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Works with all phones

You can share info to nearly any smartphone (iPhone or Android) as long as the phone can scan QR codes. Others don't need a Popl device or an app to receive your info!

Tap or scan to share instantly

Popl devices allow you to share info to nearly any smartphone (iPhone or Android) as long as the phone can scan QR codes. Others don't need a Popl accessory or an app to receive your info!

Contact Info

Phone numbers, email, websites, WhatsApp, and much more

Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and much more

Review & Payment Apps

PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, Apple Pay, and more

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of people judge a person or company based on first impressions. We make sure your first impression pops...

Share With Anyone

Others don’t need Popl to receive your info. Never be without your business card again.

Create Opportunities

Don’t just meet people, actually connect and create connections that drive business.

Stay Relevant

Join millions of forward thinking professionals who have upgraded to the #1 Digital Business Card.

Popl is amazing for quickly and efficently directing people to any of our socials or payment methods. its so nice to not have to scramble trying to locate business cards and instead tapping my phone to theirs and instantly opening all of our contact info!

Colter O.

No more paper cards, no more having to order new sets of cards because personal details have changed. It is all quick and easy and I can share so much about myself in one click, I love that I can change the info from personal to business.

Ally V.

Its modern, sleek, and fun to use. So many people have already made comments of how cool it is and it creates opportunity for conversation without the abbrasive sales pitch. Everyone at Popl has been super helpful and full of information. Great product!

Ali L.

I love not having to remember to bring along business cards to meetings anymore. Too often I'd leave for a conference or business trip only to realize that I left my cards at home. Not so with Popl!

Mark E.

Industry Leading Tech

Popl accessories are supercharged with our next-generation X1 chip, providing the fastest sharing experience in the world

Enabled with PopCode

Popl accessories feature our unique PopCode, a dynamic QR code that never expires and can be updated in real-time

No more paper business cards…

Popl uses technology instead of paper to connect professionals, moving towards a more sustainable world

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Popl - Digital Business Card Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
57.2K Ratings

57.2K Ratings

RachiePru82 ,


I am very happy with this service. I have friends with other digital business cards and this one is the best for sure. The NFT items are key in the simplicity to share my contact card without my phone and I love the fact that the recipient can send me their contact info when they capture mine. (My favorite NFT item is my bracelet, and I may decide to get the Apple Watch band if the bracelet ends up being my go-to device.) One of the biggest perks is adding files to my contact card. I work in medical device sales and there are certain infographics that MDs, techs, and nurses are always asking for. Now they can have a quick link associated with me to reference it all! I have Popl Pro+ which is convenient when i want to share my personal info versus my professional card, so being able to toggle back and forth if needed is something I have been wanting. Thank you for providing a great service!

Lanz's Iphone ,

A must for Anyone in the hair industry!

As a hairstylist committed to do everything I can for this planet and the people on it, this is a product I couldn’t ignore. Popl is A digital “business card” that adheres to the back of your phone (or any flat, smooth, surface of your choice). Just a tap of your #popl to the back of someones phone will send a link directing them straight to a site or social media platform of your choice, or your complete Popl profile. For less than the cost of one traditional business card order I have unlimited pops and potential. With Popl, I’ll never spend another cent on traditional business cards ever again (I never seem to have one when I need it anyway) and I am doing my part to save a tree. This a product I truly believe will make a difference one pop at a time. If you’re ready to say goodbye to business cards and hello to sustainability you need this product!

Green roots, Green future. Save a tree! Let’s do this together!

A Recruiter ,


Update: The CEO himself reached out and showed there is a way to edit lead gen form on dash website. 5 stars. This is a great tool. I’m a military recruiter and we just received the card for our state. I setup my profile and tested it out right away. Its been just a few days and I’ve already ordered a phone card and the ID badge for when I go into schools. The only way it could be better is to be able to customize the info people push to you as a connection. I don’t care so much about an email, but would rather have things like name, age, phone #, and school if a student, for example. Company they’re with, etc doesn’t really apply. I’m sure other companies would love to customize these targeted questions as well instead of asking them to put them in notes.

travishasmanors ,

Strong first impression

The first few days have been impressive! The app is very easy to use and your profile takes less than 30 minutes to have running. There’s a decent amount of flexibility if you’re willing to dig to the next level, though don’t expect a Wix style website.

The experience on the other side is pleasing and delightfully simple, though there’s some things that aren’t clear. For example, on the lead capture mode it doesn’t appear to remember someone I’ve already met when they scan the QR in my wallet app. So if I’m at an event collecting pops from people I have no way of remembering if I’ve met that person already at a previous event.

I expect that most people under the age of 30 who grew up with smart phones the contact form, the location permission, and the request to download the app will be a quick and easy click because we’re accustomed to it. But for others who haven’t had as much experience with smart phones, anything beyond the contact form could be frustrating and annoying.

Overall a 4/5 for an easy setup and a really nice presentation on the customer facing side. Some things could be a tad simpler for the customer who’s tapping (at least remove the download request and put it in the text they get instead). It could also be a little easier to rearrange the icons on my page rather than the drag and drop list.

kerian ,

Curate information better and I’ll love it even more

I just downloaded this app and I like it but wish it was a bit more compartmentalized. There are only two options for personal and business and I have two completely different businesses that I would like to promote along with my personal information. I would like a separate photo for each section to represent my personal information and my two businesses.

Currently you only get one logo option along with one page header image that shows up for both sections. That would be ok, if I only had one business.

VZ I would also like a way to share only certain things along the whole platform. There are parts of my business that do not need to be shared to my gallery customers and my graphic design customers might get confused with my gallery info.

The idea of this app is great, I just want to be able to curate the information better!

<3txcole<3 ,

An Indispensable Business Card Replacement

The concept of networking is broken, event connections aren’t organic, & being handed business cards at a function makes only one thing certain- you’ll forget who they all were & wait weeks (or months) before you throw them all away 🗑️because they take up too much space in your office.

If you happen to be an introvert (like myself) who also has a professional role/persona that compels you to make new connections/attend events, this next part is for you. 💡➡️ The awkward handoff (in both directions!) of the business card or “find me on LinkedIn” is gone when you use popl.

Having the ability to simply tap & let the other person know they can either share their info w/you (with Lead Capture turned on) or reach out whenever they’re ready, is huge! Not only does this keep it conversational, it also has made the likelihood of someone actually reaching out much higher because they’re seeing a face, getting a text link to your info (in addition to the tap), & they can choose a platform (LinkedIn, WhatsApp, phone, email, etc.) that suits them best.

If you’re on the fence or just stumbling across popl — take the leap! You’ll be glad you did.

amynpanjwani ,

Great Networking tool!

This really is a game changer!

I use 1 to network and exchange information with Humans, Phone Social OnlyFans....

I didn’t stick this to my phone. I stuck it to my wallet. Yes you personally do need this app. But only to set it up. That’s it. Nobody else needs the app. You Popl them and it comes up in their web browser. IF they have the app then it’ll open in their app. I had a few issue in the beginning. But after messing with a few friends phones I found the Sweet Spot on where to tap. And make sure you stick it on the exterior of whatever you put it on. I had it inside of my wallet and phone case. It works but not 100%. Just order a cool color one and stick it on the back of your phone. IN THE BOTTOM NOT TOP! Or on your wallet on your key fob. Overall it’s an easy way to exchange info from one person to another.

alcos950 ,

Immediate response if product breaks!

I love Popl and appreciate if one of their products doesn’t work, is defective or broken, it can quickly be resolved by email:)

I bought the badge which I am obsessed with and the cord that gives the badge more length broke on me within the first week. I emailed the great Popl team and they were so caring and supportive! Right away they asked me to send them a photo of the badge because I really didn’t know what to name the part that was broken! They let me know that they would make me a whole new badge! Sent it out right away—I really couldn’t have asked for more from this team and their company.

I appreciate their genuine love and support for their customers:)

Thanks you guys!!

Ashley, owner of AE Aesthetix ✌🏼

Version1.1.1 ,

Networking made easy

This app has made networking events fly by. When you add a new contact the app allows you to write a note about the event to help you remember the conversation and the person. Not only is it convenient to share contact info but the ability to share links to business websites enables growth for small businesses. Each person I’ve met has asked where I got my card because they’re impressed with the functionality.

The only reason why I don’t give 5 starts is the app will crash at times when you try to edit the contact information people have shared with you. Also when you add a contact from the app it will put both the first and last name in the “last name” box in contacts which can make finding that contact again more difficult.

@paulmirano ,

Updating my previous review

I have been in contact with the Popl team regarding the issues with the recent update. Their team has been constantly fixing issues that I have ran into with the latest update. Moreover, Jason (founder of Popl), has personally reached out to make sure that the issues I’ve described are resolved. Mad respect! The only other feature that has been removed from this latest version is the ability to enable and disable your profile. This option was amazing for privacy since, by nature, each profile is accessible publicly. I hope the Popl team brings this option back in the next update! Thank you for your hard work on this Popl team!!! I can finally use this as my primary!