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Virtual Meeting Tips from Top Sales Professionals

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Virtual Meeting Tips from Top Sales Professionals

In a digital world where remote working everywhere, knowing how to present yourself in virtual meetings is an essential soft skill.

Let's dive into some tips on virtual meetings from top sales professionals


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1. Invest in Good Visuals

First impressions matter. Whether it’s a client or a potential lead, the background of your virtual meeting says a lot about your professionalism. Distracting visuals can steal the spotlight from your message. Consider using the Popl virtual background creator to design compelling and clutter-free backgrounds tailored to your brand.

2. Digital Business Cards: The Modern Handshake

Gone are the days of fumbling for a business card at the end of an important meeting. Digital business cards, especially Popl’s offerings, provide a seamless, eco-friendly solution. By incorporating a quick QR scan or NFC tap during or after your virtual meeting, you're ensuring that your contact details are safely stored and easily accessible.

3. Engage, Don’t Lecture

Keeping a virtual audience engaged can be challenging. Polls, interactive Q&A sessions, and virtual whiteboards can make a massive difference. Break up your presentation into digestible chunks and ensure interaction after every section. A fully engaged lead is more likely to convert.

4. Popl Teams: A Cohesive Solution

Stay organized and close deals faster with Popl Teams. This innovative lead management and sales enablement tool helps streamline communication within sales teams, ensuring that no opportunity is missed. Incorporate it into your virtual meeting strategy, and watch your sales process become smoother and more efficient.

5. Follow Up Matters

Your meeting isn’t truly over when the call ends. It’s critical to follow up. And with tools like digital business cards for realtors, it’s become incredibly straightforward. Whether you’re sharing presentation slides, additional reading material, or just a simple 'thank you', a follow-up can be the difference between a lost lead and a loyal client.

6. Never Stop Learning

The world of virtual communication is rapidly evolving. Stay updated. Participate in webinars, read up on professional networking techniques, or join forums. The more tools you have in your toolbox, the more equipped you’ll be.

The realm of virtual meetings is rich with opportunities, but navigating it requires finesse, preparation, and the right tools. With insights from top sales professionals and the incredible tools from Popl, you're well on your way to mastering the art.




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