The Best Office Gifts: Digital Business Cards

Gerald Lombardo

Gerald Lombardo
August 17, 2022 3 min read

digital business card gifts

Trying to come up with the best office gift? Have you heard of digital business cards?

Let’s say your favorite co-worker’s birthday is coming up, or maybe it’s their business-anniversary, or even the office Christmas party - okay, so what do you get them? You want to go with something useful - something they’ll actually enjoy, and not just another desk ornament. At the same time, the gift shouldn’t be totally irrelevant. So no toasters, and no cliche coffee-mugs. The solution? A digital business card!

Whether you’re in sales, marketing, operations, fulfillment, or any other department, everyone needs a way to both seamlessly exchange contact information and to manage their connections. And if your coworker / friend is a tech-lover they’ll be especially happy with a Popl Power Pack - which bundles the Popl Phone Tag, Band, and Black Card into one complete digital business card package.

Here are some other reasons to consider digital business cards the next time your shopping for a coworker or work associate.

Best Office Gifts: Popl Digital Business Cards

Digital Business Cards are Convenient

They’re more convenient: Digital business cards are way more convenient than traditional paper cards. They take up very little physical space, for instance the Phone Tag simply adheres to the back of your phone, the Band goes around your wrist and, of course, the Popl Card goes in your wallet or purse. Also the "profile" part of your digital business card is completely virtual, so even without the physical hardware part of Popl, users can always send new connections their Popl URL which contains all the information they want to share.

As opposed to paper business cards, Popl users can also always update their digital business cards with any changes in contact details, social profile, or anything else to ensure their connections always have the most up-to-date information

Digital Business Cards are Eco-Friendly

They’re more eco-friendly: Digital business cards are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper cards, which often end up in the trash. By opting for a digital card, you can help reduce your office’s carbon footprint.

Digital Business Cards are Organized

Digital business cards make the best office gifts because they make it easy to follow-up with new connections. For example, with Popl users can add notes about their interactions and set reminders to follow up at a later date if they want. They can also quickly add new contacts to their address book or other contact management software like Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.

Best Office Gifts | Digital Business Cards are Customizable

Popl users can fully customize the look and feel of their digital business cards. You can do this to match your personal brand or company’s branding guidelines. Having a custom digital business card makes people remember you more than traditional paper cards because they’re interactive and unique.

Digital Business Cards are Secure and Affordable

With Popl, people can choose what information they want to share with new connections. You can also update their information at any time. So if someone loses their Phone Tag or Band, no problem. The only thing that’s compromised is the hardware device - nothing private.

As for pricing, another reason digital business cards make the best office gifts is they're affordable. The Popl Flat Phone Tag, for instance, costs only $19.99.

Best Office Gifts | Conclusion

Digital business cards offer many advantages over traditional paper cards. They are more convenient, take up less physical space, easily updated, affordable, and memorable. Popl is also eco-friendly, organized, and customizable. Popl's digital business cards are a great gift for any professional occasion.

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