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No matter which aspect of hospitality someone works in, they are constantly networking. From booking corporate outings to planning weddings to attending trade shows and tastings, hospitality is network-driven and a people-facing industry like no other.

Paper business cards vs. digital business cards

In addition to the face-time, hospitality is fast-paced, and time is limited. Digital business cards are the perfect option for quick contact exchanges, and reducing the administrative nonsense that typically comes with networking events.

Forget the glossy brochures and folders stuffed with papers stuffed into an event tote never to be looked at again and take a step into the ease and efficacy of digital business cards.

Hospitality professionals choose Popl because the platform and its devices:

  • make contact swapping engaging, fast and easy.
  • allows them to share more than the typical “name, rank, serial number” of paper cards.
  • adds new contacts into a robust CRM that includes tags, groups and campaigns.
  • reminds them about new leads.
  • limit paper waste.
  • save time.

What is a Digital Business Card?

Digital business cards are an all-in-one solution for building, sharing and collecting contact information. Where paper business cards require inputting information into a CRM or address book and only share minimal information, digital business cards do all that. And more.

Instead of a paper card, likely to get tossed the same day, a digital business card is an online stop for your professional profile. The card exists online, and allows a one-stop-shop for learning about you. You can share it using your phone, device, a URL, QR code, Apple Wallet or a widget. 

Popl also allows you to create an email signature and virtual background for video calls - your Popl digital business card literally goes wherever you do, in person and online.

Features of a Popl digital business card

It’s not just an ethereal business card, though. Popl also offers physical devices: wrist bands, tappable cards, badges and keychains

Hospitality professionals love Popl because it keeps their hands free, the clutter at bay, is quick and also allows them to share more of what matters. In an industry focused on the senses, Popl allows them to build a collection of photos, videos and other unique media a traditional paper business card will never match.

Digital Business Cards Give Hospitality Pros an Edge

Whether you’re a chef, general manager, restaurateur, hotelier or vendor, you’ll see an immediate difference when upgrading to a digital business card.

Popl digital business card

Speed up Your Networking

Time is of the essence in hospitality. Luckily, there’s no more patting down pockets and bags to find those cards. With our phones in our hands or packets these days, contact exchange is practically instantaneous.

Not only do digital business cards look good, but they automatically capture people’s contact info (even from a paper business card using our scanning capabilities) and import this information into your existing CRM. 

Popl’s robust platform also adds their contact information and allows for tagging, grouping and even setting personalized follow-up reminders. 

It’s not just a business card; it’s a networking assistant.

Automatically sync new contact information

Popl condenses systems, allowing hospitality pros to keep up their pace. Whether you use Salesforce, Hubspot or any other popular CRM, Popl imports, updates and syncs your new contacts immediately. It will also follow up with these new contacts. 

Digitize paper business cards

Digitizing paper business cards

While 87% of professionals report preferring to receive contact information digitally, many people still use paper business cards.

Popl includes a business card scanner that uploads their contact information as easily as if they had a digital card. Our AI-assisted scanner technology even finds new contacts on LinkedIn and adds a link to their information.

Make Better Connections

Hospitality meetings and events are usually chaotic. And while it’s good chaos, it can make remembering people difficult. Especially when you’re meeting a lot of them.

Popl assists you in remembering. How? It geo-tags where you exchange contact info allowing you to remember where you were - a game changer for busy hospitality pros who are always on the go.

Cohesive Brand Building

When it comes to making an impression, you only have a few seconds. This includes imprinting on someone’s memory. You’re not going to forget new contacts because of the location-based information you receive upon swapping contact information. 

They’re not going to forget you because both your online digital business card and devices are branded – using your logos and anything else you add to make sure that when people glimpse your physical or digital item, they’re immediately connecting them with you.

Hospitality Needs Popl 

Network better with our digital business cards. Whether you’re in a kitchen, selling luxury high thread-count sheets or in management, Popl is a technological assistant and game changer. Create your card for free now, or schedule a demo of Popl Teams and up your organization's ability to network better.

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