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Let’s face it: as a recruiter, your job has gotten more difficult and that trend isn’t going away. The workplace has changed considerably – especially since 2020 – and so have employees. When it comes to finding, hiring, and retaining talent, it’s never been harder. 

These days, you’re no longer able to just find and interview talent. These days, the talent is interviewing you. 

With a shortage in workers and new demands placed on employers, how can you stand out and attract the best? 

For starters, it’s time to update to a digital business card. 

using a digital business card communicates everything candidates need to you about your company with the tap of the screen

Digital Business Cards get Potential Recruits to Where you are Online

Where are people looking for jobs? Online. According to LinkedIn, 60% of people look to online job boards and 56% use professional social networks to look for opportunities. 

A digital business card allows you to instantly share multiple links to a candidate’s phone. Think about the advantage this form of card allows. A paper card has the basics. Your digital business card can link right to the job you’re trying to fill or an important piece about your business on LinkedIn. 

While some recruiters might point to the fact that they use a customizable QR code on their card, that’s still stagnant. Popl’s digital business card allows you to customize your links for each scenario: whether you’re filling positions in marketing or finance.

The Rising Workforce Wants More Tech

Currently, about 19% of the workforce are Baby Boomers, 36% are Generation X and nearly 40% are Millennials. By 2025 (basically a year from now!) 75% of the workforce will be Millenials (Forbes). 

If you want to attract your future workforce, you need to appeal to them with what they expect in the workplace and a digital business card communicates innovative, versatile, efficient technology.

Digital business cards appeal to what should be your target demographic. Millennials are the first generation to have technology be a seamless part of their life. They know how to use technology efficiently and effectively and want to work for employers who understand that digital tools help them get things done. 

Instantly communicate your company understands the importance of the most modern innovation with a digital business card.

The Digital Business Card Difference You’ve Overlooked

At 3.5” x 2”, there’s very little you can communicate on a business card without it getting cramped. Your name, title, phone number and email address are definitely on there. Maybe you include a link to your homepage. But is this the most effective way to recruit?

Whether at a networking event or by happenstance, when you meet the right person, you don’t have long to engage them. Every minute counts when recruiting. When you walk away, all that’s left is that small rectangle of paper that doesn’t really say much, if you break it down.

Paper cards are basic and they have a fatal flaw that only a digital business card can fix: the website. Business websites, while they may have a link to career opportunities, are geared toward consumers, not candidates. But candidates want to know about what it’s like to work with you. Candidates want to know:

  • What companies value. Employees want to feel like they are part of something bigger than a job. They are curious about the values of potential employers. This can be communicated through a mission statement, or a statement of values. It may include an employer understanding the importance of work-life balance, a diverse workplace, and wellness.
  • Opportunities for growth. While job-hopping is more common with modern workers, many would stay if there were opportunities for career growth. Does your company allow room for upward mobility? Is there professional development?
  • How satisfied employees are. Job satisfaction is important to today’s job seekers. Hearing from existing employees about their experience is a great recruitment tool.

Obviously this information doesn’t fit in 3.5” x 2”. But it does fit on a Popl digital business card. Build a landing page that includes what employees want to know and instantly share it at recruit events to land a bigger impact. Over time, consider designating landing pages for various departments and projects. 

The Fully Customizable Networking Solution to set Your Company Apart

Forget fumbling for a card only to find you’ve only got a few dog-eared ones left. Send an instant digital business card to prospects that includes everything they want and is perfectly branded. Link to the job, include employee reviews and value statements. They’ll remember these things long after they’ve left.

And the best part is that you’ll have the ability to track your relationship with the candidates you meet. You can see who’s looked, where they’ve gone and use this to build an even stronger networking tool.

Learn More and Build Your Network now

Learn more about Popl’s digital business cards and get started with yours before your next networking opportunity. 

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