In-Person Sales Tactics | 5 Proven Methods

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In-Person Sales Tactics | 5 Proven Methods

best all-time sales tactics

Every field has tried-and-true methods that have stood the test of time. Sales is no different. There are many proven in-person sales tactics that every professional should know. There are certain established sales tactics that have been used by professionals since the beginning of commerce. Here are some of the top sales tactics to help you close more deals, meet more clients, and ultimately grow your career.

Best Proven Sales Tactics

This list of sales tactics is meant to be industry-agnostics. Likely the advice and tips in this article can be applied by any sales professional in any field. These are what you'd call the fundamentals of sales. It's critical, though, never to underestimate the fundamentals.

Sales Tactic #1: Be Persistent and Always Follow Up

Being persistent and following up with clients and potential clients in a diligent by also eager and professional way is perhaps the single most important "classic" sales rule. Why? Because sales is a numbers game. The more people you reach out to, the more sales you're likely to close. It's that simple.

But being persistent doesn't mean being a nag. You still have to be professional, courteous, and respectful of your client's time. Finding that balance is critical and can be difficult, but it's worth it.

Sales Tactic #2: Build Trust Through Transparency

Transparency is critical in sales. customers can smell BS from a mile away, so being genuine, honest, and transparent should be some of your top priorities when working with clients.

Part of being transparent is also being upfront about pricing. Hiding pricing information until the very end of a sales pitch almost never works. Customers want to know what they're getting themselves into from the get-go, so give them that information up front and be transparent about any and all costs associated with your product or services.

Sales Tactic #3: Always Be Learning

The sales world is constantly changing, so it's important to always be learning and keeping up with the latest sales strategies, technologies, and methods. The best salespeople are life-long learners who are always looking for new ways to improve their craft. This is true whether you're talking about in-person sales tactics or online marketing.

sales tactics from industry professionals

One of the best ways to learn is by studying your competition. See what they're doing that's working (and not working) and adapt those sales tactics to your own business. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help from more experienced salespeople. We all have to start somewhere, and there's no shame in admitting that you need some guidance.

Sales Tactic #4: Be Interested

Rather than worrying about being interesting - focus on being interested. Genuinely interesting yourself in what people are saying and who they are is the best way to create authentic relationships. People can tell when you're not being sincere, and they'll be turned off by it.

sales is all about relationships. The better the relationships you have with clients, potential clients, and referral sources - the more successful you'll be. So focus on being interested in others rather than trying to make them interested in you.

Sales Tactic #5: Be Confident

One of the most important sales tactics is to be confident. If you don't believe in your product or service, why should anyone else? Potential clients can sense when you're not confident, and it will make them less likely to do business with you.

So fake it 'til you make it, if you have to. The more confidence you project, the more likely people will be to believe in what you're selling - and to buy from you.

Bonus In-Person Sales Tactic: Digital Business Cards

This final tip is a pragmatic one and, of course, an obvious mention. But they key is to understanding that one of the clearest values of using a digital business card is its connivence. Smoothly giving someone your contact information at the end of a great conversation is like chocolate at the end of a great meal. Check out Popl's digital business cards.

In-Person Sales Tactics | Conclusion

Sales is a process and a practice. Even if you naturally shine at in-person sales, there are still many things to learn when it comes to the professional practice of sales. To make a career in sales you have to invest in knowing the fundamentals as well as tapping into your natural abilities.

Happy networking!

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