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How to Use Eco-Friendly Digital Business Cards To Build Your Business Network

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Eco-friendly digital business cards

Modern, forward-thinking professionals know the value of reducing their business’s environmental impact. Growing eco-friendly activities is a major goal for businesses across the U.S.

Why? Because the majority of consumers prioritize sustainability. 81% of participants in an independent study said that they prefer to buy from sustainable businesses. A digital business card lets clients and connections know your business is reducing its footprint.

environmental impact of paper business cards

One of the easiest-to-adopt, yet most impactful ways to make your business more sustainable is by switching from paper to digital business cards.

Did you know that over seven million trees are cut down annually just to produce paper business cards? That’s enough trees to fill 5.7 square miles. And the worst part? 90% of those cards are tossed immediately. Imagine the boon to the environment if even only a percentage of 10 billion paper business cards printed annually were swapped for digital business cards.

Why Popl Digital Business Cards Are Better for the Environment

Paperless networking is the way of the future. Whether you’re interested in digital business cards strictly for growing your career or because you’re eco-conscious and want to live more sustainability, there are 7 million reasons to upgrade your networking by switching to a Popl digital business card. 

To best understand the eco-benefits of using digital business cards, let's explore the environmental costs of paper business cards.


Waste management, especially that of paper, is a major environmental challenge. And landfills around the world are overrun with over 25% paper waste.

What happens to landfill paper waste? Well, it decomposes. But the story doesn’t end there since the paper decomposition process releases 20 times more methane gas than many other decomposition processes. Methane is one of the most harmful greenhouse gasses.

Water Use

Our global freshwater consumption reaches a staggering 4.3 trillion cubic meters each year. It takes 17,000 gallons of water to produce 1 ton of paper. It takes 17,000 gallons of water to produce 1 ton of paper. Over 300 million tons of paper are produced every year…That’s a lot of water to waste on things (paper business cards) that usually end up in the trash.

The average annual amount of water used to produce paper: 17,000 x 300,000,000 = 5,100,000,000,000 gallons of water


More than 7 million trees go toward meeting the global demand for paper.

Tree cutting at this scale causes deforestation which, in turn, fuels climate change. 

Go digital and do the environment, and your career a favor.

Eco-Friendly Digital Business Cards for COP28 and other Environmental Conferences

The COP28 summit is a place where world leaders gather to discuss climate change and plan strategies to combat global warming. Whether you’re attending that or any other conference, think about the effect your Popl digital business card will have on your networking. Not only will you instantly share your contact info and send personalized follow-ups. You’ll also stand out as someone choosing to make sustainable choices for your business.

Why not take things a step further? Join Popl Teams to embrace eco-friendly business card practices for your entire company. 

The benefits of a digital business card aren’t just environmental. Here are 5 more benefits of switching from paper to Popl.

Popl Enables Users to Share More Details

The standard size of paper cards is 3.5 x 2.0 inches. You’re limited to the very basics, and can’t stand out at that size.

Popl digital business cards extend the possibilities of the business card. Build a dynamic, authentic contact card on Popl that is easily shared with a tap or scan. That means instantly sharing: 

  • All Social Media Accounts
  • Scheduling and Booking
  • Website
  • Payment Apps (Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, PayPal)
  • Products and Listings
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • And more…

Popl is Always With You – and Always Ready to be Shared

Never miss another business opportunity by running out of business cards. Popl users have peace of mind knowing they’re always ready, and that they can share their digital business cards whether online, or offline – with a device, or simply via their branded QR codes.

Popl also features a two-way capture process. That is, you share your details, and at the same time, receive details on your new connection. Fast. Easy. Effective. 

Popl Ensures a Positive (and Lasting) First Impression

First impressions matter and they happen quickly – usually within five seconds of meeting. Make every second count, especially when you’re networking for business. 

While you’re reaping the rewards of quickly swapping information, and not checking all of your pockets for a paper card, your Popl also serves as a conversation piece. Use your device to tap and share contact information and watch the impression it makes on your new connection. Popl gives you the power of a great first impression.

Popl Saves Money

Avoid printing costs by using digital business cards that don’t require re-printing every time your contact details, company, or title changes. 

Popl Highlights Your Presence On Social Media

Popl’s eco-friendly business cards seamlessly integrate every piece of your online presence, offering connections and a real view of who you are both in-person and online. 

There’s no doubt: digital business cards are a sustainable choice that makes connecting with others easier. 

Protect the environment, grow your career, and make a great first impression by switching to Popl digital business cards today.


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