Add Additional Admins
How to Duplicate a Member
How to Edit Billing and Download Invoices
Locking Member's Cards & Permissions
How to Remove a Member

Member Card Editing

Editing Cards in Bulk
How to Add Content to Cards
Image Sizing
How to Rearrange Icons
How to Set a Color Theme - Hex Code Colors

QR Code (PopCode)

PopCode Management (QR Code)
Add a PopCode to your Apple or Google Wallet
Adding Logo and Color to a PopCode

Lead Capture

Lead Capture Forms - Adding Fields / Drop down / Checkboxes
Managing Your Company's Leads

Member Actions

Virtual Backgrounds
Email Signatures
How to Turn On/Off Popl Direct

Device Management

Popl Device Management
How to Claim Free Devices
Activating Devices from Dashboard


Managing Subteams


Managing Templates


Insights & Analytics