Networking In LA | January 2023 Networking Events

Gerald Lombardo

Gerald Lombardo
November 30, 2022 2 min read

Interested in LA networking? Here are some upcoming events in your area.

2023 is the first year since COVID that the majority of U.S. cities have been “open” for business - including networking events and conferences.

The thirst for in-person networking events where authentic connections are possible has grown bigger than ever - collectively, it seems we appreciate the physical more than ever. 

We're all about connecting the digital with the physical - Popl is where IRL meets URL.

Here are some great, upcoming LA networking events.


Event More info Dates
Lunch Business Networking Group Jan 4
Data Communications Networks Jan 8 – 10
Coffee Collab and Contacts Networking Jan 12
2023 Winter Global Business Research Symposium Jan 19 – 20
Lunch Business Networking Group Jan 18
Networking @ Noon Jan 19
Business Networking Lunch Jan 19
Fashion Mentor's 3-Day Stylist Summit Jan 20 – Jan 23
OneLife LA 2023 Jan 21
SocialCon 2023 Jan 23
Hotel Investment Conference Jan 23 – Jan 25
Hospitality Business Roadshow Jan 24
Girls in Business Camp Jan 28
Los Angeles RIA Summit Jan 19

*Note that if you’re going to any of these in-person networking events, you might consider a   digital business card. It’s a cool, casual, and very easy way to send people your info and to get their's. Popl is great for networking events, and is especially perfect for everyone from recent grads to long-time industry insiders.

Want to hone your networking skills? Here are some useful resources

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