How to Connect Salesforce to Popl Teams for Syncing Leads

Jason Alvarez-Cohen

Jason Alvarez-Cohen
October 19, 2022 3 min read 3 Comments

In this blog post, we will provide a step by step walkthrough of how to setup our direct integration with Salesforce! This connection will allow your team to instantly sync leads from Popl to your team's Salesforce account.  

Connecting your Salesforce Account

1. First, from the home page of Popl Teams, click into the "Integrations" tab. Then find the connection row for Salesforce and click "Configure".


Popl Teams - Integrations Page


2. Next, you will see a Salesforce popup as shown below. Click on "Connect" in the top right of the popup. 

Popl Salesforce configuration popup


3. A window will then pop up asking you first to log into your Salesforce account.

Note: If you have the option to pick production or sandbox, choose production.

The account you use to login here should be a Salesforce admin to allow our integration to work correctly.

Popl Salesforce Auth


4. After logging in the Salesforce authentication window will disappear and you will see that the button in the top right of the popup now shows "Connected". Great job! Now you can toggle on one (or multiple) of our 3 available workflows.

Popl Salesforce workflows



Syncing Leads or Contacts to Salesforce

1. Now that your Salesforce is connected, there are 3 options for workflows that you can turn on. Note: you can turn on multiple workflows if you'd like.

  • AUTO SYNC - Convert Popl Leads into Salesforce Leads
    The Auto Sync workflow will automatically sync leads from Popl to Salesforce at the very moment that any member of your team captures a new lead on Popl. This workflow completely removes any sort of manual data entry or lead selection, saving your team time and creating incredible efficiency. 
  • Convert Popl Leads into Salesforce Leads
    The normal sync workflow is for teams that want an admin or member(s) to choose which leads that they would like to sync over to Salesforce before they are synced. This workflow has more control than the auto sync as admins/members can decide exactly which leads should be synced and which leads shouldn't be.  

  • Convert Popl Leads into Salesforce Contacts
    This workflow is for teams that don't use Salesforce lead objects and instead use contacts. This workflow works exactly the same as the one above, admins/members can decide exactly which leads should be synced as contacts and which leads shouldn't be.  



2. Once you have chosen a workflow to switch on (multiple can be turned on if needed), next up is customizing the integration connection. All workflows have the same customization options and here is more details on each section:

Popl Salesforce configuration options


Lead Status: This field allows for setting certain lead statuses to leads that sync over from Popl. For example, if you would like all leads synced from Popl to be set to "Qualified", you would choose the "Qualified" option here. All available statuses are dynamic to your Salesforce account. 

Campaign: This field allows for setting which campaign leads sent over from Popl should be set to. The campaign value can be changed at any time as your team visits different events. 

Lead Owners: The contact owner field is not visible here because lead owners are assigned automatically by our system. Whoever meets the lead via Popl is the one that is assigned to that lead in Salesforce.

Custom Lead Properties: This field is for setting custom values for Salesforce leads. For example, if you would like all leads from Popl to have your Salesforce property "Lead Source" set to "Popl", you would put this JSON string value:

{"Lead Source":"Popl"}

You can set multiple custom values by using the JSON format: 

{"field 1":"value 1","field 2":"value 2",etc}


Dynamic Mapping: The last 3 fields are used for dynamically mapping lead capture fields from Popl to Salesforce lead fields. For example, let's say that you have a custom lead capture form on Popl Teams that gets a value called "Property Number" from your prospects. If you'd like to map "Property Number" values from Popl to a field called "Property Number" on Salesforce, you would put "Property Number" for the first field called "Popl Lead Capture Field to Map to Salesforce Object Below" choose "Lead" for the "Salesforce object to map to" and then "Property Number" for the third field called "Map to this field". 


Check out Popl Teams to instantly start syncing leads from Popl Teams to your Salesforce account! 

With 🤍 from Popl. 

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