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Popl QR code business card

Yes, face-to-face networking is still an essential part of business – sales and marketing professionals especially require a tool that bridges the physical with the digital. Enter the Popl’s QR code business card. 

Black QR code business card

Digital business cards, shared using QR codes, are fast becoming THE preferred for top performers to network, connect, and close more deals. 

The Power of Popl

Unlike traditional paper business cards which often end up in the trash, Popl's QR code business card works instantly and makes keeping your connects organized and accessible. Never forget a follow up or lose important contact information again. You can even schedule automatic follow-ups and personalized messages using Popl AI – all of this syncs with your existing CRM.

QR code business card

Why Use a Popl QR code business card?


  1. Instant Sharing, Unlimited Possibilities: With Popl, you aren’t confined to one method of sharing. Be it through a text message, email, Airdrop, email signatures, Zoom backgrounds, or even iPhone widgets, your digital business card is always a click away from reaching your next lead.
  1. Advanced Analytics with Every Scan: The Popl app provides advanced analytics that help you monitor how often your card gets viewed, which links get clicked, who you need to follow up with, and more.
  1. Lead Capture with Minimum Effort: The fast autofill feature streamlines the process of capturing leads. And the best part? Popl automatically sends your info to those leads through email or text, increasing the chances of prompt responses and successful deal closures.
  1. Seamless Integration: Popl understands the ecosystem sales and marketing professionals work within. Hence, it integrates seamlessly with platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, Outlook, Zoho, and many more. Track your leads, monitor their activities, and optimize your approaches, all from within the tools you’re already familiar with.
  1. ROI Like Never Before: With Popl’s detailed analytics, you can now measure the true ROI of your in-person networking and events. This data-driven approach ensures that every handshake and conversation translates to tangible results.
  1. Boosted Engagement: Popl’s dynamic digital card doesn’t just end at sharing contact info. It becomes a tool to drive engagement across your social media platforms, and even facilitates gathering rave reviews for your business.

Getting Started with Popl

Creating your QR code business card and getting started with Popl is fast and easy.

Popl QR Code business cards

Step 1: Create your digital business card HERE either online or via the Popl mobile app on iOS or Android.

Step 2: Start sharing your info instantly with your customizable QR code found in the Popl app. Add your own color pallets, logo, and more.

Step 3: Add on a Popl accessory. You can also exchange your Popl digital business card with one of Popl’s accessories, like a metal card, rope or Apple Watch band.

best QR code business card

For sales and marketing professionals in real estate, automotive, and other industries where in-person networking plays an important role, Popl will unlock enormous value. A QR code business card is about more than just information exchange – it’s about using an elite tool that ensures you get the most value from every meeting, every interaction, and every event. If you’re looking to upgrade your in-person networking try Popl’s QR code business card.

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