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In a world where interactivity is everything, and people yearn and gravitate towards digital solutions that make it easy and convenient to complete tasks, you need the best digital business card to network with other experts in your industry and customers.

An electronic business card will portray you as a professional at networking events and sales meetings. You must also create electronic business cards for your team to enhance your networking and marketing efforts. 

Which is the Best Digital Business Card Solutions Provider

With the many digital business card makers, finding the best digital business card solutions provider is challenging for most sales professionals.

Not anymore; Popl is the leading provider of digital business cards in the world. Our beautiful digital business cards enhance how experts across all industries share their contact details digitally.

Popl digital business card app

We are committed to helping sales professionals scale up by providing digital networking solutions that enhance their networking efforts. Unlike competitor physical business cards, our digital business card has all the features you need to share immersive and engaging content about your brand and not just your basic contact information. 

The e business cards we offer have a scannable QR code to allow you to share all your business details in just one scan.  We dare say our NFC business card key features are unequal to what all other digital business card generators like Beaconstac's digital business cards offer. 

One highlight that places our digital business cards miles ahead of our competitors, like the blinq digital business card, hihello digital business card, and beaconstac’s digital business cards, is our AI-powered business card scanner that enables you to scan client digital card or traditional business card. 

This convenient way of capturing client contact information and sharing your details makes investing in digital business cards worth the time and effort. Create digital business cards/electronic business cards today to enjoy this benefit, bulk creation feature for teams, and more.

Why Popl Virtual Business Card is the Best Digital Business Card

Sales is considered one of the most dynamic and complex professions. Not everyone is cut for it. You need to embrace technology and ride electronic business cards and marketing trends to stay afloat and relevant. 

The old-age ways of networking, such as sharing your traditional physical business card, won’t get you to the next level as a sales professional. You need a professional digital business card maker on your side to enable you to share contact details with potential customers using an NFC card.

Here are five reasons to create a free digital business card today through our virtual business card app or website.

Share More Than Just Basic Contact Details

You can only share basic contact details using print paper business cards. Even though you can include your company logo in the traditional business cards design, it always feels like you are walking a tightrope. The logo can make the card look cluttered and leave no room for other details.

Digital business card resolves this problem by allowing you to share links to additional information the client needs to know about you and the brand before converting. 

For instance, you can add social media links on your Popl account to give prospects a feel of your personality. You can also link to product review videos and payment apps like Popl Pay, Google Wallet, Apple Wallet, and more to help them pay in just a few clicks.

Key features like electronic business card bulk creation capabilities for small businesses are not available in other digital business card generators and virtual business card apps.

Makes a Positive First Impression with Your e Business Card

First impression matters; how you connect with a potential customer and what they think first about you will make or break your sales and lead generation campaign. You only have four seconds to grasp a prospect's attention and make a positive first impression. 

The best digital business card will help you win over customers and network better by portraying you as a professional. The sleek design of our electronic business cards is unmatched. 

On top of that, the scannable and dynamic QR code embedded in our NFC business cards creates an immersive digital contact-sharing client engagement experience. 

You can be sure new connects will remember the scanning process and be naturally drawn to research your brand after the first client engagement interaction. 

No More High Printing Costs - Switch to NFC Card

The average cost of designing and printing paper business cards ranges between $10 and $50. This is a huge cost that will dwindle your profits and hamper business growth as you won’t have enough funds to invest in your products and growth strategies.

Say goodbye to such unnecessary expenses by switching to the best digital business card in the world, Popl. Through our website and mobile app user friendly interface, you can create digital business cards for your entire team without breaking the bank.

This bulk creation feature makes the Popl e business card app and its multi factor authentication the ideal e business card maker for small businesses. That said, our app and digital business card solutions are ideal for all businesses, regardless of the size and industry.

Never Miss A Networking Opportunity Again

Let’s all agree: fumbling around in your pockets looking for the best digital business card is unprofessional. Shuffling stacks of paper cards and distributing them at networking events will equally hurt your first impression by giving prospects the impression that you’re not tech-savvy.

We cushion you from such embarrassing moments by providing a digital business card that is easy to use and a virtual business card app that gives you unlimited access to your digital business cards. Your electronic business cards will be stored in a secure cloud and can be accessed from anywhere and shared using your smartphone. 

Nothing beats having the right digital business card when interacting with potential customers. If you have multiple businesses or professions, you can create several digital business cards using the app. The app also lets you share custom digital business cards using your smartphone.

Multi factor authentication adds another layer of security and privacy, ensuring that only you can access the cards and contact list. Also, you can switch to Popl Teams, a powerful CRM with bulk creation capabilities that you use to create digital business cards for your entire team.

You can also share virtual business cards via a link on any online platform, like messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and social media links. 

Dynamic QR Codes

Seasons and trends change, and so should you to get ahead of the competition and consistently generate leads. The static nature of traditional physical business cards makes them ineffective for contact and business details sharing in the digital world.

Sadly, most of the mobile business cards that are marketed as “digital” are also static. You have to order new electronic business card when you change your business model.

Popl we will be with you every step of the way. Even when the seasons and trends change, your Popl digital business card will still be functional and an invaluable asset to you. This is just one of the many reasons why our electronic business card is ranked as the best digital business card globally.

We achieve this goal by providing an advanced QR code generator for generating dynamic QR codes. You can use the QR codes to direct new customers to multiple online platforms.

The more the customers know about your products and their key features, the more likely they will choose you over your competitors.

Popl QR code

Unlike other digital business card makers, every electronic business card you create will have a unique QR code. The platforms you can link your QR code physical business cards to include;

  • Discord

  • Linktree

  • OnlyFans

  • OpenSea

  • Telegram

  • Podcasts

  • Landing pages

  • Promotion pages

  • Poshmark

  • Zelle

  • Venno

  • Zillow

  • Apple wallet

  • All social media platforms

By choosing our digital business card solution, you can create a custom domain link for sharing all your small businesses contacts and their respective Google Maps location.

You don’t need to order new NFC cards to direct customers to your new website and landing pages. All you have to do is change the link embedded in the QR code by logging into your Popl account. The update takes effect on your digital cards instantly, directing customers to the right platform and sharing the right contact details. 

Upgrade to Popl Pro Today

Our free digital business card is great and will give your networking campaign an extra kick. Use it to experience an improved way of making connections and watch your business grow.

Take full advantage of our electronic cards and access key features by upgrading to Popl Pro and Popl Pro+

Popl Pro Features

For only $6.41 per month, you will enjoy;

  • Up to 3 digital cards

  • 5000+ Zapier integrations 

  • Ability to create custom QR codes

  • Access to accurate lifetime analytics

  • Advanced way to capture, organize, and follow new leads

  • Multiple profile themes to choose from

  • Unlimited Pro Links

  • Custom icons and titles

Popl Pro+

This package offers everything you get in Popl Pro, plus;

  • Up to 5 business cards

  • Access to Popl AI

  • Branded push notifications

  • Custom lead capture forms

  • Unlimited device management

  • Lifetime Analytics

  • One Tap Add to Contacts

  • AI-powered business card scanner

You can create your e business card through our website or digital business card app at an affordable price. Get started today using our How to Create a Digital Business Card guide. 

Your search for the best digital business cards is over! Spread your wings and realize your potential by using the best digital business card in the world for networking. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Business Cards

How do you select the best digital business card maker?

The primary factors you should consider when selecting the best digital business card marker are reputation, credibility, pricing, security, payment options, and features. Popl tops the list of the best digital business card makers. Our digital business card creation process is straightforward, and our support team is always available if you need help.

How do you share digital business cards?

You can share digital business cards by tapping the digital card, scanning the QR code, via Apple watch, Namedrop, and sharing your digital card link. Multi factor authentication authentication ensures that your details are safe as you share your virtual business cards and client engagement is discreet.

Are NFC cards safe?

NFC cards run on near-field communication technology that allows the exchange of business contacts by tapping. The details embedded on the e business cards are stored in a secure cloud, and only authorized persons can access them.

Are digital business card apps secure?

Popl app is 100% secure and GDPR compliant. Enhance your networking efforts by using the app to start the digital business card creation process. Your e business cards and their QR codes will always be available for sharing and scanning through the app.

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