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Embracing new technology will advance your career and take your business to the next level. How quickly you adapt to new technologies and use them to improve your processes will determine your success. 

One such technology that is here to stay is the addition of QR codes on physical business cards. In today’s digital world, you need a QR code business card to network more effectively with potential customers and business associates. The highlight of this type of digital business card is that it offers more ways to connect and share information than paper business cards.

Popl QR code

Popl is leading the charge by providing digital QR code business cards for all industries. No matter your niche, we have a business card template/business card design that you can use to create a sleek and beautiful digital business card.

You can also create QR business cards for your team using Popl Teams, our team management solution designed to enhance your networking, lead generation, and sales processes. 

Each team member's physical business card will have a dynamic QR code that you can use to link to your website, social media account, brand social media accounts, or other platforms.

Popl QR Code Generator

Looking to create QR code and don’t know where to start? Wondering how QR codes are created? We've got you covered. 

Our QR code generator makes creating dynamic QR codes for business and personal use easy. Here is a simple guide to creating QR codes.

Step 1: Copy-Paste Target Website URL

Copy-paste your website URL or the platform URL to which you intend to direct customers in the “Website URL” tab. 

Popl QR code generator homepage

Step 2: Generate the QR Code

Click on “Generate” to create your QR code. 

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Step 3: Customize the QR Code

Use our customization options to make the QR code custom to your brand by selecting one of the QR code designs available. You can also change the style and color and add your brand logo to stand out. 

Popl QR code customization options

Our QR codes are enhanced with AI and tracked in real-time to provide accurate analytics reports. You can download the QR code as a PNG, SVG, or PDF file to share contact details quickly by posting it on your social media platforms.

Test different QR code design options and check the analytics report to identify one that best works for you. You can also create a vcard QR code to direct your connects to your YouTube channel to build your following. 

How to Use QR Code Business Cards 

QR codes bridge the gap between physical networking, digital networking, and online marketing. In 2022, 88.9 million smartphone users in the United States alone scanned a QR code to access promotion offers. Usage of mobile QR code scanners is expected to exceed 100 million by 2025 in the U.S.

Today is the best time to start riding this wave of innovation by creating a QR code business card. There are endless possibilities of what you can do with a QR code business card. 

Here are eight QR code uses that prove this technology is here to stay and reasons to get QR code business cards for your team.

Direct Customers to Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

Your QR code business card can do more than just share your contact details and business information like company website and social media links; you can use it to direct potential clients to mobile-friendly landing pages. 

Go ahead and create user friendly landing pages with engaging and compelling content, then create dynamic QR codes to direct anyone you share your QR code business card with to the pages. 

Multiple research studies have proved that customers scan QR codes on almost any medium.

Statistics on how QR codes are scanned

Image source:

Based on these statistics, having a custom QR code on physical business cards and printing the QR code on flyers, posters, and product packaging is a good idea. Make sure the business card link is working before printing and sharing.

Facilitate Contactless Purchases and Payments

One of the best to increase your online sales is by eliminating friction points in the sales and conversion funnel. A complicated checkout process discourages customers from converting.

Be different and enable potential clients to quickly and securely make mobile commerce payments purchase and pay for services through their mobile devices by linking your QR code with online payment gateways such as;

  • Cash App
  • Venno
  • Zelle
  • PayPal
  • Popl Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Market Promotions and Discounts

Use the QR code to give your potential customers direct access to your promotions and discounts. You could even generate special codes to give returning and new customers exclusive discounts. Ensure that the information linked to the QR code is accurate and relevant. 

After the promotion period lapses, you can change the destination URL on your Popl account to direct the customers to another platform or landing page at no extra cost. It's as simple as 1,2,3, copy-paste the new URL, and hit save. 

You can also create a new QR code for the new campaign or page - the options are open and limitless. Share the QR code link on your website and social media pages for more results.

Get Customer Feedback 

Collecting customer feedback doesn’t have to be a time consuming process. By investing in QR code business cards, you will enjoy a convenient and seamless way of sharing your contact info and a chance to get customer feedback. 

Link the QR code to a web-based feedback form and prompt the customer to fill it. You can use the same strategy to conduct surveys and increase newsletter sign-ups. 

To Get User-Generated Content (UGC)

Go the extra mile and use the dynamic codes on your QR code business cards to get more user-generated content (UGC). UGC is more effective in convincing undecided customers to hire you or buy your product than branded promotional content. 

UGC tools like Collabstr make it easy to source and share authentic user content like video testimonials, boosting trust and social proof for your business. Leveraging QR codes to collect UGC can provide a powerful conversion boost.

How to do it? 

It's simple; use the QR code to lead prospects to your social media profiles, contests, and hashtags. Incentivize them to share their experience using your product or service on the platforms by offering them a discount coupon code that’s redeemable on their next purchase. This strategy will create a buzz and boost your online presence. 

Event Marketing

By now, you know that QR code business cards are more functional than you probably thought initially. They offer more than just a quick and easy way to share all the information about yourself and the business. 

Spurring engagement with the target audiences will boost your branding and marketing efforts. An effective way to achieve this goal is by hosting online events and webinars. 

Use QR codes to make registering and joining the event easy for the audience. Link the QR code to the registration page. Ensure the registration form captures all the details, such as name and email address.

Only ask for essential information. Otherwise, requiring them to submit too much information will discourage the audience from registering. Include your profile photo and brand image on the linked website page to let them know the code is genuine.

Increase the number of attendees by downloading the QR code and distributing it online via social media platforms and email.  

Every QR code business card has a dynamic QR code, meaning you don’t have to change the code, only the embedded content.  The same code on your business card can be used to market future events by updating the embedded URL. 

Increasing App Downloads

The relevance of mobile apps is ever-increasing in the digital space. Just look at your smartphone menu; how many apps do you have? See, our dependence on and love for mobile apps is undeniable.

85% of online customers prefer shopping via mobile apps to websites. Increasing the number of prospects who download and use your app to shop will help you generate more revenue. 

Use the QR code on your digital business cards to direct clients to the Google Play Store and Apple Store to download your app. 

Accurate Data Tracking and Analytics

In the current digital business landscape, where competition for customers and visibility online is cut-throat, you need to have a clear understanding of your market to be relevant and profitable. 

Our QR code generator has a dedicated Analytics section that will help you track and analyze how your QR code is scanned. For example, the report will show how many people scan your QR codes using their smartphones.

Also, we have a dedicated Insights page for tracking your QR code business card. The information on both pages will help you make informed networking decisions and take full advantage of the many features the QR digital business card offers.

Foster Compliance and Transparency

Trust and reputation are two of the most valuable currencies in today’s business world. Your customers need to know that your brand is fully compliant with industry standards and transparent. 

Use your QR code business card to give customers more product information. For example, you can link the QR code to a website page with nutritional facts, ingredient information if you work in the food industry and certifications. 

The Take Away

A QR code business card can do more than share your contact information. Integrate it in your digital marketing campaigns to kill two birds with one stone - build a community of loyal customers and generate more sales. 

Use one of our templates to design your QR code business card today. You can also order a bundle of physical business cards for your team. Each card has a dynamic QR code and sleek design. 

Get a QR code and digital business card complete with all the details of your business to get ahead of your competition. Check out the different business card designs to select one that suits you best. See you on the other side!

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