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Popl Digital Business Card: How Professionals Connect

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The business world is ever-evolving, and it's impossible to predict the next big thing that will change how we interact and connect with potential customers. However, you can be certain that the digital business card is the future of professional networking.

an image of Popl digital business card

Clinging to traditional paper business cards slows down your career advancement and business growth. You can only share basic information using a paper business card.

Popl digital business cards provide an efficient, convenient, and eco-friendly way of sharing contact and business information. You can instantly share your name, contact details, email address, and more in one tap of your Polp digital business card or scan the dynamic QR code. 

Let’s look at how professionals across the globe use Popl digital business cards to connect and generate more leads and sales. 

To Direct Customers to Online Platforms

Digital marketing is one of the powerful ways of putting your brand on the map and competing effectively with other brands. A digital business card will get your foot in the door by enabling seamless sharing of your contact info.

Unlike the traditional paper business card, Popl digital business card lets you include links to online platforms like your website, landing page, payment apps, service pages, social media pages, and more. 

Professionals across all industries use this capability to share more than just their contact details. They include links to immersive and engaging content about their profession, services, and products. 

To Enhance Personal Brand Awareness and Competitiveness

Personal branding is the secret recipe to success in your career and business. How you package and portray yourself to potential customers will determine whether they will engage and do business with you. 

One way to endear yourself to prospects is by improving your personal branding efforts. With most people still using traditional business cards, stand out by handing out your beautiful Popl digital business cards at the next networking event. The sleek design and the scannable QR code will give you an edge over the competitors and pique their interest.

In addition, the process of tapping the card or scanning the QR code to share your contact details is interactive and will make you more memorable. The two actions create highly engaging interactions that enhance your branding efforts and elevate your competitiveness. Expect calls and emails after sharing your Popl business card; that is guaranteed.

To Manage Multiple Businesses

Warren Buffet once said, “Never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second source.”

Having multiple streams of income is a proven way of becoming financially stable. Sharing details of your businesses at a networking event using paper business cards is expensive and inconvenient. You must print and carry different stacks of business cards to the events.

Cushion yourself from such unnecessary hurdles and huge printing costs by switching to Popl digital business card. You can create a unique digital business card for each business on our platform for instant sharing of each business's details.

Through the Popl mobile app, you can switch business cards depending on the target customers you’re interacting with, eliminating the need to carry multiple cards to the meeting. All your cards are stored in a secure cloud, ready for sharing anytime.  

We also have a dynamic QR code generator that you can use to create a Popl QR code for your custom Popl card. With just a tap or scan of the custom QR codes, you can direct prospects to your website or any other platform that has more information about you. 

You could also create a custom QR code to link to payment apps to make it easy for customers to pay for services. 

To Accurate Tracking of Networking Efforts

When doing marketing and networking online, it's super important that you keep tabs on the performance of your campaigns and strategies to get maximum ROI. 

Using paper business cards for networking is equivalent to shooting in the dark and expecting to hit the target. There is no way of knowing the ROI of your networking efforts. Remember that 80% of paper cards end up in the trash. 

Monitor your networking efforts to get more results by creating a Popl digital business card today. Using advanced built in Popl technology, all card taps, share, contact downloads, and QR code scans are recorded. 

The data is presented in detailed analytics reports on your Popl account Insights page. Use this information to improve your networking efforts. The reports will also give you networking performance improvement cues. 

Popl digital business card has powerful contact syncing capability and lead capture mode that instantly shares your contact details and simultaneously captures the prospects' details. The new contacts are saved on your main contact address page and organized well to enable you to follow up easily.  

That’s how successful professionals stay a step ahead of their competition. For instance, you can create custom QR codes designs, like the iconic circle QR code, and monitor the results to know if it works for your audience.  

Contactless Contact Sharing

You no longer need to distribute your business card to prospects or carry the physical card. Popl's digital business card is stored in a secure cloud. You can retrieve the card anytime using our mobile app and share it remotely using its QR code or link. 

This feature gives professionals an upper hand in the networking scene. They leverage it to share their business card an unlimited number of times remotely, ensuring no networking opportunity goes to waste. 

Popl mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone operating systems. Over the years, we have increased data security protocols and pride ourselves on being GDPR and SOC 2 compliant. Rest assured your information is safe and will never be shared without your consent. 

We have also invested in an AI-powered business scanner that scans business cards, instantly captures all card information, and transfers the information to your account. Use it to scan premium polyvinyl card and paper business cards.

Create Your Popl Digital Business Card Today

There you have it. That’s how professionals use Popl digital business cards to connect and scale up their careers and businesses. It’s not too late to join the bandwagon; start capturing digital contacts of prospects and instant sharing personal info by creating your Popl digital business card today. 

By creating a digital business card, you will not only enhance your networking efforts but also protect the environment. Hundreds of trees are cut to meet the high demand for printing papers - Popl card is 100% eco-friendly.

Here is our guide on how to create a digital business card. Our support team is on standby if you need help. Welcome to the winners' circle!

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