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7 Best Professional Gifts for Christmas

Christmas gifts

The holidays are right around the corner! As an entrepreneur, no doubt you’re busy - but that doesn’t mean you need to procrastinate buying gifts for your coworkers, partners, and collaborators.

Christmas gifts

Here are 7 best professional Christmas gifts. 

Metal Popl Card

The best corporate gifts don't have to be physical, they can also be digital. 

A custom Popl metal digital business card is a digital gift that will boost your team members performance by helping them network better and generate more sales. 

The sleek design of the digital card will create a lasting positive impression that will give your staff an upper hand and make your brand more memorable. The card has a durable metallic design that is visually appealing. Its compact size makes it convenient for everyday use. 

Popl metal digital business card

The recipients don’t need to have the Popl app or accessory to receive your info, all they need to do is tap or scan the QR code on the card. 

The card is also trackable, providing valuable insights like the number of taps and scans. This information helps gauge the effectiveness of networking efforts. 

Other Popl accessories you can give your team as corporate gifts this festive season are;

  • Popl Tags and Flats
  • Popl badges
  • Popl keychains
  • Popl wristbands
  • Popl sport band
  • Popl digital gift card
  • Popl Apple watch bands
  • Custom Popl Dot and more.

You can order any of these accessories today at Popl shop.

Computer Backpack

Computer backpacks top the list of best corporate gift ideas for their functionality and relevance in the current highly digitized workplaces. With most companies embracing remote and hybrid work environments, a computer backpack is a thoughtful gift that will make them feel appreciated.

Computer backpack

Compare and contrast the different brands to find one that is stylish and modern. Personalize the gift by requesting the manufacturer to print your company logo on the gift box or bag.

Unlike most common corporate gifts, a computer backpack is functional and has lasting value. The sleek design and company logo will encourage the employees to use it to carry their computers to work and meetings. 

Notebook and Pen Set Gift Boxes

Did you know writing by hand increases brain activity and makes tasks more memorable than taking notes on a smartphone or tablet? Now you know. 

Professionals who take notes by hand complete tasks that require taking notes 25% faster than employees who use smartphones to take notes.

For years, notebooks have dominated corporate gift giving events. They are still relevant today; so go ahead and list them in your team members luxury corporate gift ideas.

Notebook with a pen

A classic gift box containing a notebook and a set of pens is a  thoughtful corporate gift that will have an immensely positive impact on their mental health, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Go for a notebook design with pen clips to keep things organized and functional. Like the computer backpack gift idea, make these unique corporate gifts custom by having your brand name and company's logo printed on the notebook cover and pens.

Travel Mugs

Travel mug is a custom gift in most corporate gift ideas and holiday gifts lists online.

The modern travel mugs are made of sturdy material that makes them ideal for use in all weather conditions. They also have a straw lid and keep beverages hot for hours.

These highlights, coupled with the stylish design, make travel mugs the best luxury corporate gifts for Christmas.

modern travel mug with lid and straw

Image source: Kingstar

Order custom corporate gift boxes to house the travel mugs and other complementary holiday gifts. The gift boxes should have your company's branding and corporate logo to boost your branding efforts.

This corporate gift idea is not just ideal for appreciating employees; you can send it to valuable customers to foster deeper business relationships. Include it in your client gifts plans for Christmas to create a lasting impression.

If you are looking for a corporate gifting idea that will impact your clients and employees as they go on business trips or spend time outdoors, an elegant travel mug with a straw lid is the perfect gift for Christmas.

Summer Sausage and Cheese Cutting Board

A quality summer sausage and cheese cutting board is one of the best functional gifts you can buy your employees. The cutting board is an incredible gift that resonates with the Christmas mood and a great corporate gift that highlights your personality and company culture.

summer sausage and cheese cutting board

The best cutting board is made of durable bamboo and other premium materials. It also has an attractive design that makes it perfect for cutting and arranging meats, cheese, crackers, and other snacks.

Personalize this thoughtful gift by engraving your custom logo and corporate office physical address on the board. These details will not only make it a meaningful premium gift but also paint a positive image of your brand. 

It's inexpensive and a good choice for the best corporate gift for the employee of the year award or new client gift.

Branded Water Bottle with a Fleece Blanket

If you are looking for a perfect corporate gift with a personal touch, a branded water bottle with a fleece blanket is an ideal choice for employees or clients. The two tick all the boxes of luxury corporate gifts for employees and clients.

As the cold weather kicks in, a fleece blanket is a perfect gift that will keep your employees and clients warm throughout Christmas. Add a water bottle to the gift box to help them hydrate throughout the holiday season.

branded water bottles

When shopping for this personalized gift, it's recommended to go for stainless steel water bottles with double-wall vacuum insulation. This material and insulation keep drinks hot or cool longer than ordinary water bottles.

Have your company logo engraved on the water bottles to enhance your brand awareness efforts.

Sending employees gifts made of low-quality materials will ruin your reputation and their perception of your brand. Confirm that the seller or company is reputable and known for providing high quality products. 

Your goal should be to send a high quality gift to employees and team members. Don't fumble or gamble with quality as you search for the perfect corporate gifts this year.

Set of Wine Glasses

Who doesn't enjoy a glass of wine after a long day or after Christmas dinner?

For most people, drinking wine is a self-care norm that promotes health and wellness. Wine contains antioxidants that fight off toxins and boost the immune system. 

Sending a set of wine glasses to employees or clients as a corporate gift this Christmas is a sweet treat they will remember for decades. 

A set of wine glasses

Spice up this corporate gift by adding a bottle of wine and fresh flowers to complement the gift box. It's best sent as a present in a gift box a few days before or on Christmas Eve.

A good corporate gift is timeless. Remember this fact when shopping for wine glasses and other corporate gifts.

Final Thoughts

Sending holiday gifts to your employees, coworkers, or clients is one of the best ways of expressing your appreciation and fostering good working relationships. 

Use these client gift ideas to spread cheer and build stronger business relationships this festive season. Remember, the best corporate gifts don't have to be expensive. What matters most is their thoughtfulness, practicality, and the value they bring to the employee or client’s life. 

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