Lead Capture: Capture Everyone you Meet as a Lead

Use customizable lead capture forms built directly into your digital business cards - enabling you to collect the exact info you need from prospects and people you meet.

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How it works

Customize your form

Use our custom form builder to add text inputs, drop-downs, and checkboxes to your custom lead capture form.

Share your Card

Share your Popl digital card with others and watch them seamlessly fill out the form on the spot.

Nurture your leads

Manage your collected leads in the Popl platform and sync them directly to your CRM and marketing apps.


Track real-time lead capture

Popl lead capture happens in real-time. As soon as leads are collected, use our robust CRM integrations to sync them as leads or contacts, and create custom workflows and automations.

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custom forms

Fully customizable lead capture forms

Add elements such as text input fields, drop-downs multiple choice options, and pre-checked or un-checked checkboxes to your lead forms to ensure all required info is collected.

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Compliance & opt-ins

We know compliance is important when collecting personal info. That's why our lead forms come with custom titles, disclaimers, and opt-in checkboxes - enabling you to stay compliant and ensure opt-in while collecting leads.

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Instantly sync your new leads to any CRM

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