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Best Business Cards For Startups in 2024

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Best Business Cards for Startups
Startups need to know about the best business card for startup ventures.

2024 is set to be an interesting year for startups. Investors are showing signs of being increasingly conservative about seed investments. But this is not bad news. In fact, it’s a positive for startups that take time to build a great product with a true customer base. We’ve taken time to look at the anticipated trends for startups to share how to leverage this data when it comes to selecting the best business card for startups.

Important Facts to Know:

  • In 2023, startup investment was $285 billion 
  • Healthcare startups raised $6.1 billion in the first half of 2023
  • Sustainable startups appear to garner more funding than their less eco-friendly competition
  • Covid-19 caused significant negative effects on 21.6% of small businesses and has pushed more businesses online. e-Commerce and online marketplace startups are positioned advantageously when it comes to getting funding
    startups can improve their chances at funding by understanding analytics and using the best digital business card for startups

    2024 Business Startup Trends Prediction: Funders Less Interested in AI

    According to Crunchbase, funders are, and will continue, moving away from investing in AI is likely to trend.

    This is not a statement on the technology, it's not going anywhere.

    Part of their reticence is that Big Tech is already spending billions on AI, making it unlikely a startup will disrupt the market for artificial intelligence tools.

    Another interesting factor is funders can see the writing on the wall and that writing consists of two words: litigation and legislation. We've already seen significant ethical and privacy questions raised around AI. It's only natural that these questions will be addressed through legal channels.

    Finally, funders are seeking more authenticity. They want people who can use AI, but as a tool to do the work. They love using a digital shortcut, but not one that lessens the value of the final product.

    Pulling out a Digital Business Card is a Great Way to Leverage the Trend

    Knowing this trend gives startups the advantage of showing their flexibility and comfort with tech. A digital business card shows who you are using tech. It's far improved over its paper counterpart. Digital business cards allow more efficient meeting and deeper connection. It leaves a lasting impression that you've fully integrated technology but also value face-to-face contact.

    Green and Eco-Friendly is Still in for 2024

    The naysayers will point to a drop in funding for startups and draw the hasty conclusion that the sky is falling.

    In 2023, startup investment was $285 billion. This was down from 2022, where startup investment was $462 billion. While this is a 38% decline, there is still significant capital being invested. Funding may be down, overall, but certain sectors are seeing increased funding.

    Startups focused on climate have seen tremendous funding growth. Investors are increasingly concerned about climate.

    A solid belief is that one of the year's business startup trends will include a lean into green.

    This doesn't mean everyone should shift their startup to climate tech. It means that startups should be mindful that climate is an important issue to investors.

    make sure when using the best digital business card for startups you include a statement on how that card is sustainable

    Digital Business Cards are the Sustainable Choice

    Using a digital business card at a startup shows that time and consideration was given to a greener option for connecting.

    Paper cards offer a finite space and have to be scrapped and re-printed when changes occur. These changes include everything from a person changing title or phone number to a logo refresh. Sadly, though, most of them end up in landfills, no matter how up-to-date.

    Digital business cards allow you to share much more information in a robust form.

    The Focus on Health and Wellness Extends Through 2024

    Health and wellness should continue to remain front and center in 2024. This only makes sense in a post-Covid world. Since 2020, everyone has become more aware of how illness spreads, the effects of long-term isolation and simple steps they can take to avoid sharing and catching germs.

    Healthcare startups continue to capture significant funding. During the first half of 2023, they raised $6.1 billion. 

    Digital Business Cards are the Best for Startups: Touchless Networking

    the best business card for startups is germ-free, like an elbow bump

     Enter the digital business card. When meeting in-person, avoid taking a much-touched paper card by sharing information digitally. Many people will appreciate this small attention to detail that reduces contact. Of course, with Popl, you've also got the best digital business card for startups because you can set your virtual background for simple contact sharing when networking virtually.

    Strong Online Presence Helps Attract Funding

    Covid forced companies to pivot quickly and compete in the digital space. Companies that did this quickly, saw no losses and many thrived during shutdowns. They’ve shown they could also operate in a new way.  In fact, many traditional businesses started building an online marketplace to stay afloat and reach customers remotely.  

    eCommerce and online marketplace startups continue to gain attention from funders. These agile, always reachable businesses are positioned for funding. 

    How to Leverage the Trend

    The key to leveraging this trend is making sure your business has a robust online presence. Whether or not you’re selling products, having a solid online presence including video meeting capabilities and online support is crucial to showing funders you can survive obstacles like another lockdown. 

    What Kinds of Startups Should Consider Digital Business Cards?

    Whether your startup is in finance or the arts, medicine or entertainment, or even a freelancer or creative, the best business cards for startups are digital ones.

    Digital business cards are agile and flexible, like your business. They allow you to quickly and easily curate and communicate the information you need to about your business. They communicate, without a word, that you're thinking about more than just your startup.

    Your digital business card tells people that you've thought about sustainability and public health. Further, they make for authentic connection. They're quick, easy, impossible to lose and not going to get thrown away like the majority of paper cards.

    How Startups Make the Most of Their Digital Business Cards

    Startups that get the most from the digital business cards use them to their full potential.

    They Include Up-To-Date Contact Info, Including Links

    Taking time to check everything twice means you're never sharing outdated information when you pop your information to someone else. Be sure your startup members' cards include the correct:

    • name
    • email
    • phone number
    • url
    • live social media and other links (for example, to job postings)

      They Have Multiple Cards at the Ready

      Startups are often lean and mean, with people playing multiple roles. Sometimes, you're representing yourself as a part of your startup. Other times, though, you're representing your startup. Be sure to leverage the power of having more than one card, a personal one and one for your business.

      They Create a Virtual Background

      Don't DM during Zoom and other video calls that you'll be in touch or, worse, cut and paste unformatted contact info. Set your virtual background using Popl so that anyone can scan your QR code for instant access to your digital business card.

      This is a clean, simple way to make yourself accessible. When introducing yourself on a call, point out your code and encourage other attendees to scan. You're likely to capture more contacts this way.

      The Best Digital Business Card for Startups Understands Teams

      Popl digital business cards have added benefits like our teams functionality, which brings analytics to the next level.

      the best digital business card for startups gives you analytics at your fingertips

      By coordinating that everyone on your sales team, for example, uses Popl digital business cards you'll have access to comprehensive leads data and powerful analytics. Leverage this to learn what's working and what's not. Modify cards to improve lead generation.

      Using Digital Business Cards for Getting the Word out About Your Startup

      Remember the specific digital business card we mentioned above for your business? Make sure everyone at your startup has that card. Use this QR code at trade shows, conferences, in-person and online networking and when giving interviews or sending out press releases.

      A QR code to your website or social media is fine. However, the best digital business card for startups is one that offers a robust, at-a-glance view of your startup.

      Highlight your pitch deck, share accolades and do more in a neat, compact format that people love.

      How do Popl Digital Business Cards Work?

      Popl digital business cards for startups create a place for your most important information and links. It's great for collecting and sharing contact info, social media links and links to important things like press and awards.

      The card is shared by transferring from phone to phone. Another option is scanning a QR code. The QR code can also appear on video call backgrounds so that it's always where you are.

      How to Choose a Digital Business Card for Your Startup

      When it comes to choosing a digital business card, keep in mind functionality.

      Ideally, you want a card that works in person and online. Popl digital business cards check these boxes for startups by allowing for physical transfer between phones and a QR code and link that can be posted in places like LinkedIn or a virtual video call background.

      You don't want to have to change cards, but rather have a card people at your startup know how to use and can scale. So make the decisions right out of the gate with Popl. Be sure to consider Popl Teams to streamline analytics and get more insight.

      Digital Business Cards Could Boost Startups Chances in 2024

      Let us be the first to say it: all startups should move to a digital business card in 2024. New startups formed shouldn't spend a penny on paper cards.

      That sounds like a pretty bold statement, but as you can see, we've got lots of proof to support why digital business cards, like Popl, are the best choice in business cards for startups. Learn more about Popl for Teams and start designing yours now.

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