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Best Digital Business Card for Business Development Managers

Best Digital Business Card for Business Development Managers

If you are a Business Development Manager, then you need to know about digital business cards. BD roles are often heavily reliant on business networking – which can take many forms ranging from events and conferences, to coming up with new ideas about what products and services a brand sells or how they sell it. 

Whatever the nature of your company’s BD department, as a Business Development Manager, no doubt optimizing how, and how well you network is a top priority...And there’s no better way to do that than with Popl—the #1 digital business card for Business Development.

Here are some of the top reasons Popl is the best digital business card for Business Development Managers:

  • Organized BD team management
  • More effective in-person selling
  • Instant contact exchange
  • Scannable paper business cards
  • Actionable notes lead notes
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money

business card for business development managers

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is a performance networking tool - part online profile, part smart device.

digital business card

Your digital business card URL can be shared like any other URL or you can save it as a home screen widget so people can easily scan to connect.

digital business card QR code

Popl empowers Business Development Managers not only by making the process of exchanging contact-info quick and seamless, but also by minimizing time-wasting activities like having to manually enter contact information from paper business cards, and sending automated follow-ups.

Business Development Manager | Overview

Business Development Manager is a professional who is responsible for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities for an organization. The main goal of a Business Development Manager is to drive growth and increase revenue for the company.

The specific responsibilities of a Business Development Manager can vary depending on the size and type of company, but generally they include:

  • Identifying new business opportunities: This involves researching new markets, evaluating the potential for growth, and identifying potential partners or customers.
  • Developing partnerships: A Business Development Manager may negotiate and secure partnerships with other companies, government agencies, or other organizations.
  • Creating new products or services: A Business Development Manager may work with the company's product development team to identify new products or services that can be created to meet the needs of the market.
  • Conducting market research: In order to identify new business opportunities, a Business Development Manager may conduct market research to gather information on market trends, customer needs, and competitors.
  • Building relationships: A Business Development Manager is often responsible for building relationships with potential partners, customers, and other stakeholders to further the company's goals.
  • Presenting proposals: The Business Development Manager may present proposals to potential partners or customers to demonstrate the value of the company's products or services.
  • To be successful in this role, a Business Development Manager should have strong communication and negotiation skills, as well as a deep understanding of the industry and the company's products or services. They should also have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, and be able to think creatively to identify new business opportunities.

Business Development vs Sales

In the business world, the terms "business development" and "sales" are often used interchangeably, but they are two distinct disciplines with their own goals, skills, and strategies. While both functions play an important role in growing a business, it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Business Development is a broad term that refers to activities that help a company grow and expand. This includes identifying new markets, developing partnerships, and creating new products or services. Business development professionals typically have a strategic focus and look at the big picture of how a company can grow and succeed.

On the other hand, Sales is a function that is focused on generating revenue through the sale of products or services. Salespeople are the front-line representatives of a company and are responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with customers. They are often focused on short-term results, such as meeting quarterly or annual sales targets.

While both business development and sales play important roles in growing a company, there are key differences between the two. Business development focuses on identifying new opportunities for growth, while sales focuses on closing deals and generating revenue. Business development is often more strategic and forward-looking, while sales is more tactical and focused on immediate results.

difference between business development and sales

Another key difference between business development and sales is the type of skills and knowledge required for each function. Business development professionals must have a broad understanding of the industry, the company, and its customers. They must also be able to identify new opportunities for growth and negotiate partnerships. Salespeople, on the other hand, must have strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a deep understanding of the products or services they are selling.


It is also worth noting that business development and sales often intersect and complement each other. For example, a business development professional may identify a new market opportunity and then work with a sales team to close deals and generate revenue in that market. Similarly, a salesperson may identify a potential new partner and work with the business development team to negotiate a partnership.

Digital business cards for Business Development Managers

Organized BD team management

Popl Teams enables BD managers to collect more leads, modernize their teams, and maximize your their revenues. Event ROIs, thousands of integrations, and organized lead management will help you turn business networking into a genuine performance channel.

Sell More, Sell Better

When you or a member of your sales team exchanges digital business cards with a potential client, investor, or partner you can automatically capture their contact information in your CRM. This is a huge time-saver and allows you to keep track of all your leads in one place.

Instant Contact Exchange

Instantly sharing your contact info with a tap, scan, or text is critical for sales professionals. With in-person sales you have to be able to move fast and make it easy for people to connect with you both online and in-person.

This is also where Popl’s personalized QR code comes in handy. Your team can use their custom Popl QR to quickly connect – and the QR code is available whether you’re online or not.

Also, you can store your digital business card in your wallet, or add your QR code to iPhone or Android’s homescreen as a widget. With so many ways to share, Popl makes sure you’re always ready to connect.

Easily Synch Your Teams’ Connections

Popl is not just a tool - it’s a toolbox - as in a way to keep all your existing tools organized. Popl helps Business Development Managers integrate and unify their favorite systems and compliments their existing workflow. Digital business cards are easier, not harder, than physical paper cards ever have been or could be.

Scan Paper Business Cards

scan paper business cards

Forget about you and your sales team having to waste time manually uploading contact info from paper business cards. Use Popl’s business card scanner to easily upload contact info from paper business cards straight into your contacts and Popl app.

Track Leads by Location

Popl automatically associates your contacts with a location. This makes it easier to keep everything organized by reminding you not just who you and your team connected to, but where. This is a useful feature for Business Development Managers looking to learn more about where their team members are most effective. 

Save Time

With easy-to-use features like automatic follow ups, personal, and team reminders, Popl takes in-person networking to the next level. No more stacks of paper business cards to monotonously follow up with. By using a digital business card, Business Development Managers can focus more on what matters most - marking creative and valuable offerings to clients - while relying on Popl to help with simple, yet time consuming, administrative tasks.

Save Money

Another huge benefit of digital business cards is that they save money. Having to keep a full team of salespeople equipped with enough paper business cards can be expensive. Switch to Popl to save money.

Best Digital Business Card for Business Development Managers 

digital business card for business development

If you’re a Business Development Manager, Popl’s digital business cards will help you to help your team connect easier, network better, and stay more organized. Make this the year you take your team's networking to the next level.



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