Paper business card vs. digital business card ROI and Cost Analysis
Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card vs Paper: Cost Analysis

When it comes to making choices for your business, cost matters. Discover the cost savings of moving to a digital business card, including its superior ROI, environmental impact and ease of use.

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Digital Business Cardtips for remote recruiting like a pro

Pro Tips for Successful Remote Recruitment

Today, we're offering expert tips on curating your virtual presence, mastering video interviews, and leveraging digital business cards for a seamless remote hiring experience.

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Digital Business CardSave time connecting with a digital business card.

Best Digital Business Card for C-Level Executives

A digital business card allows C-Level Executives to leverage their most valuable resource, time, while forging deeper professional connections.

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Digital Business CardBlack woman freelancer working outside of a cafe in a city. Learn how digital business cards are the best option for freelancers.

Best Digital Business Card for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you can show off your unique skills and services with a digital business card. Forget the traditional paper card, it can't capture what you bring to the table.

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Digital Business Cardhands at a potters wheel shaping a plate. learn why creatives should use digital business cards vs traditional paper cards.

Best Digital Business Card for Creatives

How can florists, performers, authors and other creatives best share the depth and breadth of their work? Not with a traditional paper card. Learn why a digital business card is the best option for...

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Digital Business Cardperson in white button-down dress shirt holds cell phone with left phone while using index finger of right hand on screen

Best Digital Business Card for Recruiters

Candidates care about a lot more than just salary and benefits these days. This post explores the changing culture of job hunting and how to rise to the top with a digital business card built for r...

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digital business cardtwo employees working

Professional Development: How to Handle Objections in Sales Calls

As a sales rep, one of the skills you must learn early on in your career is how to handle sales objections. Here are 10 expert tips on how to handle objections in sales calls.

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digital business cardMiami skyline

10 Networking Tips for Miami Professionals

Miami is one of the largest business hubs in the U.S. The serine weather conditions and favorable working environment makes it ideal for businesses and professionals. One of the proven ways of pene...

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Digital Business CardLos Angeles skyline

5 Networking Tips for LA Professionals

Los Angeles is best known for its lucrative film industry, Hollywood, and as a business hub. It's the perfect city to live and work. One of the sure ways of getting a firm footing here is by applyi...

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Digital Business CardNew York Times Square

10 Networking Tips for New York Professionals

New York is a business epicenter offering thousands of business and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs and professionals across all industries. Here is our top 10 tips for networking in New ...

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digital business cardA happy lady holding a tablet in an office board room

How to Find a Higher Purpose in Your Work

Finding purposeful work is the secret to improving your productivity. Employees are more productivity and positive about their work if they feel its fulfilling and in line with their goals and core...

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Digital Business Cardprofessionals networking in a social gathering

Business Networking Advice: How to Identify Common Interests

The secret to advancing your career and growing your business is by networking with people who you have common interests in. Don't limit yourself to your work-life circle, spread your wings to conn...

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Christmas giftsA picture of a dad and son happy

Best Holiday Gifts for Dad: 8 Professional Christmas Gifts for Dad

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to appreciate and show gratitude to the people who encourage and motivate you to keep going despite the many life's ups and downs. Here are 8 best gif...

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Digital Business CardPopl digital business card app

The Best Digital Business Card for Sales Professionals

The modern digital business world requires sales professionals to invent savvy ways of connecting with customers and generating leads. One strategy that is working well across all industries is dig...

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Digital Business Cardan image of Popl digital business card

Popl Digital Business Card: How Professionals Connect

Millions of professionals use digital business cards instead of traditional paper business cards to share their contact details. Here are secrets on how professionals connect and use digital busine...

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Digital Business CardAn image of a laptop placed on an office desk showing a sales report

How to Close More Deals Using a Digital Business Card

One of the main challenges facing businesses in the competitive digital world is generating sales consistently. You need to have robust marketing and networking campaigns to remain afloat. Here is ...

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Digital Business Cardtwo sales executives in an office chatting

5 Reasons You Need a Digital Business Card this October

October provides many networking opportunities across all industries. Networking is a guaranteed way of connecting with other professionals and advancing your career. Here are five reasons you need...

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Digital Business CardAn image of a QR code printed on a wall behind packed bicycles.

QR Code Flyer: A New Take on Classic Advertising

Flyers are a classic advertising material that has stood the test of time. Stand out from your competitors by including a QR code in your flyers to direct customers to your online portfolios. Here ...

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Digital Business Cardsomeone using smartphone to scan a QR code

Unlock Your Potential: Should You Add A QR Code to Your Business Card

Your digital business card is your gateway to the next of success in your career. Adding a QR code in the card will help you share more details with potential clients and business associates. Here ...

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Digital Business CardAn image showing a QR code poster

Are QR Code Posters Effective in the Digital World

For many years, QR codes were mainly used to label products. Today, brands and marketers are using them to offer more information about products. By scanning the QR code, customers are directed to ...

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