Subteams: Organize Members & Assign Permissions

Use subteams to organize your team's digital cards into groups, setup unique CRM connections, assign card templates, and set permissions/restrictions.

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How it works

Create Subteam(s)

Name your subteam and choose a group icon. Subteams can be made for regions, departments, or any other group use case.

Assign Members

Add members and admins from your team to their respective subteams. Members can be on multiple subteams at once.


Setup unique CRM connections, assign card templates, and set permissions/restrictions


Delegate management to your leaders

When you setup subteam admins, you can relax knowing team leaders at your company will be able to oversee their team’s leads, content, and settings. This makes your workload lighter and your life easier.

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Set restrictions & approve change requests

Set restrictions at the subteam level to restrict members from modifying their card info and accessing certain features in the dashboard. Allow members to request changes, saving you admin time.

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Auto-assign templates to subteams

Auto-assign digital card templates to members when they’re added to a subteam, ensuring members of specific departments have their own branding and business info.

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Easy & secure member login

Connect to your existing SSO login methods to ensure secure authentication company wide. No additional passwords needed.

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