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Yes, Your Digital Business Card Needs a QR Code

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an image showing traditional business cards and modern digital business card with QR code

The digital business space is moving fast, and so should you if you want to remain relevant and grow your brand. Continuously seeking networking opportunities and nurturing relationships with potential clients and business associates will give you an edge over your competitors. 

In the last few years, digital business cards have gained ground over traditional business cards for their unmatched contact information-sharing capabilities.

an image showing traditional business cards and modern digital business card with QR code

You need the best QR code digital business cards to take your career and brand to the next level of success. Popl, the world’s leading digital business card provider, is best known for providing intuitive and futuristic electronic business cards for professionals.

We top the list of best digital business card makers globally. Our electronic business cards have the features you need to capture leads and generate more sales. 

You don't need to be an IT expert; you can create digital business cards on our website or mobile app today. Create digital business cards to start sharing your contact details better.

Here are six reasons why your digital card needs a QR code and why you should join Popl, the world's best digital business card maker.

Ability to Share Contacts Instantly 

One of the downsides of using paper business cards is that you have to save contacts on your smartphone manually. It’s tedious, and there is always the risk of inputting the wrong details. QR code business card solves this problem by automatically saving new contacts on your Popl contact list.

Every time you share digital business cards, the recipient’s contact details will be automatically saved and added to your contact list. The process is a two-way lead capture. You will share your details using the digital business card and in the same breath capture the recipient's contact info even if they are not using virtual business cards

Never again will you have to scroll through your phonebook looking for a contact. The new contacts will be well organized in your Popl account to help you plan when to follow up and the kind of messages to send. You can access the contacts on your Popl virtual business card app or website anywhere. Create a digital business card today to enjoy this benefit and more.

To Link Multiple Platforms

The ease of contact sharing and the sleek digital business card design will spark the prospect's interest in you and what you offer.

Intrigue them more and guide them to the next stages of your sales funnel by linking the QR code on your digital business card to other online platforms such as landing pages, social media platforms, and YouTube channels.  

Ensure that the content on these platforms is immersive, engaging, and user-friendly to convince them to buy. For example, you can use the code to direct the customers to a new landing page or promotion. 

You can also link the QR code to Apple or Google Wallet to enable customers to pay easily and securely. Ensure the Apple Wallet link and the Google Wallet custom domain link are working beforehand. 

Popl allows you to create multiple electronic business cards with a dynamic QR code, unlike other digital business card generators.

Increase Competitiveness

Competition is one of the primary market forces you must devise ways to harness to grow your business. 90% of Fortune 500 businesses use competitive intelligence to get ahead of the curve. 

These top businesses have strategies based on accurate data about the target customers and competitors. They also use Popl Teams to create digital business cards for every team member to network effectively.

Using the QR code business card will help you share your contact information seamlessly and get insights about the target market. 

It's not possible to track the usage and distribution of a traditional business card. Popl's digital business card app and website has a dedicated insights page with accurate reports of your networking efforts. The reports include;

  • Leads generated
  • Number of card views
  • Number of contacts downloaded
  • Link taps
  • Most active accessories and e business cards
  • Top tapped links

The data is shown in easy-to-understand analytics graphs to help you gauge the performance of your virtual business card and networking efforts. Most digital business card markers don't provide analytics reports; if they do, they are inaccurate or difficult to interpret.

Monitor the reports regularly to know which mediums to focus more on and which ones need to be tweaked to leverage the full power of digital business cards. 

Applying the analytics reports in your networking efforts will boost your competitiveness and help you get maximum ROI.

For example, if you get the most leads from social media, share more social media links to custom ads and even user-generated content such as product video testimonials. With an electronic business card, the possibilities for networking and sharing contact details are limitless.

Bulk Creation Feature

In today’s gig economy, most people have more than one profession or job. If this is you, you need a digital business card creation platform that allows you to create and manage multiple digital cards on your mobile device.

Popl's powerful bulk creation capabilities make it the best e business card marker and the best QR code business card. This feature allows you to create multiple digital business cards without spending a fortune. 

For example, you can have two business cards with a unique quick response (QR) code directing customers to different online platforms, like your company website or LinkedIn profile.

You can easily switch the cards in one tap on the Popl business app and create a digital business card on the fly using the mobile app. Sharing your digital business card will create the right client engagement mood.

Creates Lasting First Impression

A positive first impression is memorable. The opposite is also true; a negative first impression will make it difficult to regain a client's trust and confidence in what you do, especially if you use print paper business cards.

Popping out your beautiful digital business cards instead of traditional business cards will create a positive lasting first impression. The recipients don’t need a third-party QR code business card scanner; they can scan it using their smartphone’s camera. 

The scanning process makes the contact-sharing experience interactive and intriguing. The chances of a prospect remembering you after you share your digital business card are way higher than when you share the mundane traditional paper business card. 

Simply put, the code spurs client engagement by providing a new and advanced way to share basic contact details and other platform links, like social media links and company website URL at a go. 

They Eliminate the Sharing of Erroneous Info

The last thing you want to do is share the wrong basic contact information at a networking event. Earlier on, we mentioned that Popl's digital business card app allows you to switch cards depending on the people you’re networking with or the event. 

It goes the extra mile to eliminate the risk of sharing erroneous information by allowing you to change the information on your digital business card in real time. 

For example, if you want the QR code to direct prospects to a new landing page, you can do it on your Popl app or website in seconds.

The new details will be updated instantly, ensuring your new connections have accurate information about you and the business.

For example, if you move to a new location, you can update the current office location address on your mobile app, and details will reflect instantly on the client side when you share your digital business card. You would incur huge printing costs if you were using traditional business cards.

This capability makes Popl's digital business card solution better than beaconstac’s digital business cards, hihello digital business card, blinq digital business card, and other electronic business card makers.

Frequently Asked Questions About QR Code Business Cards

Are QR code business cards a good idea?

QR codes make business cards more functional and effective in spurring client engagement at networking and social gatherings. 

Compared to paper business cards, QR code business cards are easy to create and maintain. Use Popl’s QR code generator to create one today.

Are digital business cards worth the money?

YES. The annual cost of designing and printing paper cards can add up to $5,000.

Save money by joining Popl. Our digital business card solutions are more affordable and convenient for large and small businesses than paper cards. Notably, our electronic business cards are more affordable than Beaconstac's digital business cards and other similar digital business card solutions.

You can create and use multiple mobile business cards or electronic business cards to enhance your marketing efforts and networking efforts in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape. Get your Popl digital physical business card today.

How do you make a QR code look good on a digital business card?

The performance of your networking and marketing efforts is hinged on your first impression.

Popl's free digital business card has a sleek design to present you as a professional and tech-savvy. Make your QR code look good and discoverable;

  • Adding a short CTA  to prompt the recipient to scan the QR code
  • Customize the QR code by adding your company logo, framing it, and changing the style, color, and theme to match your other branding elements.
  • Create a custom domain URL to stand out from the competitors and build trust. 

How do you choose the best digital business card solution?

With the many digital business card makers, finding the best is often challenging for most people. Popl is the best digital business card provider, and here is why you should create your digital business card today on our platform:

  • Multi factor authentication to protect your privacy
  • Affordable price plans for different e business cards and physical business cards
  • Provision of a trial period to test the platform’s bulk creation capabilities for creating multiple digital business cards
  • Usability and safety of the virtual business card app
  • Provision of a QR code generator
  • Ease of use of the QR code generator
  • Accessibility of the digital business card created on a mobile device
  • Ability to link to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet
  • Compatibility of the digital business card apps with different phone operating systems.

Our support team is available round the clock if you need help.

Create Your QR Business Card Today

Save time by switching to Popl, the world’s leading provider of the best QR code business card solutions for professionals across all industries. We take pride in helping millions of people and small businesses stop using traditional paper business cards and start sharing contact detail efficiently using custom QR code digital business cards.

We also provide a team management solution, Popl Teams, that you can use to create virtual business cards for every employee. On your Popl Teams dashboard, you can monitor your networking efforts performance by analyzing the insights page reports. 

You can count on Popl to provide the best QR code business cards for the modern business landscape. We are the most trusted e business card maker in the world. 

Our digital business card creation process is straightforward. Create your e business card today, and be sure to include your company logo and business details to make it truly yours. 

While there, check out our QR code generator to create QR codes for your digital business card and flyer posters. 

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