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Retail Advertising and How QR Codes Improve Sales

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why your business needs to use QR codes

Gone are the days when offline marketing was the primary way of connecting with customers. The internet and new technology innovations provide unlimited opportunities for connecting with customers. One innovation that effectively enhances retail advertising campaigns is (Quick Response) QR codes.

In 2022, 89 million smartphone users in the U.S. scanned a QR code to access promotions and marketing materials. The number is expected to hit 100 million by 2025. Based on these statistics, QR code effectiveness in boosting retail sales beats traditional marketing strategies such as radio ads.

QR codes for retail businesses

Another trend that's gaining popularity across the globe is the transition from paper business cards to digital business cards. The digital business card has a scannable QR code that directs prospects to online platforms containing more information about the product and services. 

Create a free digital business card today to connect with customers better and cost-effectively. While there, check out the Popl QR code generator to create your first custom QR code in seconds. 

Today, let's discuss how using QR codes for retail advertising will help scale your business.

To Direct Traffic To Your Website

More traffic to your website will enhance your brand visibility and awareness online. It will also improve your search engine reputation and boost your website's ranking on Google and other search engines. Generating QR codes and embedding your website URL will direct customers who scan the QR code to your website.

If you are running a promotion, you can use QR codes to direct customers to the landing pages containing content about the product and promotion. You can also link the QR code to your social media platforms, YouTube videos, and other platforms that you use for marketing.

Make sure that the content in the linked platforms is accurate, relevant, SEO optimized, and engaging to spur engagement and sales. Measure the conversion rates to know which content best resonates with the target customers.

For example, if videos generate the most traffic and sales, publish and share more user-generated videos and product reviews to get more results.

To Facilitate Easy Checkout

One of the sure ways of boosting your retail advertising campaign is by making it easy for customers to place orders and checkout. Popl's QR code will come in handy to help you achieve this goal. All you have to do is link the QR code with payment gateways such as;

  • PayPal
  • Popl Pay
  • Cash App
  • Venmo
  • Zelle

You could also generate a free QR code and print it on a flyer or strategically place it in the retail store to facilitate cashless payment processing. Choose a location easily accessible to customers, such as near the teller, on tables, or walls as part of the interior decor, and on product labels.

QR code on a shoe labelling

The smoother and easier the checking-out process is, the more retail sales you will generate using the code.

To Launch New Services and Products

Product and service launches don't have to be expensive and a stressful ordeal. You can generate a QR code for the new services and share it on social media and email to spread the word. 

Popl QR code generator allows you to create QR codes in seconds. On top of that, you can customize the QR code by adding your company logo. You can also change its style and size in just a few clicks.

Customers don't always have time to search for your services and product details online using their computer and smartphone. Provide an interactive experience for them by using Popl QR codes to showcase product review videos and other visual content.

You don't need to create new codes when launching a new offering. Using the Popl QR code generator, you can create dynamic QR codes whose embedded links can be changed.

For example, the dynamic QR code can promote a new product, eliminating the need to order and distribute new business cards to prospects or print new QR codes on flyers. Amazing right?

We also go the extra mile to track the QR code to help you make informed business decisions. The lifetime analytics report will give you insights into which device customers often use to scan a QR code.

You can also Upgrade to Popl Pro Plus to enjoy custom lead capture forms and branded push notifications to connect and convince customers to buy in a personalized and immersive way.

To Offer Support

Communication is the key to success in retail advertising. Customers need direct access to information and timely response to their queries. You can use QR codes to improve how you offer support by linking your free QR code to communication channels like Gmail, WhatsApp, iMessenger, Live Chat, and more.

Use our QR code generator to generate a QR code for each customer support medium. Include a CTA near the QR code to prompt the customer to scan. Something like "Scan to contact support" will get the job done.

To Reveal Discounts and Coupon Codes

Online customers love discounts and coupon codes. A recent study found that 30% of customers redeem digital coupons within 24 hours of finding them, and 83% redeem them within a week.

Tell your customers that your retail store is running a promotion by creating a QR code that directs the customers to a website page with information about the discounts. 

Create a sense of urgency by limiting discounts to specific days or duration to prompt them to visit the store and buy.

Make sure that the details of the discounts are accurate and the offer is relevant/makes sense to the customers to get the most results.

Alternatively, you can use QR codes to reveal coupon codes. Include a short text alongside the QR code to prompt the customers to scan the code. The prompt lets them know what to expect when they scan.

To Create Email Lists and Boost Newsletter Sign Ups

Email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) compared to other digital marketing strategies, such as video marketing, YouTube marketing, and Facebook marketing.

You need a solid and robust email list to run a high-performing marketing campaign. Collect target customers' email addresses by using a QR code to direct them to your newsletter subscription page.

Confirm that the page website URL is correct before generating the code and sharing. Also, give them a choice to unsubscribe or specify when they want to receive your newsletter. 

This freedom means you are not just focused on advertising and making sales - you care about their interests and preferences. 

Give them an incentive, like a 10% discount on their next purchase, to encourage them to sign up. With the email list dialled in, focus on creating quality content that answers the common questions about your services and brand.

The goal is to offer content that satisfies their curiosity and proves that you are the best option in the market.

To Collect Customer Feedback

Sharing your contact information is good and will help customers reach you easily if they have concerns about the product or service. However, you need a better way of collecting customer feedback that is time-conscious and convenient for the customers.

Get ahead of the competition by using QR codes to collect customer feedback. Embed a website URL to a feedback form on the QR code to enable them to submit reviews easily. The form should be mobile-friendly to enable them to submit feedback using their smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices.

To Retarget Past Customers

The secret to success in retail advertising is to not just focus on winning new customers but forming cordial relationships with the current customers. 

Use the analytics report available on our QR code generator tool to know which mediums customers use to scan QR codes. Use the information to do retarget marketing to increase sales and revenue. 

Offer incentives, like special discounts, to encourage them to visit your retail store again or online store by adding your website URL to the shared QR codes. Copy-paste the website URL to the URL section on our code generator page.

Popl QR Code generator

To Provide Directions to Your Store

You can also make your brick-and-mortar premises more discoverable by linking the QR code with Google Location Maps. The link can be customized to open the Google Maps app on their smartphone and guide them to your retail store. The app should open automatically when they scan the code or click the QR code link. 

It's super important to make sure that the address is correct. If you relocate, remember to update the link or links if you have different stores. Never again will you lose a customer to your competitors, thanks to our simple-to-use code generator.

Some stores use the code to guide customers through the store and help them locate products easily. One way of doing this is by embedding a link to a 3D video of your retail business to the QR codes.

To Boost App Downloads

Make your apps more discoverable on Google PlayStore and Apple Playstore by using our code generator. Create QR codes that give customers direct access to your app. That way, they don't have to spend hours scrolling and searching for it on the platforms.

To Increase Visibility On Social Media

Social media platforms are digital marketing powerhouses. By 2025, more than 4.41 billion people will be active on one or more social media platforms.

Increase your visibility and boost your social media marketing campaigns by using QR codes to give customers access to your pages. You can also create QR codes for time-limited promotions and send invitations to webinars by using our QR code generator tool.

Examples of Brands Using QR Codes for Retail Advertising

The best time to start using QR codes to enhance your retail advertising campaigns is now. Here is some inspiration from top brands generating massive sales using QR codes for advertising.

  1. Starbucks: Recently, the brand started adding QR codes to promotion materials like flyers and print ads to increase sales at their coffee cafes.
  2. Fab Hotels: Fab Hotels include QR codes on their budget hotels’ welcome cards to offer guests special offers like event passes, restaurant menus, wi-fi passwords, and more.
  3. Decathlon: Decathlon is a global retail store that uses QR codes on product price tags to help customers pay faster and cashless. The code eliminated long queues at the stores.

Such brands use Popl QR code generator to create QR codes easily and cost-effectively, and so should you realize the full potential of your retail store.

The Take Away

Whether you're just starting out or have been doing retail advertising, including QR codes in your campaigns will catapult your business to the next level of success. 

Start today by using the Popl QR code generator. Our support team is on standby if you need help. 

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