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An image of two professionals greeting each other in an office setting

Networking is one of the best ways of advancing your career. It will help you connect with other professionals in your niche, present career advancement opportunities, and establish you as an authority.

An image of two professionals greeting each other in an office setting

Unlike before, there are advanced ways of sharing contact details without using traditional business cards - completely paperless using NFC cards. The use of NFC cards or digital networking cards is a new trend that is gaining massive traction across the globe and enhancing networking efforts. 

How Do NFC Business Cards Work? 

Simply put, an NFC business card, or electronic business card, that runs on near field communication technology. This technology allows users to share contact information in a contactless manner or wirelessly. 

The sleek design of Popl's business card creates a good first impression on prospects. Today, we will discuss how digital business networking cards will help you connect and close more sales. But before we do that, here are some statistics about the power of networking from a poll done by Zippia. 

  • 70% of employees polled got their current jobs through networking.
  • 85% of job opportunities are shared through personal and professional connections.
  • 95% of industry leaders believe that in-person interaction and sharing of contact detail are the golden ticket to building strong, lasting business connections
  • 79% of U.S. citizens agreed that networking has helped advance their careers.

How Digital Networking Cards Will Help You Connect More, Close More Sales

Successful business executives use virtual business cards to generate more leads and sales, and so should you. It's the new and futuristic way to share contact and business details.

Here are five ways Popl digital business cards will enable you to connect and close more sales. 

Digital Business Cards Have A  High Retention Rate

Sharing your digital business card is the first step in connecting with a prospect. Unfortunately, 88% of traditional paper business end up in the trash. The recipients rarely follow up, resulting in a massive loss of potential leads. The low retention rate is due to the business card's lack of interactivity.

Digital business cards solve this challenge by allowing recipients to save your contact details on their smartphone by scanning your card’s QR code. Their details will also be automatically saved and added to your Popl digital business card contact list. 

This functionality is a major plus, allowing potential clients to find your contact details easily. They don’t have to shuffle through cards.

Digital Business Cards Provides More Information

You can only share basic contact information using a traditional networking card. Often, the recipients are left hanging, and if you don’t impress them and pique their interest the first time, they won’t bother contacting you. 

Digital business cards solve this challenge by allowing you to share more details about yourself and the company interactively and engagingly. The shared QR code or link directs the potential customer to a digital space with more information about your business. 

You can also link the card’s QR code to your YouTube channel to view videos and UGC (user-generated content). Make sure that the links work and the information shared is accurate and engaging to convince customers to buy your products or services.

In your Popl profile, you can include links to all your social media profiles and website to help customers conveniently find and interact with your content more. You could even embed rich content like videos to spur engagement. 

For example, real estate agent using Popl virtual business cards embed house tour videos to create a good first impression, generate leads, and close more sales. They also share contact information and office location addresses by linking to Google Maps.

Popl Digital Business Card has a Robust CRM

Popl has an intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) system, Popl Teams, to help you robustly manage your leads. You can create digital business cards for each team member at no extra cost.

All contacts captured are added to your main contact list to help you send follow-up messages easily. You can also integrate it with CRM tools like Hubspot and Salesforce to manage all your leads from one central point. 

On top of that, Popl Teams is compatible with 5,000+ business apps on Zapier and other AI technology tools. Integrating the CRM and electronic business cards with these third-party tools will help you seamlessly manage your sales, conversion funnels and provide a way to share your info with a larger audience.

You Can Multiple Digital Business Cards

Managing multiple business cards is a nightmare for most professionals with more than one job or business. Designing and printing contact information on the cards is also expensive and time-consuming.

Popl solves this problem by allowing you to create multiple digital business cards at no extra cost. You won't rely on one virtual business card to share your contact information.

All your e business cards will be displayed in your Popl’s dashboard for easier access and customization. We also have a responsive and user-friendly Android and iOS mobile app that allows you to share your electronic business cards with one tap of the QR code or using your custom profile link. 

Never again will you mistakenly share the wrong business card. The Popl mobile app allows you to easily switch and share different digital business cards online and at networking events. All your electronic business cards are stored in a secure cloud and instantly accessible via the mobile app or our website.

That way, you can share your contact details confidently, knowing that the contact information and other details on the digital business card or e business card are correct and relevant to the potential customer.

Make sure you customize your e business card by adding your brand name, company logo, and brand colors to make it pop from other e business cards saved on their mobile device.

Ability to Scan Paper and Competitor Digital Business Cards

Popl scanner runs on the latest AI technology, enabling you to scan Popl digital business cards and NFC business cards from our competitors.

In addition, the scanner can capture information from paper business cards in seconds, ensuring that no lead or opportunity to share your contact goes to waste. By switching to Popl’s digital business cards, you can now easily share your contact details and social media handles with new contacts across borders without spending a fortune.

Popl Teams for Enterprises

Popl Teams is an easy to use team management system that complements our digital business card solution. It also enhances social media marketing and other digital marketing campaigns run by your sales team.

We developed it to help businesses manage teams more efficiently and effectively. With it, you can easily create digital business cards for the whole team. Popl Teams can support up to 1 million users, each with a unique digital business card.

As the team leader, you can add team members and assign them tasks using the mobile app or website. You can also manage and share contact details of your team members, ensuring that prospects are connected to the right person.

For instance, if you run a construction company that offers different services, you can create custom digital cards or e business cards for the team leader of each department and share them with customers depending on the service they require via social media links and QR codes.

Such custom digital business cards and streamlined lead management process ensure that all leads are nurtured and create a smooth communication channel between the customers and your business. 

Popl Teams also has an easy to use Insights page that displays analytics reports showing your team's performance and track client engagement. On this page, you will know how often your NFC business cards are scanned, individual performances, the number of times your team's electronic business cards are shared on platforms like social media, devices used, and more.

Popl’s digital business card solution and Popl Teams are super easy to use and will improve your networking and lead-generation strategies. For example, if you get many e business card shares and scans on Twitter and Facebook than Instagram, focus the two to generate more leads and positively impact your branding efforts. 

Get More Leads and Sales Using Popl

Popl’s digital networking cards will take your marketing and lead generation a notch higher by facilitating the seamless sharing of information with potential leads and other team members. The captured information is stored and displayed in a central database, streamlining lead generation and marketing campaigns. 

Popl's digital business card solution will help you efficiently follow up on leads and monitor your performance to identify areas of your lead and sales generation strategies that need to be tweaked. You will no longer second-guess which customers to send follow-up messages to or which networking channel works for you.

Create your Popl digital business card today to enjoy all these benefits and more. We are continuously improving our platform to help you network better. If you need help or clarification, our support team is always on standby.


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