8 Most Effective Digital Business Trends for 2023

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8 Most Effective Digital Business Trends for 2023

Digital business trends are changing rapidly, as the sphere is dynamic and developed. Some trends remain from previous years but are being transformed. Something new appears. Below are the key trends you should focus on when analyzing the sphere.

2023 digital trends for professionals

Digital business cards

Digital business cards, especially Popl, are taking over across industries. Anywhere that people participate in in-person networking Popl's digital business cards are popping up. Why? Because digital business cards enable users to connect their online and in-person "brands" in a way that solidifies connections and helps turn new connections into clients.

Remote interaction

This is exactly the variant of the trend that appeared a few years earlier and has been entrenched so far. The coronavirus pandemic has become the impetus for remote work to be considered not as an additional or alternative format, but as a full-fledged employment option. At that moment it was even a key format of interaction. Now everything has changed, and companies can choose how best to cooperate. Hybrid employment has emerged that combines traditional and remote work

This is a good option for employees who seek socialization and communication in a team, but do not want to spend all the time at work.

For instance, hosting a virtual event can be a great remote interaction to keep them engaged.

In practice, everything looks like this: a few days a week an employee works remotely, and a few in person. The use case for a hybrid format can vary from company to company. In some of them, employees are attracted to work in the office only for those essential tasks that require teamwork. Further, the trend of remote employment or its individual elements will be strengthened.

Moving many services online

Like remote collaboration within the same enterprise, the online format of service delivery has skyrocketed to the top of its demand in 2020 during the pandemic. This is not new. Rather, the scale of distribution of such services has become new. Online psychotherapy, coaching, foreign language, and vocal lessons are not the whole list of options. Even master classes in fine arts are also offered remotely when students only need to purchase paper and paints, and the teacher shows through the screen the sequence of creating a picture.

This trend will continue to strengthen, as it makes it possible to order services from specialists from different countries. Even legal support for a case can be obtained online, as lawyers have already developed a sequence of such work.

To ensure the security and privacy of online interactions and data transmission while accessing services remotely, using a reliable VPN service like Surfshark VPN is recommended.

Machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence

Chatbots are an example of the most commonly used technologies in this area. They help to optimize the interaction with the company's customers in simple and routine matters that do not require human participation. In fact, the vast majority of questions that customers ask are just that.

But nuance is important here: the AI chatbot must be designed and configured in such a way that in the event of a complex problem, the client can leave a request to communicate with a live consultant. Otherwise, the use of IT tools will lead to the opposite effect, and customers will feel not the optimization of the service, but the fact that they have been abandoned.

Process automation

If the owners and management of the enterprise strive to ensure that the company scales, then automation of a number of processes and actions is indispensable. General information analytics, where you need to highlight trends from a large amount of data, can be done using automation using AI technologies.

For example, it will be useful in enterprise inventory management or material requirement planning in manufacturing.

Automation is also used when placing orders, booking tickets, and free hours for an appointment with specialists. There may be many options. The main thing is to use automation tools correctly, taking into account the specifics of your business. Sometimes companies seem to compete in who and how much modern technology is used in their development. The IT industry market offers enough opportunities for this. But this area needs a completely different approach. It is necessary to select specifically those tools that contribute to the development of a particular company, and not just implement digitalization trends without understanding the context.

Using digital collaboration tools

Remote work means remote collaboration which leads to the use of collaboration tools the digital business card and others. In fact, it is most effective with the help of the right collaboration tools. While not new, these tools became especially prominent with the rise of remote work. There are tools for communication, for task management, for video calls, and even for work-life balance. Some tools even include all these functionalities in one place. These are mostly remote employee monitoring and time tracking software

As a result, remote businesses get to manage work, collaborate, and control all processes from anywhere in the world. Even if they have different time zones, collaboration tools are made to adjust to each person’s time zone. Moreover, most digital collaboration tools offer several price packages so that businesses are free to choose what suits their needs. Most of them have a free trial and even a free plan so that teams with fewer members can start from there.

Popularization of cloud technologies

Increasingly, companies keep their information in the cloud rather than on local networks. The availability of the Internet makes it possible to effectively use such cloud storage from anywhere in the world. Competition among companies offering cloud solutions is increasing. They develop various options and tariff plans for their customers to convince them of the benefits of cooperation. This means that client companies have a wide choice, which was not even a few years ago when the offer on the market was not so extensive.

Cloud businesses themselves face a constant challenge to improve security. Responsibility for the safe storage of data and the absence of the risk of their leakage is what the specialists of the providers of these IT solutions are working on. 

One area where cloud storage can be particularly useful is in tracking and analyzing cryptocurrency prices, such as the eth to usd conversion rate, allowing for real-time updates and access from anywhere.

Active investment in blockchain

The smart contract system, which protects data from leakage and forgery, is a key advantage that many experts note when talking about blockchain technology. Therefore, projects in this direction attract many investors.

Platforms with customer data

By using customer data platforms, a company can store the information it needs in one organized place. For example, this is useful for developing personalized discount offers for each customer's birthday. Such offers work much more effectively than regular automated mailings, as they are aimed at real areas of client interestsNo one is interested in receiving an offer with a discount on a product that he does not use. And to customize each offer, you need to work effectively with data.

According to data from Markets and Markets, the scale of the digital transformation market will increase. The forecast says that this cumulative growth will be 19.1%.


Digital technology trends in business reflect the demands of this market. Entrepreneurs seek to optimize business processes and implement solutions aimed at simplifying the same type of routine tasks. For IT service providers, security remains a top priority. Remote and hybrid employment formats remain at the peak of demand, and a significant part of the services are moving online.

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