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Save time connecting with a digital business card.

It’s lonely at the top. In fact, 61% of CEOs experience loneliness according to a study by RHRinternational. It makes sense: Executives face significant risk that demands more time spent on solo work. For these professionals, networking is vital to both success and remaining engaged with like-minded executives facing similar challenges.

Being pressed for time, though, means things like networking events are generally low priority. And if anyone’s ever going to be out of business cards, it’s someone from the C-suite. That’s why pivoting to a digital business card is the best choice for leaders.

a digital business card is a time saver for busy c-level executives

The Importance of Connecting

Very few people understand what it means to be at the helm of a company. In addition to the significant skills and knowledge required, there’s also tremendous stress that comes with responsibility to stakeholders, customers, partners and even the larger.

There’s also very few people within the organization at the same level and they’re within the same reality. It’s vital for C-Level executives to be able to connect with others quickly, both formally and informally.

Whether it’s meeting an executive from a completely different field for coffee or going to an executive-focused roundtable, C-Level Executives have specific needs when it comes to networking. They want to be with intellectual equals with strong skills who face similar challenges and offer fresh perspectives. They want to learn from experts and they want discretion.

They do not want to waste time patting their pockets for cards, or collecting them for others, wasting valuable time while someone looks for theirs. And they certainly don’t want to scrawl their private cell number on the back of their card only to have it dropped or left behind. This is why moving to a digital business card is the best idea for execs.

Save Time and Money with a Digital Business Card

Time is money and both are valuable resources for executives. Converting to a digital business card means saving both. 

Stop Wasting Time on Chit Chat

A Popl digital business card quickly transfers information to a new contact who can also opt to fill out a form to share their info. Rather than the standard, embossed card on heavy paper with foil writing declaring “COO” or “CFO,” executives can go deeper with each share.

Forget standing around swapping cards and simply tap phones and get down to the business of a roundtable or conference presentation.

Networking at this level means being aware of problems and helping people find tried and true solutions. C-Level executives can build a contact card including important thought leadership publications, case studies, white papers and other examples of solutions they’ve found. 

This kind of resource sharing builds trust. It opens the door for more higher-value conversation. Rather than name/rank/serial number (name, role, company) they are able to say, “I’m happy to have solved this problem for my company. I heard you share that you solved a logistics issue by adding a particular XXX to your software. I’d like to learn more about that.” 

There’s no time to waste on small talk, after all. 

Reduce Printing Costs

Especially for large companies, the cost of traditional paper business cards is surprisingly high. There’s the design costs, of course. But also printing cards as people change positions, with new hires and for things as simple as name changes.

It’s estimated that the average cost per employee, per year, is $200 just on printing paper business cards. One of the best things about using a digital business card across your business? It never has to be reprinted.

Communicate More With Less

The Popl digital business card allows executives to curate their image and share the most important aspects of their professional role. It can include multiple links which is far more versatile than a standard card. 

Rather than give the basics: include site-specific links for various networking opportunities. This can include reports, job postings for high-level positions, value statements and anything else you need to have on hand. 

In a simple tap of two phones (or capture of a custom QR code) communicate your value, build connections and stay engaged in the process of networking.

The Benefits of a Digital Business Card

A traditional business card can’t do this:

  • Be edited on the fly. In the cab on the way to meet, rearrange or completely change links so that you’re creating the perfect card for the situation.
  • Capture leads. When sharing information, the person you’re sending your contact information to has the option to fill out a form to share their information, too.
  • Get insight. Use Popl to see which of your links get clicked, how often and by whom. Automate follow ups and leverage the information you’ve gained and to create an even better card for future meetings.
  • Design and use a custom virtual background. Your digital business card is more than just sharing information in person. Use Popl to create a branded, personalized virtual background complete with your Popl QR code to use it as a networking tool when you’re in video meetings, too.

Create your digital business card today and see the transformative power of controlling your contact information no matter what you’re walking into.

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