5 Benefits of Digital Business Cards at Conferences and Trade Shows

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5 Benefits of Digital Business Cards at Conferences and Trade Shows

In the world of business networking, conferences and trade shows hold special significance  attracting thousands of exhibits, hundreds-of-thousands of attendees, and billions of dollars.

Included among the biggest annual trade shows:

  • Consumer Electronics Show: The CES is a modern-day world’s fair – a global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. Over 180,000 attendees gather every January in Las Vegas to see, buy, and benefit from the next generation of consumer technologies.
  • RSA Conference: San Francisco’s RSA Conference focuses on cybersecurity, bringing together members of government, law enforcement, academia, technology, and more for a week of intense learning and networking.
  • Retail’s Big Show: The NRF Conference, held in New York, is one of the biggest retail events in the world, a place where buyers and sellers meet to showcase new products and to see what’s on the horizon for next year.

Whether attending these or other, smaller trade shows and conferences, there’s one critical rule to success: You get in what you put out. If you show up to these events prepared and ready to network in an open way, then there’s no end to the value they can produce. 

Okay, so how can entrepreneurs get the most our of their next trade show or conference? 

First, start with the right mindset. Reading the new rules of networking will help. But the gist of it is this: Times are changing – and if you don’t change with them, well… 

Next, prepare. And in preparing for in-person networking of any kind the main question you'll want to answer is how do I put my best foot forward? Or, more specifically, how doseamlessly put my best foot forward in the most effective way?

There's only one answer: By using the right tools. And for the type of business interactions you'll have at conferences and trade shows, the best tool – the one thing you can use to truly maximize your success is a digital business card

digital business cards for trade shows

Before wasting time and money with paper business cardsswitch to Popl and take your networking game to the next level. 

Here are the 5 biggest benefits of using a digital business card at conferences and trade shows.

Instant contact exchange

Instantly share your contact info with a tap, scan, or text. This is critical at trade shows and conferences. You have to be able to move fast and make it easy for people to connect with you.

digital business card for conferences

But digital business cards exchange more than just contact info – they can also include your website, social media, relevant files, videos and more. You can build virtually any information you want into your Popl digital business card. AND you can have multiple digital business cards for different interactions.

  • Just tap one of Popl’s smart products to an iPhone or Android to share your contact info – even if your new connection doesn’t have the Popl app.
  • Send your digital business card via text message, email, Airdrop, email signatures, Zoom backgrounds, iPhone widgets and more.
  • Use your free, in-app Popl QR code with advanced analytics and unlimited scans.

Automatic CRM updates

Popl digital business cards are the fastest way to convert in-person connections into CRM leads without any manual data entry.

Popl for trade shows

  • Popl integrates directly with Salesforce, HubSpot, Outlook, Zoho and many others.
  • Export all leads collected by your team while keeping track of lead owners, locations, and notes.
  •  If you’re a sales leader you can sync team members from HRIS software, automate data-entry and marketing flows, set up Zapier integrations, the possibilities are endless.

Easy business card scanning

business card scanner for trade shows

Some people never want to change – especially not their tech (or lack thereof)...No worries, Popl has you covered with an in-app scanner that you can use to easily convert info from a paper business card into a digital connection.

Accessible QR codes

Popl for conferences

Online or offline, use your custom Popl QR to quickly connect with new leads. You can also store your digital business card in your wallet, or add your QR code to iPhone or Android’s homescreen. With so many ways to share, with Popl you’re always ready to connect.

Integrated booking links

Everyone in sales knows the importance of setting next steps…But this is easier said than done – especially when you’re caught in the hustle of a busy trade show.

Popl provides the solution: Users can add Chilipiper or Calendly booking links right to their digital business card – making it incredibly easy to set next steps.

Use a digital business card to ensure you don’t miss opportunities, simply by failing to follow up.

best digital business cards for trade shows

Digital business cards for trade shows and conferences

Trade shows and conferences run on fast, seamless interactions – which, as you now know, is why digital business cards can play such a beneficial role. Forget paper business cards and upgrade to Popl before your next networking event.




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