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Apple NameDrop | What Is NameDrop and How Does it Compare to Popl?

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NameDrop and Popl Teams

Digital innovation never stops, and Apple is once again embracing the future with its newest feature: NameDrop. 

NameDrop isn’t just another update; it’s a response to the evolution of how people connect and share in today’s tech-driven society. 

Apple NameDrop

Let’s explore Apple’s NameDrop, and understand how its entrance into the space of tap-to-share technology complements digital business solutions like Popl and, especially, Popl Teams.

What Is NameDrop?

NameDrop is an AirDrop feature that lets you exchange contact information with someone by touching two iPhones together. Bringing the phones together will automatically pop up a contact sharing interface. This feature will be rolled out to all iPhones with iOS 17 and should be available in September of 2023.

NameDrop Tech

NameDrop works by enhancing Apple’s already popular AirDrop software by introducing better customization and privacy features. As users engage in sharing content, they’re given the liberty to determine their identity via a visual contact card, from full disclosure to complete anonymity. It's a tailored approach to digital interaction, putting users at the helm.

User Privacy and Security

Like Popl, Apple enforces strict privacy and security measures with NameDrop. By giving users the ability to decide whether they want to just receive or fully exchange, tap-to-share technology has a strong focus on user privacy. This is particularly important and valuable for sales and marketing professionals involved in in-person networking.

Contextual Sharing Made Effortless

Tap-to-share contact exchange makes connecting both fast and easy. We believe this at Popl - and have since the creation of our first digital business card. Apple obviously agrees. QR code based sharing is also becoming increasingly popular. Popl make sharing your contact info with personalized and branded QR codes as fast and easy as tap-to-share. Whatever your preferred way to connect, there’s a Popl solution.

Popl + NameDrop: The Perfect Solution

While Popl already offers a variety of ways for users to share their digital cards, NameDrop is a great new way that Popl users can now tap to share their cards without the need for an NFC device.

Popl users can now share their cards via

  • In-app QR code
  • iPhone widgets
  • Text messages
  • Apple Wallet and Watch
  • Email Signatures
  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Popl Accessories
  • And now, seamlessly with NameDrop

Starting in September, Popl users will be able to share their Popl digital cards using Apple’s NameDrop right from the Popl App.


Popl Teams: NameDrop, but for Professionals and Companies

Popl’s popular teams platform for company digital business card management also works well with the release of NameDrop, as Popl Teams can be thought of as NameDrop for business.

Popl NameDrop features

With its focus on enterprise-level networking, Popl Teams is distinctively unique from NameDrop, delivering business-centric features, such as:

  • Cross-platform Functionality: Unlike Namedrop's iOS exclusivity, Popl Teams is universal, allowing users to share seamlessly to both Android and iOS devices—a boon for professionals who network beyond the Apple ecosystem.
  • Digital card management at scale: Popl Teams allows admins to use templates, subteams, Azure Active Directory syncs and bulk actions to create high converting digital cards for thousands of employees at scale.
  • CRM and Marketing Integrations: With Popl Teams, sales operations are streamlined. At the heart of a NameDrop tap or a Popl QR code scan, there's an efficient backend that directly syncs data and leads to CRMs (like Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics, and more).
  • Branded QR Codes: Popl Teams takes customization up a notch, letting users design and disseminate their unique QR codes, ensuring sharing across all devices.
  • Fortified Data Security: Popl doesn’t just promise security—it delivers. Their infrastructure is bolstered, vetted, and certified, adhering to stringent SOC II and GDPR benchmarks.


Apple's NameDrop complements the vision of Popl digital business cards and Popl Teams. Together, Apple’s NameDrop and Popl’s individual and teams offerings signify the future of digital interactions—where privacy, security, and usability will go hand in hand.

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