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Multiple Digital Business Cards | Feature Spotlight

One of Popl's innovative features is the ability Pro users have to create multiple versions of their business card. This feature is especially important in today's work culture where many professionals have "side-hustles" and multiple income streams.

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Let's say you are a marketing executive at a corporate job "during the day" but your side hustle is real estate. Well, you don't want to give potential real estate buyers your marketing business card, and vice-versa. It's this use case that gave rise to the Popl multiple business card feature. 

When Did "Side Hustles" Get So Popular?

The term "side hustle" has gained popularity with the gig economy and the increasing number of people who work freelance or part-time jobs has contributed to the popularity of side hustles.

From a high-level perspective, the popularity of side hustles can be attributed to a combination of economic and technological factors, as well as changing attitudes toward work and career.

What Is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy refers to a type of employment in which temporary, flexible jobs are common, rather than permanent jobs with fixed hours and benefits. In the gig economy, individuals often work as independent contractors or freelancers, performing short-term tasks or projects for various clients or companies. The term "gig" originally referred to a musical performance, but it is now commonly used to describe any type of short-term work or project.

The gig economy has been enabled by advances in technology, such as online platforms and mobile apps, that make it easier for individuals to connect with potential clients or customers. Popular examples of gig economy platforms include ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, delivery services like Postmates and DoorDash, and freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr.

Best Digital Business Card for Freelances

Popl is undoubtedly the best digital business card for freelancers and others members of the gig economy. With multiple business card and other features to help keep you organized and your time optimized, try Popl to raise your professional life to the next level. 




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I have the same question as Theo.

Theo Poyyayil

Theo Poyyayil

Dear sirs, I have multiple assignments. I am the CEO of Swiss Dome Vision and at the same time I work for Swiss Display Vision as marketing manager and for a third company also as marketing manager. Now I work with three paper business cards. How does it work with your multiple business card system and what I have to do to get one of yours. Please let me know in detail what does this means and how does this work practically. Many thanks for your prompt response.
Yours sincerely
Theo Poyyayil



great tool carry with me all the time
Reminds me my elementary teacher always saying if you did not bring a pencil to school is like you are a soldier with a fusil kin of is there for me all the time .

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