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Popl Launches New Acquisition Channel | Announces Integration with Eventbrite

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Popl Eventbrite integration

Popl Teams, the leading digital business card platform for teams and enterprises, has been growing rapidly amongst teams looking to go digital with their business cards and optimize their sales processes. Now, the team at Popl has released a whole new way to manage digital cards, specifically for event organizers.

Popl’s new Eventbrite integration allows event organizers and other Popl Teams users sync attendees from Eventbrite to Popl for easy QR code, event badge, and name tag management.

Popl eventbrite integration

With the Eventbrite integration, Popl Teams users can:

  • Instantly sync Eventbrite attendees from any of their events to Popl.
  • Create and print QR codes, event badges, and name tags right from the Popl dashboard
  • Set up auto-sync cadences to automatically sync attendees in the background.
  • Automatic duplication detection for attendees. If attendees already exist, this integration will simply update instead of creating a duplicate one.
  • See detailed event analytics including total scans, connections made, share styles stats and more…

Popl’s Event Badge CreatorPopl’s Event Badge Creator


This is the first time a digital business card company has added an event management acquisition channel to their offering and we are excited to see where this leads (no pun intended 🙂) for the digital business card market as a whole. Popl has been known for pushing the limits on new technology in this space, so it’s great to see them trailblazing this new direction.  

The Popl event team ran tests with some of the beta event partners and everyone was impressed with how fast and easy the integration was to set up…Within minutes, event partners were able to import hundreds of members from Eventbrite to Popl and have high quality printed event badges and digital business cards for each attendee, as shown above. The event badge creation page has some great features and robust customizations so that event badges and name tags look exactly as expected.

Popl Eventbrite IntegrationPopl Eventbrite Integration Setup

 At Popl, we are obsessed with our customers and their needs. In speaking with them, we identified a growing need for event organizers and heavy event-going teams to use our robust digital business card platform for managing their event badges and QR codes at events.
So naturally, we decided to allow them to connect directly to the platform that is managing event tickets for them already, which was Eventbrite.  
We are excited to continue building out this integration and will be welcoming new integrations with other event organization platforms like Luma and Partiful. 
Jason Alvarez-Cohen CEO & Co-founder  

If you're an event organizer who is looking for a way to simplify your attendee management or have always wanted a simple solution for printing your badges, nametags or QR codes, check out Popl Teams

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