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Construction Business Cards Should Go Digital
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The construction industry is continuing to see incredible growth. Revenues are up, along with vacancies that need filling. For this reason, construction executives and managers are always looking for new ways to network. Digital business cards, and the technology they bring to the table, make perfect sense for those in construction. Today we’ll explore the growth of the construction sector, and construction business cards should go digital to capture more employees, jobs and improve business overall.

Construction Statistics to Know in 2024

Construction is a growing industry. Take a look at the most-important statistics:

Why Should Construction Business Cards be Digital?

Digital business cards are an effective way to network, especially in the construction business. One of the main drivers of this is the fact that construction is an industry that relies heavily on technology.

Bigrentz gathered data on tech in construction, and made a clear nexus between tech and construction.

More than half of construction companies, for example, have a process for testing and implementing new technologies. While many of these are related to the work itself, it shows a lean toward advanced tech.

Besides testing and implementing new technologies, the construction business uses technology in other ways. Over 60% of construction professionals use mobile devices for daily reporting. Nearly all construction business employees use a smartphone daily, and nearly 90% rely on laptops in their daily work.

With such reliance on tech, it only makes sense that the construction business cards go digital.

Hilti North America Understands The Value of Digital Construction Business Cards

For tools that build, the construction industry trusts Hilti. For tools that connect, Hilti trusts Popl.

Over 4000 Hilti Group members across the US will use Popl digital business cards and lead generation services to:

  • Easily share contact information virtually, in the field and anywhere else using digital technology that fosters deeper, more authentic connections.
  • Manage leads by categorizing contacts, managing follow-up contacts and adding to their existing CRMs.
  • Share the most important, timely information about themselves and their products thanks to the agile, quick-updating online business card.
construction professionals need a reliable, quick way to exchange contact information in the field.

How to Create Construction Business Cards using Popl

The easiest way to start implementing digital construction business cards is using Popl. It's free, quick and easy to do. In addition to being easy to create, it's easy to modify, scale and grow.

Start by creating a free card.

Use the format to highlight what's important about your business and experience:

  • major projects
  • certifications and qualifications that set you apart
  • awards and accolades including good press
  • testimonials from clients and partners, this is key for potential clients!
  • promotional materials

Upgrade to teams.

Getting everyone to move from standard business cards to digital business cards is a great way to leverage the power of this digital option. Popl teams provides exceptional analytics. Monitoring these shows you what's working as far as placement on the digital cards and to monitor how your cards are performing.

This is the first business card with analytics. Standard business cards cannot provide anything even close.

How To Make Your Construction Business Cards Stand Out

Prospects are bombarded with paper business cards that don't leave a lasting impression. While a card may be nice to look at and have great design elements, it's likely not going to aid in recall later. For example, a standard business card isn't going to show satisfied stakeholders providing positive reviews of a project.

Digital business cards, on the other hand, share key information in a new way. The focus is on a full picture of your business. Not simply its name, phone number and address, but how it has worked with communities, partners and clients to achieve goals.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

With digital business cards, you are able to curate the contact you're providing. For potential clients in the municipal space, when in the bid process, you'll want to have a card that is heavy on similar projects, certifications, and anything that shows how it was a positive experience.

Take time to build an online presence that you can easily link to showing phases of the project, and any important news stories that highlight the experience.

When entering a project and building relationships with area contractors, focus on reviews from contractors with whom you've worked in other areas. Contractors want to hear from others you've worked with that you adhere to timelines, understand and value safety and that you are communicative.

Personalized digital business cards that align with your goals allow you to make inroads. Anticipate what people want to know about your business and how you do business to make sure you're capturing their attention.

Later, when prospective clients are looking back over their choices, they will have a far richer connection with you and what you bring to the table than those companies who brought standard business cards.

This is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Manage Business Cards

It may sound expensive: having multiple digital business cards at the ready, but when you take your construction business card to the digital space, you actually save money.


Most paper business cards cost about $2/card. They contain the same basic information including the company name, logo, contact details and maybe a url.

Digital business cards, however, go far beyond this and only cost about $0.08/card.

For 1/25th of the cost of standard business cards, every member of your team has their own cards with the ability to create multiple versions to serve different purposes, built-in tools like follow-ups, CRM integration and even analytics.

If you meet someone who does not have a digital business card, Popl offers you the ability to scan cards to capture the information.

Digital Business Cards are Robust and Resilient

Construction is an industry that requires being on the move, often outside.

Swapping small pieces of paper doesn't make sense in an environment where the majority of professionals are using laptops and smartphones.

Popl business cards allow for quick sharing, via tapping devices or snapping a QR code to quickly exchange contact information.

Information-centric Business Card

One of the most appealing aspects of a digital business card is that it shares far more than standard business cards. It's a custom, digital platform that can be arranged in the best way to share your information and assets.

People who capture your information walk away with far more information than they would having taken a paper business card.

Be Deliberate With the Information

When creating your construction business card, it's important to be intentional in what you share.

Start with a clear, professional photo, your name and role but then use the other spaces in a way that maximizes what you're sharing.

If you're bidding on a project, include a portfolio of similar projects front and center. This allows contacts to quickly and easily view your work product.

We recommend linking to an online clearinghouse of any important press, including awards and accolades.

Another key element are reviews and testimonials. People want to hear from others, in their situation, who have successfully worked with you.

Design Your Construction Business Card Today and Harness the Power of an Agile Business Card

Rather than continuing with paper cards, take advantage of our free online creation tool to design your Popl digital business card.

By sharing more than just your company logo, name and contact information you'll find you grow deeper connections, generate more leads, and engage more authentically with prospective clients.

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