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5 Reasons You Need a Digital Business Card this October

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Networking is a proven way of getting a firm footing in any industry and elevating a career to the next level. October is the best month for networking. One of the upcoming global online events is the World Online Networking Day. 

A customized digital business card will help you take full advantage of this day and many other networking events held across the globe in October.

World Online Networking Day - October 30

The World Online Networking Day will be on October 30 this year. Professionals and industry leaders from across the globe unite to celebrate the unlimited possibilities of networking online using digital business cards. 

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The day recognizes the importance of building and nurturing personal and professional connections in today's fast-paced digital world. 

It also presents golden opportunities for harnessing current online networks and creating cordial relationships with other experts in your niche by sharing your contact information using electronic business cards online. 

Create a digital business card today to prepare for World Online Networking Day. As Porter Gale, the author of the renowned business motivation book “Your Network is Your Net Worth,” wrote, “Your social capital, or your ability to build a network of authentic personal and professional relationships, not your financial capital, is the most important asset in your portfolio. 

Popl's electronic business card/ NFC business card provides a modern way to connect and share business and contact information. 

You can share your NFC business cards remotely by embedding a link to your Popl profile in email text. Popl electronic business cards are soc 2 type 1 and 2 compliant, so rest assured that your information is safe.

Let’s shift gears and examine why October is the best month for networking and how a Popl digital business card solution will supercharge your networking and outreach efforts.

Strategic End-of-the-Year Plans

October is a busy month for most companies. They spend most of their time making and executing strategic end-of-the-year plans. They aim to develop robust strategies for the new year and identify potential partners and resources.

This is why October is bustling with many international and local conferences. Attend events aligned with your profession and industry to interact with other experts. While at it, share your custom digital physical business cards to spark a conversation.

The ability to swiftly share links using your digital physical business cards at these networking events will give new contacts direct access to your online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, social media, and other professional platforms.  Ensure links added to your electronic business card redirect to the right website pages to enjoy this benefit.

The more information you share using Popl's digital business card solution, the more interested the new connections will be in interacting with you and possibly hiring you.

Remember, the essence of networking is to share your digital business card, phone number, pique the target recipient's interest in you, and provide them instant access to your professional world. There is no better way to achieve this objective than with Popl's beautiful digital business cards. Traditional business cards don’t work well in today's fast-paced digital world.

Anticipating the Holidays

October is the first month of the festive season. For most people and businesses, it's the month that assures in or rather sets the mood for the festive season. 

Professionals are more open to interacting and collaborating with new businesses and experts before the end-of-the-year rush.

Leverage the many networking opportunities by switching from traditional business cards to digital business cards to share your contact details. The virtual business card is a modern tool for sharing personal and business information with prospects. 

A digital business card is more convenient and easy to use than a paper physical business card. Think of it as a modern way to share contact details and business information.

In your Popl account, as you create your digital e business card, add links to platforms such as and Google Calendar to schedule follow-up meetings with new connections conveniently. 

Such convenience will help cement the new connections and win new customers before the holidays. You can also use social media links to share your e business card.

A Burst of Professional Conferences

As mentioned earlier, October is the conferencing month in most parts of the world. The networking events provide excellent opportunities to interact with new people and exchange contact details using virtual business cards. 

Trying to attend all the events can be overwhelming and counterproductive. Also, handing out the traditional paper business card is no longer an effective way of sharing contact information with prospects. 

It will cost you thousands of dollars to print paper business cards. Reduce your carbon footprint by switching to Popl’s digital card. 

With this card, you will enjoy the convenience of sharing your information and capturing the recipient's details with one tap of a QR code on the card or via a link. 

You don’t need to carry your physical business card or digital business cards. You only need to download and install the Popl digital business card app to easily access our digital business card solutions and generate QR codes. You can download the app from Google or Apple app store.

Pleasant Networking Outdoor Conditions

In October, most regions experience calm and moderate weather conditions that favor casual outdoor meet-ups and casual meetings. A relaxed setting leads to more genuine connections. 

In these events, the paperless convenience of Popl's digital business card shines. You don’t need to carry a stack of business cards to the event. You can share your virtual business cards using our Android or iOS mobile app. 

Don't just make a digital business card and expect new connections to stream in automatically. Add and share more links to your free digital business card profile to showcase your work samples and portfolios. This additional information will give potential employers and business associates a clearer perspective of your expertise.

For example, you can link your electronic digital business card to LinkedIn, social media platforms, and YouTube channels where they can watch your product/service review videos.

Ideal Time for Career Transitioning

October is the start of the job-hunting season leading to the new year. If you are contemplating changing careers, this is the best time to get out of your comfort zone and network with professionals in the niches you want to work in using digital business cards.

A digital business card that showcases your work portfolio or samples will help you transition to a new career. Scanning the QR codes will add interactivity to your networking efforts and make a good first impression.

Similarly, if you work two or more jobs, you can create digital business cards for each profession. Each digital business card will have a unique QR code and shareable link, eliminating the risk of sharing the wrong digital business card.

For example, if you work as an academic tutor and fitness coach, you can create a digital business card for each profession. It's easy to use and share our electronic digital business card via a link or QR code on social media or even email - the choice is all yours!

With most people still using paper business cards, your custom Popl digital business card will make you stand out. The sleek design and QR code will make you memorable and prompt potential employers to contact you.

Bonus Tip About Digital Business Card Solution

Universities and other learning institutions are in full swing, bustling with events and activities open to the public, not just students. 

Whether you seek to collaborate with students on research projects or recruit fresh talent, using a digital business card solution that links directly to your professional achievements and company portfolio will make a lasting impression on the tech-savvy younger generation. 

Visit the facilities' websites and social media accounts for information about these events. Compare details of the events to find ones that align with your profession. Share electronic business cards with the students to boost your networking efforts.

Use Popl Electronic Business Cards to Share Contact Information

Popl is the world’s best digital business card maker. We provide the world’s best digital business card. We have also invested in a new-generation AI scanner that allows you to scan paper business cards and NFC electronic business cards from other companies. The captured contact information is added to your central contact list for future reference.

Before sharing, you can customize your digital business card by adding your company logo and branding elements. Our many customization features make us the industry's best digital business card solution provider.

Join us today and create a virtual business card that is easy to use and mirrors your educational and professional experience. You can order a custom digital business card through our website. Share your digital business card after activating it to start networking in a modern way.

The Takeaway

October offers countless opportunities to network and advance your career forward. Prepare yourself to take full advantage of these opportunities by visiting Popl to create your digital business card and share contact information better. 

To sum it up, e business cards are modern networking tools with a sleek design that automatically grabs the recipient's attention. They provide better ways to share basic contact details, QR codes, and unique business selling points.

If you have a team, check out Popl Teams, an enterprise solution tailored to help you better manage your teams. Using it, you can create an e business card for every team member and seamlessly share it with prospects with one click or scan of a QR code. Our bulk creation feature also makes it easy to create many digital business cards at a go.

We dare say our stylish electronic business cards are better than beaconstac's digital business cards, mobilo digital business card, and Hihello digital business card.

Experience a new way to share your contact information by joining Popl today. Create a digital business card today to get started.

Make sure you also explore our other digital business card creation solutions and virtual business card app to enhance your networking efforts. If you need assistance, our customer service team is on standby.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Business Cards

How do I share my contact information using digital business cards?

You can share your contact information using a digital business card by sharing its link or QR code on social media. You can also download and print the QR code on flyers and posters to reach more people.

Is my contact details on the digital business card safe?
Popl digital/electronic business cards are 100% safe. We are SOC2, GDPR security compliant, and have a robust privacy policy. Confidently share your electronic business card; your information is safe and won't be shared without your consent.

How do I create a digital business card?

No IT skills are required to create digital business cards. You can use our custom card templates to create an electronic business card in under 3 minutes. 

Compared to other digital business card makers, ours is the most user-friendly, intuitive, futuristic, and easy to use. You can also use our bulk creation feature to edit and duplicate e business cards faster.

Our digital business card creation process is also straightforward, and our customer support team is always available to assist you in creating and sharing your digital business card. Popl modern e business card is the future of networking

Is Popl electronic business card free? 

Unlike other digital business card makers, our digital business card creation solution is free. You can share contact details using your Popl e business card for free through social media links and posting on other online platforms. Use the free trial but upgrade later to access more features like analytics reports to manage your e business cards better.


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