NBA's Phoenix Suns Go Paperless with Popl's Digital Business Card Platform

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NBA's Phoenix Suns Go Paperless with Popl's Digital Business Card Platform

Suns and Popl

The Phoenix Suns have signed a multi year agreement with Popl to implement their popular digital business card platform, Popl Teams. With this step, The Suns plan to completely remove paper business cards for all members of their staff. The Suns organization will use Popl’s digital business card platform, Popl Teams to:

  • Organize and manage their substantial (always growing) list of contacts.
  • Empower individual employees with versatile, customizable digital business cards.
  • Support a paper-saving, environmentally-friendly solution.

The Suns are the very first professional sports franchise to adopt Popl, representing a massive step forward for the digital business card market. 

The Suns will be creating their Popl digital cards quickly and efficiently using Popl’s integration with Azure Active Directory (Microsoft). They also plan to sync new contacts and leads instantly to their CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, using the built in integration that Popl Teams offers out of the box.

We are thrilled to be the first professional sports team to adopt Popl as our Digital Business Card solution. As leaders in innovation and digital transformation, we viewed a move to Popl’s platform as a vital step to impact employee culture and drive fan engagement. Popl allows us to avoid outdated information, update our branding on the fly, and connect in modern ways via NFC and QR technology. Popl represents the future of business cards and contact sharing, providing immediate ROI via lead generation and real-time data analytics, while simultaneously aiding in our sustainability efforts for a healthier environment.

~ Aaron Prestwood, Phoenix Suns

“It’s a positive sign of the times”, says Popl CEO Jason Alvarez-Cohen, “organizations that prioritize capturing high quality leads and networking efficiently are switching to Digital Business Cards because they are realizing that using paper business cards leads to missed connections. Data shows that up to 40% of leads (that teams capture in person) do not make it into their internal CRM, costing organizations millions in potential lost revenue. It’s amazing to see The Phoenix Suns setting the trend in the NBA, we’re ecstatic to have them as a long term partner.”

~ Jason Alvarez-Cohen, CEO @ Popl



About Popl TeamsPopl Teams is a B2B SaaS platform created by Popl that helps organizations create, manage, and distribute digital business cards for their employees. Popl digital business cards allow for instant sharing with the tap of an NFC-powered Popl device or by sending a personalized URL or QR code. Among other major benefits, Popl digital cards support contact-management and in-person networking by helping users capture more leads using autofill forms which automatically synch with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho and more. 


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Victor Faison

Victor Faison

I’m interested in this for my league , please have someone contact me. Thanks

Buddy Buck

Buddy Buck

That would be a smart move Eric. Popl is awesome and I’ve already referred them to a variety of different business owners. Some of our Real Estate Agents are using them now too and the customer service has been a difference maker. 👉🏽

Popl for the win!

Eric Roybal

Eric Roybal

I am interested in doing this at my organization

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