Best Digital Business Card | Popl vs Flowtag

Gerald Lombardo

Gerald Lombardo
July 25, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to Popl vs Flowtag, there's a clear winner: Popl. Popl digital business cards are the #1 way connect with the people you meet in-person. They’re invaluable networking tools that are becoming more and more popular. 

The point is that not all digital business cards are created equal. And the difference between using the right versus wrong one can mean the difference between closing that deal, landing that partnership, or connecting on that opportunity.

Let’s compare two popular digital business card options: Popl vs Flowcode.

Hardware: Popl vs Flowtag

Digital business cards are exchanged using NFC technology and or QR-codes. In the case of Popl vs Flowcode - both utilize NFC. This means that users tap their phones and new connections are sent to their digital business card. 

While Popl and Flowcode both provide users with clear, aesthetically-pleasing profiles, Popl has a variety of physical products while Flowcode has just the “Flowtag.” Even product-for-product, Popl's Phone Tag is superior to the Flowtag.

Both Popl's Phone Tag and the “Flowtag” are small, circular devices you stick to the back of your phone, but Popl’s Phone Tag boasts sharp NFC technology that makes the exchange of digital business cards a particularly seamless experience. 

Best Hardware Winner: Popl

Popl also has product-variety in its favor. From the Popl Metal Card, to the Popl Wristband, Keychain, and more. If you're looking to get the most out of every networking opportunity, it's critical to use the right physical product to share your digital business cards in the best possible way. 

Also, another significant point in Popl's favor is its custom product offerings. While Flowcode has only standard product configurations, Popl allows users to customize their digital business cards, phone tags, and badges to match their brand. This is an incredibly valuable offering to event hosts, real estate agencies, and other businesses where it's important for their logos to be front-and-center at all times. 

Software: Features and Technology

With over 11,000 positive  App store reviews, users love the Popl app.

When thinking about Popl vs Flowtag, note that bothallow users to customize the information on their digital business cards. This includes links to social media, phone, email, websites, music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud, and payment tools like Venmo.

Both Popl and Flowtag are well-integrated, but Popl comes out on top when it comes to feature-richness, and ease-of-use.

If you've never tried the Popl app you'll be blown away by it's functionality. From creating your digital business card in seconds, to managing connections and leads - the Popl app does it all. This includes customizing the look and feel of your digital business card. You can also add more sites or social profiles to your account, and learn from "Popl insights." Popl insights is a section of the app that tells you how many "Pops" you've had. You can also learn from your click through rate, your world ranking, and more. Popl's hardware makes it easy to connect, and its app makes managing those connections even easier. 

Better Software Winner: Popl

Popl’s iPhone and Android apps are incredibly intuitive considering all they can do. With Popl you can create custom lead forms, dynamic CRM-mapping, automatic CRM-adding, and you can set up automatic introductions, follow-ups, and many other features that make Popl an incredibly effective way to connect with the people you meet, and to follow through on your shared plans. 

Also, Popl features a fantastic team-oriented product calledPopl Teams. Flowtag has no team-orientated product offerings.

Popl Teams makes it easy for sales managers to create and organize their team’s digital business cards. Using Popl helps sales professionals capture more leads, book more meetings, and close more deals. And using Popl teams helps managers measure and optimize the ROI on in-person networking events.

These Popl Team and other app-specific features are what really set Popl apart from an app-less digital card product like Flowcode. Popl is about value-based network building, which means not only helping users make their initial connections, but also helping them stay connected, relate to other users, and find ways to collaborate. Whether you're using lead capture, the business card scanner, or any of its other features, Popl is a multi-purpose tool that will bring your networking abilities to new heights. Flowcode, on the other hand, is a just nice way to exchange contact information. Popl is that and much, much more. 

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Popl vs Flowtag: Verdict 

Winner: Popl

Popl offers a better, more effective digital business card solution than Flowcode. Whether using the Popl Phone Tag, Wristband, or Metal Card, all will help you make and maintain connections that create real-world, mutually beneficial value.