Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch Band

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Introducing the Popl Watch Band for Apple Watch.

You can now connect with others instantly, right from your Apple Watch. Both sides of the Watch Band are tappable, and the band comes with a QR code so you're ready for any networking opportunity. 

This Watch Band is made from premium soft-touch silicone and features our industry-leading X1 chip so others can tap your wristband or scan your QR code to receive your digital business card.


Sizing note: To determine which size you need, look at the back side of your Apple Watch and find where it says the size in mm.


Tap your Apple Watch Band to the back of any compatible smartphone to instantly share:

- contact info
- social media
- websites
- files and videos
- payment apps
- and more

The other person doesn't need an app or a Popl to receive your info!

Want Popl devices for your whole team? Check out Popl Teams

Popl smart devices allow you to pop to iPhone XR, iPhone XS, all iPhones 11s, all iPhones 12s, all iPhones 13s, all iPhones 14s and most Androids.

*Android receivers must have their NFC turned on in their settings.

You can also use your in-app Popl QR code to share to any smartphone.

Either way, you can always share your profile without the other person needing an app. See our full list of compatible devices here:

Full list of compatible devices

You can customize your Popl QR code in the Popl app and add this QR code as a widget on your iPhone’s Home Screen.

Click here to learn how

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Apple Watch Band
Apple Watch Band - $49.99 USD
$49.99 USD