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6 Best Gifts for Small Business Owners

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Gifts for small businesses

Starting a business is just one part of the entrepreneurship puzzle. The other part is running the business and making sure it is profitable. It's one of the most challenging aspects of running a business, especially in the current digital space where competition for visibility and customers is cut-throat.

If you have a family member who is a business owner or an entrepreneur friend, it's a good idea to surprise them with a unique gift. It will go a long to boost their morale and show that you appreciate what they do.

Here are our top 5 best gifts for small business owners.

Popl Custom Metal Business Card

Your network is your net worth. You probably have heard this phrase a million times and it may sound cliche, but it's not. Small businesses rely heavily on their networks to generate leads and sales. 

Help them network more effectively and get ahead of the competition by getting them a custom metal business card

We have different business card templates that you can use to create a sleek and visually appealing digital business card in minutes. 

Popl Custom Metal Business Card

Our cards run on Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology that allows users to easily share their contact details by simply tapping on the card. 

It also comes with a dynamic QR code that they can use to share their information by scanning the code using a smartphone - no third-party QR code scanner app is required. 

The tapping, QR code scanning process, and sleek card design create an interactive and memorable experience that is appealing and unique. 

With most people stuck with traditional paper business cards, having a custom Popl digital business card will give them an upper hand. It's one of the practical gifts perfect for new business owners to use and remember for decades.

Popl Custom Badge

Networking is the secret to the success of small businesses. Earlier, we recommended Popl's custom metal business card to boost their networking efforts. 

Go the extra mile and get them a Popl custom badge to further help them capitalize on all networking opportunities when they attend conferences and events. The polyvinyl material used to make the badge makes it durable and stylish.

 Popl custom badge

It's a thoughtful gift for any new business owner actively attending networking events. Personalized gifts are better as they show you truly care about the business owner's goals and aspirations. 

Customize the badge to make it a thoughtful and practical gift by adding the company logo and their name. The backside has a dynamic QR code that they can use to share their details at events instantly.

 Also, this badge is timeless and the link embedded in the QR code can be updated through the app or website in seconds.  The small business owner will remember you whenever they whip out the badge to share their business details.

Coffee Mug Warmer

When scouting for gifts for small business owners, most people opt for items related to the business. 

While this is great, the gift may seem mundane. Stand out by gifting them unique items that exhume your personality and resonate with them. 

A modern coffee mug warmer fits the bill of a perfect gift for small business owners. It's functional, has an intrinsic value, and blends perfectly with the office environment. 

Lamonke Coffee mug warmer

Image Source: Lamonke coffee mug warmer

Small business owners have a busy schedule and don’t always have time to microwave their coffee and wait for it to cool. This handy appliance is designed to quickly warm coffee and keep it at the perfect temperature. 

On top of that, the business owners can place it on their office desks. Choose a color that blends with their office interior decor to make it even more meaningful and a great gift idea.

Office Chair Cushion

Successfully running a small business and ensuring it gets a firm footing in the market requires grit, unwavering determination, discipline, and commitment. 

19% of small business owners work more than 60 hours per week. 30% work 50-59 hours and 33% work 40 -49 hours per week. 

They spend most of their time working on their computer. Juggling between meeting client orders and social life is difficult for them. Even though there is little you can do to change their routine, you can improve their health and productivity by buying them an office chair cushion as a gift.

The cushion will improve their posture and add comfort to their office chair. It’s a functional and practical gift that shows you care and appreciate what they do.

We dare say it's a gift of comfort and support to hard-working small business owners who spend hours at the office. It's one of those practical gift ideas that is ideal for new business owners regardless of their niche.

WiFi Extender

Access to fast and reliable internet is a must-have for new business owners. They need to be able to browse the internet, check email, hold virtual meetings, and complete other remote tasks from any spot in the office.

A modern WiFi extender is one of the tech-savvy practical gifts that will not only increase the WiFi range but also boost internet speed. 

It will ensure that even employees working from the furthest corner of the office have access to fast internet speed. No more dead zones and moving to a particular corner of the office to hold a video conference call or send an email.

Travel Backpack

Hear me out; a travel backpack may seem too ordinary, but it means a lot to small business owners. It is a thoughtful gift that people overlook yet has immense value to experienced and new business owners.

travel bag

A quality and spacious travel backpack with a sturdy design and elegant look will make their lives easier. It will allow them to carry everything they need to be productive while on the road, like a laptop, tablet, notebook, and more.

The best travel backpack has spacious pockets for different items. Like the office chair cushion, a travel backpack is a practical and convenient gift that will enhance their entrepreneurship lifestyle. 

Go ahead and customize the travel backpack by having the company logo printed on it. Such a simple addition will significantly boost their brand awareness and marketing efforts. As mentioned earlier, personalized gifts for new business owners have more meaning than an amazing gift that is mundane.

The Take Away

Running a small business is not easy and business owners need all the encouragement they can get from you. These five unique gifts for small business owners will not only show your appreciation but also tremendously improve their entrepreneurship life. 

Make sure that you buy the gifts from a reputable store. Feel free to add more small business owner gift ideas in the comment section.

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