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hands at a potters wheel shaping a plate. learn why creatives should use digital business cards vs traditional paper cards.

One of the strangest things we’ve heard is that authors, artists and other creatives should carry paper business cards. According to job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn it’s a great way to promote one’s work. 

While this makes sense in theory – all professionals should have a quick way to get their information to clients and collaborators – we’re going to say something controversial. A paper business card is one of the worst investments a creative can make. The better option is a fully-customizable digital business card.

Don’t believe us? Read on for why creatives need to move their business cards into the digital space.

Potter's wheel with hands working on a plate. Creatives, like potters, authors, florists and photographers, need an alternative to paper business cards. This blog post explores why a ditigal business card is the answer.

Paper vs. Digital Cards for Creatives

Creatives come in a variety of forms. There are visual and performance artists, stage and film actors, but also painters and collagists, authors and dancers. Most create a variety of art, even if in the same category. And none of these can be constricted to a slip of paper that’s not even 4x2 inches.

Singers should be heard, dancers seen, authors read. A traditional business card, even with a link to a website, cannot communicate the talent and dedication that goes into creative work.

That’s why creatives need something different and as rich as what they produce: a digital business card.

Show Don’t Tell

It’s the first thing artists of all types learn: tell a story by showing, not telling. 

This should also apply to business cards. A traditional paper card tells your name, what you do, contact info, website, and your social media handles or hashtag. This doesn’t show anyone who you are other than font and color choices. Maybe you’ve added a photo of your artwork or a headshot. 

Imagine, though, that you could share the texture and rhythm of your work?

How Digital Business Cards Capture Creative Work

Here’s just a few ways you can use a digital business card to promote your work.

  • Link to an online portfolio. Rather than sharing one example of your work on a business card, include a link to an online showcase of your work. 
  • If you’re a journalist, you’ve been asked for clippings. A traditional paper card simply cannot convey the breadth and depth of your writing. Link to articles directly or, for more impact, create a page of clippings that shows off your work.
  • Video at their fingertips. For performance and musical artists and actors, it’s easy to share video of studio work, live performances and even your reel. 
  • Forget that tiny word count. While you might be able to include a sentence or two from your upcoming novel on a business card, you can share more impactful passages of prose, poetry, fiction or nonfiction with a digital business card. You can even share performances from readings or hosted audio files.

The best part of these links is that they stay accessible to your connections long after you leave and if they want to show you to teammates, collaborators or connections they just have to go to your Popl digital business card and voila!

Popl Digital Business Cards are Instantly Customizable

Your paper business card has to be redesigned and reprinted as you add new work to your repertoire. That can get expensive. Digital business cards are customized in a few taps. Forget getting new cards with every new novel you or painting. Instead, just update your links and you’ve got a new card.

This goes for logos, phone numbers, emails and anything else.

Not only does this save you money and time, but it’s also more eco-friendly. Each year, about 7 million trees are cut down just to make paper business cards. Worse yet, 90% of those cards go in the trash the same day they’re received. Digital business cards are the evergreen option. 

Get Your Digital Business Card Today

Imagine going from having to redesign and print small cards that don’t show off the true nature of your work to having a completely custom card at your fingertips. Imagine replacing a small piece of paper with a sentence or two from your novel to sharing a video of you at a reading and the rave reviews. 

Try out Popl’s digital business card today and take advantage of the modern networking alternative for creatives sure to get you noticed. 

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