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digital business card for realtors

Sales-driven industries like real estate are built on networking. No wonder successful realtors are almost always the best networkers.

The crux here is that high-level networking skills depend on calmness and flexibility, but they attract the opposite - meaning that the better you are at networking, the bigger your network become, and the bigger your network, the harder it becomes to manage. This is where things can start to go wrong. As soon as networking becomes hard, as soon as it goes from fun and natural to burdensome and artificial, the games over - and you've lost.

In other words, if you're a realtor and you are stressed out or nervous - how do you think you'll perform networking-wise? Will it be your highest potential?


The game is full of ebbs and flows—the good, the bad, and everything in between. With all that was going on around me, I had to figure out how to steel my mind and keep calm and centered.
~ Kobe Bryant

 best business card for realtors

BUT, asks the pessimistic realtor, how do I stay calm when I have to shake fifty new hands, meet fifty new eyes, and "dance" for countless new people on a regular basis?

The (very straightforward) answer? 

You optimize, automate, and make simple the "tedious" aspects of networking so you can appreciate the fun ones - the ones where you excel. In doing so, you'll empower yourself by strengthening your strengths.

Fine, says the pessimistic realtor, but how about weaknesses? What if those "tedious" aspects of networking are, in fact, essential. For instance, keeping track of new connections, organizing contact info, following up on quick conversations, and the like. These things can't simply be ignored!

Well, in this case, the objection above has merit. It's true that you can't just disregard the parts of networking you don't enjoy so you can go around smiling and shaking hands all-the-time. If you did, you may be well liked - but you wouldn't be a successful realtor.

Thankfully, the choice between effectiveness and enjoyment is a false one.

There's a third option, one where you can enjoy the parts of in-person networking that you naturally enjoy, without ignoring the ones you don't.

Meet Popl

Popl is one of the essential real estate agent tools that every Realtor must have in their arsenal.

Those who know, know that when it comes to great, effective, and attractive digital business cards for realtors, there's nowhere to go but Popl.

Stepping back, let's dive deeper into some useful information about realtor networking, how the best realtors think about networking, and how a technical solution like Popl can help new realtors step in and established realtors step up.

Networking for Realtors

Networking, a definitionNetworking is the process of two or more individuals coming together to generate shared value

This is a definition not just of networking, but of networking-done-right. Any elite real estate agent would agree.

Real Estate Networking | Overview

business card for realtors

Here are the basic steps involved in in-person networking.

  • How to Connect: In professional networking, many fumbles happen at the point of connection. If this is you, it’s an easy phenomenon to explain: You’re overthinking it. Be yourself, have a positive attitude (being positive helps how you feel, act and, ultimately, how others treat you), be kind, and friendly, and provide real value - and then watch what happens: Things will go your way. They simply will. And this is what value-based networking is all about. There is nothing either good or bad, quotes the literary realtor, but thinking makes it so.
  • How to Collaborating: This is where real networking value is generated. Networking done right involves finding creative ways to benefit not just yourself, but those you’re connected to. Networking is all about long-term, mutually-beneficial professional relationship building.
  • How to Following Up: Tools like digital business cards for realtors make follow ups easy. Wise is the realtor who uses Popl digital business cards. Popl helps realtors instantly connect with new leads, automatically follow up, manage all their contacts, and more. Popl’s digital business cards for realtors, in effect, amplify the natural limits of an in-person networker’s powers. Popl is the next level of in-person networking.
  • How to Following Through: This is when the work (also the fun) begins. In “following through” you are fulfilling the true goal of in-person networking, and networking in general, you’re created shared value. In the case of realtors, this means the exchange of a home - perhaps the single greatest material asset in a person’s life. This is significant. Popl makes it easier than ever to follow-up with potential clients and follow through on your priorities.

A Value-Based Networking Model

For real estate agents, the best kind of networking is based on creating real value - and real value comes from genuine connections. 

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.
William James

Remember new realtors, networking is not about stuffing your pockets with as many paper business cards as you can fit. It's about helping your buyers and sellers - your people - find a beautiful, perfect place to live. This is a meaningful connection, this is real estate's noble underbelly - it's something to never, ever lose sight of.

What Is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is an online business card that you can share with new connections via a QR code, tap of a smart device (like a Popl card), or with a QR code.

 best digital business card for realtors

Realtors are a competitive bunch. And in today’s world, one of the best ways to win is with the right technology - and the right networking technology (Popl) maximizes strengths by minimizing time-wasting activities like having to manually enter contact information from paper business cards, or struggling to keep contact information organized and updated, or doing dozens of follow-ups. All of these and many other obstacles are solved by Popl's digital business cards for realtors.

Popl is also the best business card for realtors who enjoy working out of pocket because there are a range of physical product choices from digital business card wristbands and back-of-phone devices to the Popl black metal business card.

Best Digital Business Card for Realtors

More cool Popl features realtors will / do like

  • Your digital business card can be stored in your Apple Wallet for quick scanning. This is a great feature, especially if you don't have Popl hardware handy - it's a professional, cool, and quick way to share contact info.
offline business card scanning for realtors
  • Your digital business card can also be shared like any other url. All Popers (i.e. people who use Popl) have their own, unique url.
  • As for your digital business card's appearance - it's completely customizable. Popl's friendly profile-building options put you in complete control of who sees what. It's all very simple and straightforward - at least as easy as building a page on Facebook.

best business card for realtors   

  • You can even edit the specific version of your digital business based on the person you're sharing with.
  • For realtors who really want to lean in to their digital business card and create something truly captivating, there are countless (ever-expanding) bells-and-whistles you can add to create a digital business card that would make Patrick Bateman sweat.
  • With a Popl digital business card realtors can include their current listings, social media profiles, personal websites, corporate websites, videos, images, files, and more.

Why Should Real Estate Agents Use Digital Business Cards?

Zooming out from Popl and thinking about digital business cards generally, there's a long list of reasons realtors should make the switch, including

  • Ease of contact-exchange
  • Organization of leads
  • Automated follow ups
  • Cool-factor

Best Business Cards for Realtors

Some of the other top reasons real estate agents love Popl digital business cards. 

Capture More Leads

When you exchange digital business cards with a potential client, you can automatically capture their contact information in your CRM. This is a huge time-saver and allows you to keep track of all your leads in one place.

how realtors can close more deals

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Sales

Digital business cards also make it easy for realtors to keep track of their interactions. For example, you can add notes to a contact’s profile in your CRM after each meeting. This way, when you reach out again, you can pick up the conversation exactly where you left off - increasing your chances of making a sale.

CRM Synch

CRM synch for real estate agents

Popl is not just “another” tool. It's also a tool box - as in a way to keep all your existing tools organized. Popl helps real estate agents bring together their favorite systems and compliments their existing work flow. Digital business cards are easier, not harder, than physical paper cards ever have been or could be.

Business Card Scanner

Popl business card scanner

Despite the advantages of digital over paper business cards, there are plenty of realtors who won’t make the switch until they go extinct. Until then, real estate agents will have to deal with paper business cards in one form or another. Thankfully the Popl App has a great business card scanner that lets users upload paper-business-card-based contact information with a click.

Location-Based Lead Tracking

location based lead sharing for real estate agents

Do you ever have a contact where you don’t remember their name but you remember where you met them? Popl attached a location to each lead that is captured automatically. This makes it easy to group leads by specific locations for open houses, in person events and more.

Real Estate Networking

Digital business cards make it easy to connect with other professionals in the real estate industry. For example, if you meet another realtor at a  real estate networking event, you can quickly add them to your network and exchange digital business cards. This way, you can keep track of all the people you’ve met and easily follow up with them later.

Realtor digital business card

Save Money

Another huge benefit of digital business cards is that they save money. For example, you can use Popl to create and manage your digital business cards. Popl offers a free plan that includes all the features realtors need to get started. Plus, there are no hidden costs or print fees.

Be Earth-Conscious

Digital business cards are eco-friendly. Make more sales without killing more trees. Paper business cards are quickly going extinct. Real estate agents across the country are switching to digital business cards.

Build Your Brand 

Custom digital business cards enable realtors to build their brand and stand out from the competition. For example, you can add your headshot, logo, photos, rich media content, and links to your website or social media profiles. This way, when people see your digital business card, they immediately get a sense of who you are and what you do.

best digital business card for real estate agents

Real Estate Networking: Get More Referrals 

Digital business cards also make it easy to get referrals. For example, let’s say you meet a potential client who is not ready to buy or sell yet. You can add them to your digital network and stay in touch with them until they are ready to do business. When they are finally ready, they are more likely to refer you to their friends and family because you have stayed top-of-mind.

Business Cards for Realtors

Easily Share All Types of Digital Files

A digital business card should be an extension of you and or your brand. With Popl you have complete control over the appearance of your digital business card. You choose what to highlight and how to present yourself. Show your brokerage, your personal site, your LinkedIn, Meta, Instagram - whatever your platform of choice, highlighting it on your digital business card is not only easy, it goes a long way toward putting the right foot forward with new people. 

Gather Measurable, Accurate Data

Digital business cards make it easy to track your client engagement. For example, you can see when someone views your digital business card and how often they view it. You can also see when someone shares your digital business card with a friend or family member. This way, you can fine-tune your networking strategy and focus on the activities that are most likely to result in sales.

This is also very important for real estate sales managers who want visibility into their team's in-person networking and sales performance.

Close More Deals Through Retargeting

Digital business cards make it easy for individual realtors and  real estate teams to capture interested leads with retargeting ads.

For sales leaders looking to learn more about how Popl can help their team win, Book a Demo HERE.

real estate team business cards


Easy Profile Updates

Another great thing about Popl digital business cards is that they are easy to update. 

For example, if you get a new headshot or new social page or website or brokerage or whatever - it’s all easily editable with Popl. And the beauty of it is that you can make these changes while keeping the same Popl URL. In other words, everyone who has your Popl digital business card now has the most up-to-date version of your information. Everything synchs up - no more stacks of out-dated phone numbers and emails on sad paper business cards which lead to lost deals.

Switch Business Card Modes

The Popl mobile app allows you to create multiple different digital business cards for any situation. You can create a card for your main job, a side job, for events, for personal situations, for open houses, etc and each card will have it’s own QR code for sharing instantly. The possibilities are endless.


 Popl for realtors


Realtor Business Cards

Here are some other major reasons why the best realtors are considering going from paper business cards to Popl's digital business cards.

Evolving Buyer and Seller Expectations

As digital business cards become more and more popular, tech-saavy early-adopters are beginning to see them as signs of agile thinking. Having a digital business card, in other words, illustrates that you GET IT. You’re plugged in, organized, and with-the-times. Whether you’re tapping your phone, using a metal card, or sending your Popl URL, digital business cards have style. 

digital business card for realtors

Digital Business Cards are Secure

Digital business cards are more secure than paper business cards. They cannot be lost, stolen, or destroyed. The hardware can, sure. But your digital business card is an online asset. Whether you have the digital business card hardware to go with it or not, you can also "share" your digital business card by text or email.

Plus, digital business cards can be password protected so that only the people you want to have your contact information can access them.

Digital Business Cards Enable Better Realtor and Client communication

Digital business cards enable realtors to communicate with their clients in a more efficient and effective way. Personalized, automated follow-ups and reminders can make a huge difference.

realtor business cards - automatic follow ups

You can also use Popl to message clients directly in-app. This is if they too are Popl users. Otherwise, you can use Popl to to text, email, or otherwise contact them.

Digital Business Cards Enable Faster Real Estate Sales

Digital business cards make it easy for  realtors to network and connect with buyers and sellers quickly. They can be used to set up appointments, schedule showing times, and even sign digital documents. All of this leads to faster real estate sales.

What Is the Best Digital Business Card for Realtors?

Popl is the best digital business card for realtors. With Popl, realtors can do everything they need and more. As a real estate agent, it’s not just about upgrading the technology you’re using - it’s about choosing user-friendly, intuitive systems that complement your existing skill sets. That’s  Popl.

custom realtor digital business cards

Popl Digital Business Card For Realtors

If you are a realtor interested in switching from paper business cards to digital, here are some examples of popular use cases.

Popl for Realtors

  1. Easily grow your network

  2. Manage follow ups

  3. Exchange contact info with a tap

  4. Put your QR code on physical listing signs, online brochures, flyers etc.

  5. Create a custom card with your profile plus your brokerage's brand

custom realtor business cards

How Much Does Popl Cost?

It's free to set up your Popl digital business card.

The hardware, you pay for. 

Popl hardware = Popl card, Popl PhoneTag, Popl Band, Popl Dot, etc.

Does Popl Have Good Reviews?

Yes...Among other accolades, Popl has had over 20,000 5-star ratings as well as a 4.7 TrustPilot rating.

And a 4.6 (category leader) on Capterra.

Popl great reviews on Capterra


Sales Advice for Realtors

Are you new to real estate? Eager for practical advice on how to leverage psychology and emotions to close more deals? Here's some great advice from author and real estate expert Monica Burke.

Conclusion | Popl Digital Business Cards for Realtors

Popl’s digital business cards for realtors help professionals connect, stay organized, and close deals. Whether you’re new to real estate or a long-time performer, you can stay a step ahead of the competition by embracing the effectiveness of digital business cards. Realtors, try Popl today to up your networking, sales, and overall success.




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