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How to Close More Deals Using a Digital Business Card

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Starting a business is one thing. Getting clients and generating enough revenue to support daily operations is a whole different ball game. You need a robust marketing and networking strategy to establish a successful business in the current competitive digital business world. 

Networking is a sure way to introduce your brand in the market. A digital business card solution that connects and engages with your target customers will give you an upper hand.

An image of a laptop placed on an office desk.

One networking solution that has been instrumental in helping businesses close more deals is the digital business card, commonly referred to as an electronic business card. 

Popl is the world’s leading provider of electronic business cards and team management solutions. It's the top-rated digital business card solution online today. 

The interactive QR codes included in every Popl NFC card helps users share contact detail with just a scan of the card’s QR code.

Here are five secrets on how a digital business card can help you close more sales.

Lead Generation with Digital Business Cards Solution

B2B networking is the secret recipe for business success. Traditional paper business cards are ineffective in helping brands generate leads and sales because they lack interactivity.

Following up on potential customers after sharing the physical business card is difficult. Digital or electronic business cards resolve this problem by making it easy for potential customers to contact you and vice versa. 

Popl platform has a dedicated system that automatically captures and organizes new lead contact details in one central place.

Popl also generates analytics reports showing how many people scan your electronic digital business cards, the devices used, the platforms, etc. Other digital business card makers like Mobilo digital business card maker offer scanty information that is often inaccurate.

With Popl NFC business card usage information at hand, you will be able to send timely follow-up messages to the right prospects. Popl AI will help you create compelling follow-up messages complete with CTA (call-to-action) to help convert the leads into sales.

Create Digital Business Cards to Increase Your Competitiveness

20% of new businesses fail within their first two years. Competition is an unforgiving market force that makes it difficult for small businesses to get a firm footing and thrive.

You can stand out and generate sales and revenue despite the competition and other market dynamics by joining Popl, a globally recognized digital business card maker. One of the key benefits of Popl's NFC business cards is their QR codes that facilitate smooth contact information sharing.

Popl digital business cards will increase your competitiveness in the digital market by enabling you to share more immersive and interactive content about your expertise and professional background.

You can add links to digital media platforms such as YouTube, a landing page, and social media accounts on your Popl digital business card profile. Potential clients who scan your QR code or click on your unique electronic business card link will be redirected to a page that contains these links.

The sleek design of Popl’s digital business card will make you more memorable and pique potential customers’ attention and interest in doing business with you. You can also customize your electronic business card by adding your company logo and other branding elements. 

A custom digital business card will make your brand more recognizable in the competitive digital business world. The more information the prospective customers have about you and your services, the higher the chances of choosing you over competitors.

Popl's digital business cards are more functional and effective in enhancing networking efforts than Hihello digital business card and Beaconstac's digital business cards. Our stylish digital business cards are designed with the needs of the modern business executive in mind.

What are you waiting for?  Switch from traditional business cards to our free digital business card today to discover a new and convenient way to generate leads and sales. Our virtual business card, with its unique QR code, is a game-changer in today's business world.

Concisely, by switching to digital business cards, you can share more than just your basic contact information at networking events and meetings.

For instance, you can link the digital physical business card to your website pages and social media links to share more details about your products and services.  

Accurate Analytics Reports

We dare say that networking without monitoring performance is a wild goose chase, and that’s exactly what happens when you use physical paper business cards to share your professional or business contact details. It’s impossible to track paper business cards

Popl NFC business cards are trackable and every Popl account has a dedicated Insights page with accurate analytics reports of how the digital business card is shared. 

This invaluable information will help monitor the performance of your networking and lead generation campaigns. Multi-factor authentication ensures that only members of your team access the dashboard.

When a prospect scans your digital business card QR code or opens your card, Popl will record that action and show it in the analytics dashboard. Regularly checking the digital business card analytics report will enable you to monitor the engagement rate and ROI of your networking efforts accurately. 

The bottom line is that having accurate data on how your beautiful digital business cards are shared will help you fine-tune your digital marketing campaigns and make informed decisions.

No more guessing which networking strategy works for your target customers. You can track client engagement and know whether your NFC business cards work by regularly checking Popl's analytics reports.

E Business Cards Fosters Brand Consistency and Integrity

According to a recent survey, consistent brand messaging has the potential to increase revenue by 33%.  

One common mistake businesses make is focusing on product development and sidelining branding. It shouldn’t be an afterthought but one of the pillars of your online networking and marketing campaigns. 

Most paper business cards will be discarded, and the recipients will have difficulty remembering your basic contact details and office location because the cards don't have scannable QR codes. 

Create an e business card by joining Popl, the world's best digital business card makers, to establish and maintain brand consistency and integrity. You might ask how?

Picture this: you work in the construction industry and get a potential client who needs a kitchen renovation service. You share your e business card, but the client does not close immediately. A few weeks later, the client shows interest, but this time, one of your sales reps picks it up and follows up.

In both interactions, the client gets a consistent experience and recognizes your business by simply looking at the company logo and the branding elements. Such uniform and professional branding consistency will reinforce your brand's authority. 

Also, include links to your company website to increase traffic and conversion rate. Link to Google Maps location platform to share your office location. You can also add links to Google Wallet and other payment apps to help customers conveniently pay for services and products.

Digital Business Cards Are Environment-friendly and Cost Effective

Did you know that designing and printing 500 paper physical business cards can cost anywhere between $100 and $1000? That’s a huge cost that you can avoid by switching to digital business cards.

Thanks to Popl’s Teams, you can create a personal electronic business card and a virtual business card for each team member at no extra cost using our bulk creation feature. 

Each team member's e business card will be unique and can be shared separately using its QR code or link. You can also request the team to add social media links to their e business cards to connect with customers more.

Create digital business cards instead of physical business cards to reduce your operating costs and carbon footprint. 

Also, using electronic business cards for networking will prove to potential customers and business partners that you are conscious of the environment, as the e business cards are made from eco-friendly materials. 

Final Thoughts

Popl is the best digital business card in the market that runs on near field communication technology and has all the essential features you need to enhance your professional identity.

Compared to other virtual business cards, Popl is the world's most reliable digital business card marker. Our digital business card creation process is straightforward; no special skills or experience is needed.

In addition to offering cost effective digital business card solutions, we have a team digital business card management solution, Popl Teams, to help your employees seamlessly switch from print paper business cards to virtual business cards cost-effectively. 

Using it, you can create digital business cards for your entire team without breaking the bank. Popl Teams is also designed to help you better manage your team and networking efforts.

Stop using traditional paper business cards and embrace Popl’s digital business cards to close more deals and increase revenue. Our support team is available round the clock if you need help.

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