Best Digital Business Card for Outside Sales Reps

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Best Digital Business Card for Outside Sales Reps

Outside sales is what people think of when they think about sales. You’re the “closer,” or the person responsible for bringing leads and prospects over the finish line. The role of an outside sales rep, varies significantly between industries. Sometimes, an outside sales rep will be in “one-call-close” type industries where it’s typical to meet a prospect for the first time and then, within an hour, to be asking for their signer’s info. In other cases - like in luxury industries - outside sales is much more protracted and about establishing long-term relationships.

Either way, whether you’re in a volume-based outside sales role, or one that requires careful curation, you always want to optimize your time and workflow. This is where digital business cards come in. Here are some of the top reasons outside sales professionals love Popl digital business cards:

  • Instant, easy contact exchange
  • Quick paper-business-card scanning 
  • Organized contacts 
  • Actionable notes on leads and prospects
  • Minimized time spent on administrative tasks (generic follow-ups, etc)

why outside sales reps use digital business cards

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is the essential tool of hybrid networking. Part online, part offline - digital business cards enable outside sales reps to benefit from the best of both worlds. 

Put another way: A digital business card is an online business card. You can share your digital business card profile like any other URL - via text, email, QR code, whatever way you like. You can also store your digital business card in your Apple Wallet or as a widget on your phase for speedy access. 

Additionally, you can instantly share your profile with people in-person using one of Popl’s digital business card devices.

The “device” side of digital business cards is an area where Popl really stands out from other digital business card options. Popl has an incredible variety of device options from plastic and metal digital business cards to ones that adhere to the back-of-your-phone, to wristbands. Whatever works for you.

Serious legal professionals are serious about using the right technology - and the right technology is defined by its ability to maximize your strengths. How? By minimizing the time you have to spend on automatable administrative tasks.

How digital business cards help outside sales professionals

If you’re an outside sales rep, why use Popl? What benefits will positively impact your work in a clear way that you can really feel?

More effective sales

Digital business cards can and WILL help you close more deals. How? By optimizing your time and giving you more bandwidth to do what outside sales reps do best - interact with other people. Automatic follow-ups, for example, or actionable notes which you can add notes to a contact’s profile in your CRM after each meeting. This way, when you reach out again, you can pick up the conversation exactly where you left off - you’ll be more familiar with everyone you meet - or, rather, meet again - making the whole sales process much friendlier and more likely.

More than just your number

When you exchange digital business cards with a potential client, you can automatically capture their contact information in your CRM. This is a huge time-saver and allows you to keep track of all your leads in one place.

Automatic contact organization and updating

Popl helps sales professionals  bring their favorite systems together in a complementary way. Let’s say you already use Salesforce - great, Popl will sync all your new-lead info up automatically. Popl is all about making things easier for you - it’s not just another technological tool, it’s a technological optimizer

Quickly scan paper business cards

paper business card scanner

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of doctors and others in the sales community who have yet to switch to digital business cards. Thankfully the Popl app features a terrific business card scanner that lets you upload contact information as easily as taking a picture on your phone.

Save money

Another benefit of digital business cards is that they save money. If you’re passing out business cards on a daily basis this can easily add up to several hundred dollars per-month. $1,000 or more per-year is nothing to sneeze at when you could be spending 1/10th of that with a Popl digital business card.

Build your brand

digital business cards for sales

Custom branded digital business cards will help you stand out from other outside sales professionals. Not only is your Popl profile completely customizable, but you can even personalize your digital business card device with either your firm’s logo or whatever you like. 

Best digital business cards for outside sales reps

outside sales rep tools

There you have it, some of the biggest reasons outside sales reps should switch to Popl digital business cards. Make 2023 the year you upgrade your networking game, optimize your time, and take your career to the next level.

Good luck!

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