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App Store Reviews

Rachel Pru

I am very happy with this service. I have friends with other digital business cards and this one is the best for sure. I love the fact that the recipient can send me their contact info when they capture mine. One of the biggest perks is adding files to my contact card. I work in medical device sales and there are certain infographics that MDs, techs, and nurses are always asking for. Now they can have a quick link associated with me to reference it all! I have Popl Pro+ which is convenient when i want to share my personal info versus my professional card, so being able to toggle back and forth if needed is something I have been wanting. Thank you for providing a great service!

Ville T.

Popl literally is THE easiest and most convenient way to share your contact information with people. PERIOD. From the app, wristbands, QR codes, etc
Add to that the ability to have multiple profiles to share specific information.
I also use Popl as my "link in bio" page on social media and love the analytics incorporated in the platform.
Thanks team for a great service - continue innovating!

Lanz A.

As a hairstylist committed to do everything I can for this planet and the people on it, this is a product I couldn’t ignore. Popl is a digital “business card” that adheres to the back of your phone. For less than the cost of one traditional business card order I have unlimited pops and potential. With Popl, I’ll never spend another cent on traditional business cards ever again and I am doing my part to save a tree. This a product I truly believe will make a difference one pop at a time. If you’re ready to say goodbye to business cards and hello to sustainability you need this product!

Green roots, Green future. Save a tree! Let’s do this together!

Charlotte, Vil

Popl literally is THE easiest and most convenient way to share your contact information with people. PERIOD. From the app, wristbands, QR codes, etc
Add to that the ability to have multiple profiles (personal and business) to share specific information.
I also use Popl as my "link in bio" page on social media and love the analytics incorporated in the platform.
Thanks team for a great service - continue innovating!

Maz, Pazzy

I never liked to carry business cards..

Until popl! I've been following popl for years wondering how it works and was so excited when I made my first purchase I ordered 5! It's the perfect holiday gift for friends in business, at the office, and for yourself! The perfect solution to my aversion to business cards. Thank you popl for being you and I'm grateful to be an ambassador.

Ry, Shak

I absolutely love using this. I show it to absolutely everybody. It's been one of the most useful things l've ever put on my phone! I highly recommend it more than anything on your phone.

Google Play Store Reviews

Arash D.

Popl is one of the most unique and feature-rich digital business card solutions available. The fact that you can have an omni-channel presence for your profile, while integrating social media and multiple different messaging apps, makes this a very powerful solution to have at your fingertips. I stuck mine on my phone and now I always have the ability to connect with anyone in front of me. I love the NFC technology!

Shelly H.

The app is really easy to navigate and upload all your information into. And when you have questions, there are easily accessible links to youtube videos on how to use a feature. Everyone I have told about popl thinks its an awesome idea. Really clever especially for businesses. A good option if you forget to carry around business cards.

Cam S.

One of the most beneficial apps I've ever used. Not only does it work well, but I owe Popl credit as I wouldn't be where I am in life and made connections with the people that I have without it. I have multiple PhoneCards, the Dot, XL, and Metal Card. Never had any problems and love all the updates they come up with to stay up to date in the modern world. All of my friends have Popl now too. And it has done wonders for them! I love every bit of it!

Antonio Johns

I was careful to not jump into the first digital business card I saw, but after reviewing Dot, Linq, Ovou and more I felt that Popl would provide the most customization and analytics to help me business grow. For the low price, it was definitely worth trying. Popl's ease of use and seamless integration with other phones and apps has been outstanding for my business! It impresses clients, saves money, and makes you look like you're ahead of the competition. I won't be going back to paper cards!

Steve Ross

My wife got me my first Popl for Valentine's day as a way to help grow our business. So far we have seen some great results by pushing our Pople account to make it easy to connect with us everywhere. The app is simple to use and I haven't had any technical issues with it getting setup or using it. Feel free to connect with me once you get setup! Poplme.co/integratedxc

Sammi, E

This app is really fast and easy to navigate and they are easily accessible links that takes you to a YouTube videos on how to use the features. Everyone that i have told about Popl thinks it's an awesome idea and it's really clever to use for businesses. It is also a good option if you forget to carry your business cards with you.

Popl on Trustpilot

HFD Films

Popl has been a life changer for me! Bravo to the creator of this, Man! I wish you made it when I was an account executive passin' out Biz Cards..Boooo! I was just passin out germs. If you not Poppin then you are just passin Germs) not P! Anyway, I am in full swing with my Videography and Photography which is killer presentation for my clients. A+++ and I recommend to everyone doing business.

Santa C.

As a Professional Real Bearded Santa, no one should ever see Santa handing out business cards. Wearing the Popl bracelet under my white gloves allow me to remain professional and capture new business opportunities at the same time.

Joshua A.

I have gotten more leads this year with Pop then using business cards for over 3 years. As a motorsports photographer it is crucial to be able to network. It is a pain having to put camera gear down and pulling out the wallet and handing a business card. The Popl Device makes it easy with the wristband with just a quick tap they have my contact information. Great product!

Sheila H

I started out using the APP in a Real Estate course with other classmates and the instructor. I found it very easy and fast to use. When I received a PROMO for the 24k gold card, I ordered it. It has been great and I use it every chance I get in my Notary Real Estate business. I love it so much that I would love to become a brand ambassador for POPL.

Antonio Rodriguez

I absolutely love this company the app is easy to use I've gotten business my 1st week using it if you actually know how to utilize the tool it's very helpful to get new business.

JC Bentley

Popl’s digital business cards and solutions make exchanging contact information easier!! I don’t have to fumble with business cards. I have the widget on my iPhone Lock Screen which routes to my Popl QR code. I tap the widget, my new connection(s) uses their camera to scan my QR code and done! Contacts connected! I’m never going back to paper business cards again! I’ve made many new connections and they also like the technology!

Popl on Capterra

Rudy L.

I was in need of an easy method of deploying my information for a fundraising campaign. I did not want to visit organizations with a stack of business cards and donation forms. Customizing my Popl enabled me to share my information as well as a link to a JotForm that was utilized for secure fundraising. This helps develop the “brand.”

Ali L.

Popl has been a great product thus far. Its modern, sleek, and fun to use. So many people have already made comments of how cool it is and it creates opportunity for conversation without the abbrasive sales pitch. Everyone at Popl has been super helpful and full of information. Great product!

Jill R.

We were in a constant struggle of trying to capture leads in the field & at events. We tried having someone at a check-in table, but nothing worked as well as Popl! Equipping our sales team with the right tools has allowed for us to track who is attending these events and how we can follow-up with them post-event. Another feature we love is that Popl syncs with our Hubspot CRM so we can easily track and locate those they "popped" with.

Blake C

I found the lead capture, and Lee generation features extremely helpful for our business. We meet many people every day, and having a quick and easy way to capture their information as well as give them ours was extremely useful.

Michelle M.

This has to be the most convenient way to network. I find myself always forgetting a paper card but always have my popl handy ir helps me more than I imagined as for time and dates that I actually connect with people.

Johnathan F.

I love that I can toggle between profiles and offer multiple different pieces of information. The layout and presentation is good. I also love the lead capture form on the main page.

Popl on Better Business Bureau

Sameer K.

Popl has revolutionized the way I connect with others. Their QR code contact sharing solution is genius! Now, I can effortlessly share my contact information with a simple scan, saving time and hassle. Plus, their sleek design and user-friendly interface make it a must-have for networking events. Highly recommend!

Sierra C.

The Popl digital business card has been a game changer for us. It’s transformed the way I connect with my clients, making bookings seamless. My business has thrived, and its genuinely life-changing! The Support Team is always prompt in there when I need them and is always able to resolve my issue. Plus, it helps me when I forgot my business card at home. What’s not to love about that?!

Nia P.

Popl is a great product! I love using this in networking events in person and it has really leveled up my game amongst other business coaches. I will continue to this use this and in the future. Their customer service is also always very responsive and helpful and I always feel very taken care of!

Steven Z.

Popl was a GAME CHANGER for my business. I have a real estate agency with 20 employees and have been using traditional business cards for the last two decades. I saw someone using Popl at an event so I checked them out and signed up. Its been six months since Ive been a Popl teams customer and the amount of leads my team has brought in has almost doubled. I love how easy it is to use and how interested people are sharing their contact info with me. I wish I would have found out about Popl sooner! I highly recommend them.

Alisha T

Popl has been super helpful for my business and their customer support has been nice too! I love how simple it is to use the app and how mobile friendly the experience is as opposed to having to use a laptop or computer. Thanks for helping me grow my business and provide resources for my clients with ease!

Angela W.

With working with non profit professionals I find joy in sharing my business card through POPL. I went to a conference where so many people ran out of business cards so I shared with them the ease and proficient way in which they could quickly tap and share their information with me. Popls digital business card was a game changer for so many. I honestly do smile when I see others utilizing Popl as well and its such a conversation starter others always decide to download right then.

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